[Bio] Monique

[Bio] Monique


Name: Monique Francis (unconfirmed)
Age: 18
Nationality: USA
Living at: Middleton Town, somewhere in California
Family: Unknown
Jobs: Middleton HS Senior Student - Graduated. Banana Club's Seller (Past 2 years) and Management (Now)
Activities: Shopping, managing Banana Club
Favorites: Style making, Style designing, Style Supporting
Abilities: Excellent at Fashion, decent fighting skill, self-protection
Weakness: Still a little bad at hand-to-hand combat
Characteristic: Kindly and helpful, never looks at someone's bad side
Dedicated Point: Weird hobbies, abusing black-mailing fellas for personal purpose
Rated: =79==79==79==79==79==79==79=

One of the late-introduced main character, Monique plays a large role beside Kim's school life, mostly to hang out with her and Ron, or sometime, self-defense against unexpected assault. As time is flying, she slowly gained battle sense and be able to help Kim out during some episodes and later on, joining her Crime Fighting Rampage when Ron is not available. I gave her a first name for personal call.
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