Kim/Shego: I Couldn't Tell You This

Kim/Shego: I Couldn't Tell You This

So, I see the type of fanfics the admin here writes, and I don't use those cartoon characters and that many chapters. So, sorry if this kind of fanfiction or femslash fiction isn't allowed. Just delete the thread.

Anyway, here it is...

Title: I Couldn't Tell You This
Rating: T
Fandom: Kim Possible
Pairing: KiGo (Kim/Shego)
Status: Complete
Author¡¯s Notes: I don¡¯t own Kim Possible.
Summery:What if in "Stop Team G.O" Ron hadn't a ccidentally hit the button andturned Shego back to evil? What if Shego had stayed good and finishedher sentence?
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¡°Hego¡¯s right, it was good to be on the same side,¡± Kim smiled.

¡°Yeah, Kimmie, I couldn¡¯t tell you this when I was evil, but,¡±
Shego put her hands through Kim¡¯s hair, looking deeply into her eyes. Then, she kissed her on the lips.

¡°Okay,KP, this thing is acting weird-¡± Ron turned around to face his girlfriend. ¡°Woah!¡± He fell down under a light post with theattitudinator in his hands.

¡°I love you,¡± Shego said.

Ronslowly stood up and went next to Kim. ¡°Ha ha. Okay, that¡¯s a kindoffer. But she¡¯s kind of already taken by the bon diggety Ronness.¡± Heput two fingers on his shirt.

¡°Umm¡­ Ron¡­¡± Kim started.

¡°Don¡¯t tell me,¡± Ron stepped back, his smile turning to a frown. ¡°It was nice while it lasted.¡±

Suddenly, Drakken appeared above them and knocked down the lamp post on top of Ron. ¡°Shego! I need you!¡±

¡°It¡¯s as if the whole world has come falling down all of a sudden,¡± Ron whispered.

The attitudinator was destroyed, so Shego was eternally good.

¡°Sorry Drakken,¡± Shego kissed Kim on the cheek. ¡°I have other plans.¡±

¡°Y-you¡¯redating K-Kim Possible? Aaahhhh,¡± Drakken started spinning at the wheelout of control, knocking down tons of lamp posts and buildings.

¡°I¡¯ll see you tonight,¡± Shego hugged her goodbye. ¡°I have to break the news to Stevie.¡±

¡°Bye,¡± Kim waved. She walked over to where Ron was.

¡°Oh, it¡¯s you,¡± Ron stood up.

¡°Ron,¡± Kim said. ¡°I hope you know just because I¡¯m dating Shego doesn¡¯t change the fact that you¡¯re my best friend.¡±


¡°Really,¡± Kim nodded. ¡°Bueno Nacho?¡±

¡°Bueno Nacho,¡± Ron nodded. They started walking towards it. ¡°Is SHE gonna be there?¡±


¡°Aww! Come on!¡±
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