Legendary of Kim Possible - Lost in Audition World

Chapter 59: This is the end of our Adventure!

...Time for concentrating on the main task - Ms. Julie continued by taking out an crystalline lens ball. Kim can guess, Ms. Julie used it to locate "Earth"'s position in the Galaxy - with her, it's a real mean right... After ten minutes, Ms. Julie then took out an Optically Pearly - but somehow she complained:

-My god, I forgot something. There is not enough sunlight today! How can I recharge the pearl's power now ?
-You said what? Recharging power ?
-Right, normally I use this Pearl for one person, so it won't require supply power. Since you are two, we need additional powers for this - but today is cloudy!
-So bad - what can we do now ?
-I doubt it... A cooperative Dance between Dynamic and Beat-Up Players is the only one solution to make this Pearl work   - but I've quited dancing a long time ago...
-So we will do this. Please tell us how!
-It's not too mysteriously here. Dynamic Dancer must ensure 0 miss Freestlye as well as Finish Moves -while Beater must support with Blue Beat-Up and full combo the whole song! - BAD resulting in forced Blue Chance to rack up total combo...
-I understand that - we can do it! - Come on Ron, time for our last Dance here!

-Kim said then pulled Ron along, following Ms. Julie to the Dance Stage. The Cooperative match quickly started with Ron, playing Beat-Up while Kim concentrating on Dynamic Dance. The song Happy Ending is long, then they must try keening on the music all time...



Around 3/4 song passed... Kim tried not to make mistake on Freestyle Moves, and she has gained the first Finish Move. Ron is heading to the hardest steps in the song Happy Ending - Passing the 4 twined-notes, but at the final phase 71717171, his foot shakes and caused one BAD step! That, and Kim must notify Ron to activate Blue Chance - they can't afford to fail this Last Dance! The last few seconds of this song, both Kim & Ron all tried their best to not commit anymore mistakes! At last, Ron has successfully kept the Blue UP, and Kim also performed the second Finish Move before time is up...

Great show child! - Ms. Julie congratulates. Let's get back here, we  will start the Spell in the next minute!

...Kim and Ron quickly returned to the pedestal holding the Pearl. The lights suddenly went off, ghost and devils images appeared and prowled on the ceiling! Picking up the Pearl, Kim then saw a mysterious light-ray flashing, brighter and brighter. She and Ron nestled together; they both had feeling that something is going to happen in the next few seconds...

...A spooky silence surrounded the place... Kim and Ron wondered what is going to happen with them...

The light suddenly turned into a Whimsical and warped them into the space! Trying to hold each other's hands, both Kim and Ron felt so dizzy and something is pushing on their body!!!... A big explosion made both of them felt unconscious - just on-time the Whimsical disappeared. Only Ms. Julie is standing nearby, still on her castle. No trials of Kim & Ron, they are gone...

Somewhere overlooking an Ocean...

-Picked herself up after a long unconscious time, Kim slowly realized she and Ron is lying on a rock ledge, overlooking an Ocean. It's early morning, but she still notice the sun is more similar when on earth - bigger and brighter. The Kimmunicator is still on Kim's pocket - she turned it on and foundout that it connected to her operator M-Moblie - this means, Juile has made it and sent her back on earth!!! Waking up right afterward, Ron also realized that he has escaped the danger and back on earth with Kim - It's not Middleton Town anyway, but they can easily find transportation to get home - as long as Kim & Ron is on Earth Planet!

Sunshine - it's been a long time I haven't seen it...

Mission: This is the end of our Adventure!
Song: A-Teens - Back for more (109 BPM)
Stage: X-mas


Mode: Freestyle
  • Get 16 Perfects
  • Get Finish Move
  • Use Feestyle 8-D
  • Get 25 perfects
  • Get two Finish Moves
  • Get two Perfect x3


  Mode: Normal Individual Dance
  • Get 18 Perfects
  • Get one Finish Move
  • Get two Perfect x3
  • Get 27 perfects
  • Get all 3 Finish Moves
  • Chance whole song and get 0 miss

Special: Kim & Ron

Song: Audition - Mobby Dance (99 BPM)
Mode: Ballroom Dance
  • Get 2 Ballroom Points
  • Get Finish Move
  • Get 0 missor 0 bad
  • Get 4 Ballroom Points
  • Get Finish Perfect x
  • Play Ballroom 8-D Mode
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 60 (Final)
And the Legendary will everlasting!

Middleton Town, September 15th...

It's been 3 months since missing in Audition word - everything passed with Kim and Ron are just like a dream. Their parents really aren't surprise when welcome them back after 3months disappearing - they just guess Kim & Ron are on vacation someplace. Therefore, both Kim and Ron decided to keep their adventure secret -maybe with them, everything were all nice memories already...The New School Year also marked another Ballroom Dance event - it's not so strange with Kim & Ron, as they are Senior Pupil of Middleton HSthis year. Only...

Middleton's Buenos Nachos Restaurant, present day, 12:39 PM
-Aren't you kidding Monique ? How could it be ?
-Of course no, Kim! I just want to update some informations for you.
-But... What is "Audition"? And what makes it become trends now ?
-You don't know it - this Casual Online Game is attracting most teenagers in our Middleton Town! Around 95% pupils now play this game, thus delivering a hundred of unique styles - both outfits and dance steps.

"Also, you can be popular both in Audition game and life-time with your styles and dance ability!" - Monique

-I know, you've just returned home and it's so strange - but believe me Kim, you can be popular both in Audition game and life-time! Just mastered some Dance Steps and many guys will invite you to the Ballroom Dance! Real dating is way interesting right?


...Monique quickly finished the story and she doesn't notice her friends's surprising. That, and Kim never imagined that the Audition World she and Ron got missing in is based on this Online Game! No doubt why Kim felt something similar to the Stage and Dance Step in this game - they all came from the Audition World... Well, that's what she knows now...

-After lunch time, Monique leaded Kim and Ron back to Middleton HS -wee, the CheerLeader missed Kim so much after the whole Summer time hadn't met her! They started talking and paying compliments - suddenly, some Football players appeared at the Gym's door, with our old friend Bonnie:

-Time's up dude, lend me some place to practice Dancing eh? - Bonnie said
-Eh eh, who do you think you are huh? Don't we have to practice?   Ron tetchy
-Oh, poor guy, no place for Loser here man. Only ranked Dancers had priority here.

"This is polite word with you alright? Ah wait, you don't know anything about Dancing eh? " - Bonnie

-You said what? Who doesn't know anything about dancing ? How dare can you discount me like this ?
-Oh yeah, so what ? Prove that I'm wrong, if you can!
-That's it, deliberate provoke huh ? Let's rock!

Along with the answer, Ron immediately jumped to the field, on-time as the light effect changed to X-mas Stage. He selected Back for more song and perform Normal Individual Mode like in Audition game. Maybe Bonnie's word affected Ron too much, so he expressed veryexcellent in this match when keep chaining Perfect - even gained all 3Finish Moves in sequence!!! Whoa, unbelievable right?


-To cool Ron down, Kim then left her seat and continue Ron's turn afterward, same song and stages. This time, she played FreeStlye 8k and expressed real good with many perfects and 2 Finish Moves. Well, what do you expect here? They used to train Dancing in the Audition World, they can do it!


And so, Bonnie can silently left the gym - as all the guys gathered to invite Kim to the Ballroom Dance tonight! So as Ron, many girls even the CheerLeader members tried to get his attention, from everywhere... Everything only went down when Mr. Barkin came in to stable his pupils- and in the mean time, Kim and Ron also vanished without notifying anyone...

Middleton HighSchool - Ballroom Dance Event - 20:43 PM

The air of Middleton's Ballroom Dance is so eventful this time! As Kim & Ron's perfect performance this afternoon, all the girls and guys come here incoherently than normally - it seems many peoplewant to dance with our friends. And so, they finally arrived - Kim & Ron appeared together in luxurious Black Dancing Party Outfits! Just like half year ago, the solemn place in the middle of the hall isgiven to Kim & Ron again - say, you can call it "talented guy and beautiful girl"


Even so, this is a very first tine Kim and Ron danced together this Mode - therefore, then sometimes make mistake, but the other still leaded the dance, so the Match is still nicely and romantically. Many snapped images are chosen to store in the Yearbook afterward - no matter what Kim & Ron say, everybody still agreed they're greatest images ever!

This is one of the nicest image Monique snapped out - she also gifted this to Kim afterward

The Ballroom still extended to 23:00 PM, but somehow Kim and Ron also took leave right at 21:00 PM. They denied answering all the question and silently went out, thus making everybody surprised... Except Monique, she can easily guess, Kim has clear-cut her thinking with Ron. Three months ago, Monique must try hard to help Kim stable her mind - now, time for expressing her true emotions has come...

Middleton HS's Garden...

...So Ron, I hope that you're pleased with the Ballroom right?
-Say, thanks Kimmie, you really did me a big favor today!
-Don't call that favor boy - I do this for you and only you
-What ?
-You don't get it Ronnie... Several months ago, I really wanted to tell you this... but I'm too nervous.
-Yeah, I know... It will never be easy with both of us.
-Ron, it's over already... After all those things, I saw that I can't hide my feeling anymore... I...
-No need to say K. Let the music do this for you...
-Yes, the music! It brought me to you! How can I say thank here?
-As I said, just hear your heart... Feeling, and your emotions will be clearly expressed
-Well, is that love ? I don't know... Maybe...

End of Season 3+: So that is it! The crazyAdventure really brought Kim closed to Ron - now after everything isfinished, she will no longer be confused with her friend - or you cancall it "boyfriend" anymore.   That, and Kimmie finally can express her true emotion, to show Ron how she loves him! This ending also opened up new - highest relationship with Kim &Ron in the final school year - so good luck you two love-birds Kimmie& Ronnie!


Q: What a great ending - but, I wondered did you make it matched to SS4 Kim Possible?
A: Yes, because this is made as Extra Kim Possible Season, presenting our character in the world of Audition

Q: Why Ron's clothes in the last pic looks different than in the Ballroom Image?
A: I just can't buy any other similar clothes in Audition game - sorry for this mismatch error...

Q: Alright, I've seen most of your "Kim Possible" picture in this Fiction, they are not from the Cartoon!
A: This is a Fanmade Image Collection, nicer and smoother.
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Well done ,man!