[Bio] Felix Renton

[Bio] Felix Renton

Felix Renton

Name: Felix Renton
Age: 18
Nationality: USA
Living at: Middleton Town, somewhere in California
Family: Scientist
Jobs: Freedom, supporter of his mom's science works
Activities: Research things, mainly works inside
Favorites: Thrilling shows, games, live-action and other related
Abilities: Fast moving and be able to fly, reaching things at distance using support wheelchair
Weakness: Handicapped and rely on Support Wheelchair
Characteristic: Jolly, optimist, forgiveness and honest
Dedicated Point: A little touchy
Rated: =79==79==79==79==79==79==79=

Also a returning character during several episodes, Felix is more useful than his handicapped thanks to his mom's invention. He always wants to be treated like a normal guy because, being handicapped doesn't mean he cannot do normal activities and sports as long as other people give him a chance. While fighting crime is not a smart choice with Felix, he lends Kim his hands on several occasions when she needs extra back-up...
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...