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Kim Possible Season 5: Sweetie Summer Memories

Kim Possible Season 5: Sweetie Summer Memories

This is my Fan Fiction Kim Possible season, continuing from the ending of SS 4. I made it for fun, so please don't be so hasty Thanks for reading this

Kim Possible Fiction series
Season 5: Sweetie Summer Memories

Starting time: June 3rd, when the Summer Time comes in Middleton Town
Content: Flashing back some of the crazy mission Kim & Ron had passed, advancing the stories to when they entering College School...

88-The Costly believe!

After a long time working at Buenos Nachos restaurant, Ron has finally saved enough cash to buy his favorite Mobile: Nokia 6230i. That is why Kim went to Ron's house this afternoon to congratulate and share happiness with him. They played together the whole day, and Kim finally said good bye and go home late at night. However, Ron quickly found out that his new phone has been disappeared just after Kim left his house - no reason available!

Monique & Kim received this bad new early in the next day, and they helped Ron find his phone wherever he could leave it. But it's still missing, no matter where Ron could remember. Now, something made everybody thought that Kim had stolen it; because she is the only one went to Ron's house yesterday. Of course Ron also suspected Kim a bit - but he soon forgot this stupid think... "Kim is my steadiness friend, she will never do it!" In fact, Kim already owned a better Nokia 7390, so why she had to steal this $250 old-type phone? These are all reasons Ron had to protect his best friend. But Bonnie won't let him peace, she kept following Ron and advised that he should interrogate K.P! And one of Ron's angry times made him lose temperatures - his loudly answer echoed back in Kim's ear. She could think, Ron has suspected her, and he had the reason to do it. Men, Kim was so disappointed and hopeless; she has never fallen into this delicate situation... But it's toolate, Kim couldn't say anything now...

A few days later, Ron seems to give up his process and accept this truth - while Bonnie kept asking him about her solution... He doesn't know; Kim has gone out for mission alone. She got the alert from Wade and stopping Drakken is her duty again. Because Kim is being suspected, she couldn't call Ron and must start mission quietly... Before Monique can notice;Ron suddenly got a 911 call from Wade, telling him that Kim is in danger! This is emergency situation, and Ron couldn't have time to waste anymore. He forgot all everybody's word and quickly started his rescue plan. It's a real nightmare since Ron must breakthrough an abandoned Tram carbine, avoid all Drakken's armies on the way uphill; sneak pass Dr. Deez 's death trap inside the fortress - finally take his unfeeling Kimmie and get out of the hill before it was blown to hell... I don't know how, but Ron's big try finally made it.

Well, although Kim's guilty hasn't been cleared, Ron still believed her, and no matter what everybody say, Kim is still his best friend forever. Before the story ended, Ron's cousin Shawny Sean shown up with Ron's phone - and the truth is here: Sean has hidden Ron's phone to trick him! As the joke was revealed, Kim will no longer be suspected anymore! And so, Ron and Kim finally have a nice out-date in Middleton Resort, as the apologize gift Ron's parents gave to Kim. What do you expect here - only Kimmie & Ronald belong in this day, and there's nothing can ruin their happy out-date! Ron, you are a great boy!

...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


89-I hate my sister!

School time is over, but Ron has just past his worst arguing with Mr. Barkin. All about his favorites Buenos Nachos again, however there are two ideas against each other: Good or Bad? I know everybody doesn't like this food and Mr. Barkin is no exception - that's why he kept arguing with Ron. Today is the most serious one and Ron even didn't have time for lunch at school. He must go home to relax himself... however the world won't let him peace easily. His sister Anna Zoe also came to visit him, and, unfortunately she loves to trick him bad! Maybe there's no trouble in normal day, but Ms. Zoe accidentally chose the time Ron has lost his temperatures to trick him - about Buenos Nachos again! Damn, it's enough and Ron couldn't keep clam anymore. Another big argue started afterward and the ending is Ron's house leaving - he decided to stay away from his sister until it goes down!

Of course Kim and Monique also knew Ron's trouble, but they didn't expected that he had "solved" it so quick - as I said, running away is what Ron chose. Wait, so where can he stay outside his house? Well, just pray - anywhere! To increase delay time, Ron even messed up Kim's mission process, make it longer to be completed. He's so wise by taking all the tiny conditions and grouped into a reason, so Kim couldn't complain Ron! Well, not so big with Kim anyway, but she's still worry about her friend - because if Ron can't solve this clash soon, he will be hungry to death like an invisible ghost!

Before I forget, mission today is also about Buenos Nachos. According to Wade, Professional Dementor has stolen most BN in Europe and Asia countries and a secret type of DNA translation machine. As Kim & Ron arrived to stop him, Dementor discovered that Ron is an important guy he needs - due to his BN knowledge. He quickly trapped Ron and flew away before Kim could do anything - so she must once again rescue her friend and bring him back safety. However, it's not a simple task since Ron is controlling the BN armies; in fact, Dementor stole his mind and make him to lead the BN armies. Well, they used to be foods, but DNA translation process turned them into danger Soldiers! Fortunately, all the BN must follow Ron's command, so Kim just needs either to wake him up or disable the DNA Translation machine. She decided to save her friend first, then Ron can handle remain objectives with his command. Perfect plan!

It's a weird mission, but Kim has finally made it solved without hurting her friend. Ron also felt a little sad for making BN armies self-destroyed, but he soon forgot it like normally; who care, this food is very delicious! And for the clash between Ron and his sister, Kim advised that he should give Zoe a free Buenos Nachos meal; see if she could change her mind after tasting it. Well, the good news finally came in; Ron is no longer arguing with his sister and Mr. Barkin. So far, he's still a good guy eh? Kim, you have made a perfect ending today!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


90-The Audition

(2 year flashback episode, to the time Ron & Zita still dating)

If you still remember Everlord battle, it's sad to say... this game was overthrown, and the Queen of the Online Game now is "Audition: Dance of Paradise". The new Music/Rhythm Online game totally attracted Middleton's pupils; most of them are playing it instead of Everlord. Zita is no exception, so Ron, once again must practice and support her character, first to fix his liar last time, and then prove himself as a rock dancer. Luckily, this game is easy-to-play, so Wade won't have to help Ron, but trouble still exists!

A few EXP train weeks, now Ron's character Ron_BWL reached level 6, he can Dance couple and Battle Party with Zita! Great, but it's also the time his sister Zoe & brother Sean visited him. They won't care how many Misses he had, just ask for work, and Ron must arrive! Zita started complaining Ron for his AFKs more & more. To make things even worse, Ron left Zy alone in the main match she used to introduce Ron to her friends. Sean and Zoe asked him to do some works for them again, and when Ron returned, he has been kicked with only one-row reason: "YOU MADE ME SHAMED! I HATE YOU!!!" Few days later, Ron was really disappointed; he thought it's all over with a loser... Kim, like normally tried to comfort Ron, but she also tried Audition, then... only Monique left beside Ron now. So sad, so poor...

Now for Draken. He also loves Audition, but taking down the world is still his main plan. Hey, why can he compare these hobbies? Started by stealing Nasasumi product is a good idea! Kim was alerted, but she denied solving this problem (busy!) beside nothing big here, so go on... Few more weeks, Kim's char. Kim_APTM caught up with Ron's, so she can help RS by couple dance with him. Great way to show her sympathize, but wasn't enough... Then one night, something flashed on the monitor and captured all Auditioners! Here Ron also found Zita, Felix Josh Mankey... as well as Kim, Jossie, Tara... But how can they get out? Only one way: Completing the game!

Through the battles, Ron tried to explain his fault last time. Zita first didn't believe, but finally she could listen one time ¨C as you know, they still used to be couple before, so at least Zita could know how Ron is... The clash is being resolved, and meanwhile, Kim and her CheerLeader team managed to beat all the Single NPCs. But for the Final Couple Battle Party, no one accept to continue! Only Ron (level 9), Kim (level 7) and Josh (level 13), they need a female dancer. Then Zita was voted to join the team: She's experienced (level 21) and dance well. Of course Zita never wants to dance with Ron again, but she must do it, to save herself. However, as the dances go down, Zy felt happy, and no longer angry with Ron. That's why they won the final battle vs. Draken & DNAmy with a very-high hearts point: 40-32 (25 for Ron & Zita, 15 for Kim & Josh)

An adventured day, had a happy ending with Kim & Josh, and they went out for a real date. Also for Ron, but more important: Zita accepted his invitation, and now their characters are couples! Only in-game, but still romantic!

*Storyline unlocked* - Yeah, so that's how the last date between Ron & Zita goes down - they still did a great work to save the Audition World. Also, you can notice this is, another date Kim had with Josh Mankey till she decided to kick him out before Emotion Sickness episode. Well, the secret may be revealed later eh?
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...



You only realize thing is important when you lost it forever - in this case, Ron had a sad memory that he will never forgive himself - for treating his classmate Tanya bad. Even Kim tried to persuade it's not his fault, Ron still felt regret so much...

Unlike the other Middleton girls, Tanya has a serious sick, which affected her moods and actions so much. She usually sings in-class, runs away with no-reasons... and more unexpected actions. Since her sickness started from 2nd HS year due to heavier Timetable, Kim, Monique, Ron, Tara, Amelia... all our friends know exactly what Tanya needs: Sharing and Sympathizing. With their wholeheartedly words and comforting, Tanya then slowly recovered - seems she could be normal again until that day...

Somehow Ron was asked; that Tanya will visit him today. Ok, great but, don't forget that Ron's sister Zoe is still here! Right at this afternoon, she ordered Ron to keep an eye on Shawny Sean - My god; even staying with him is annoying enough, now Ron must baby-sitting Sean??? It's so terrible but Ron has to accept, he won't stand a chance to avoid it. As the chain result, Ron must contact Tanya again to excuse her, he couldn't welcome Tanya today. Ouch...

Everything has just got worse, because the next day Middleton HighSchool pupils found out that Tanya has been disappeared! According to the note left in her opened locker, the trouble may come from Ron - "I don't know how, but it's so merciless with me. Even Ron won't allow me to visit him, then how the other will? I must be rejected from this world sooner or later" ... But, it's not my fault, my sister forced me! - Ron tried to explain but nobody listen to him. They all accused Ron of disappointing Tanya, making her running away! Well, last thing Ron can do to vindicate him, go and bring Tanya back safety - otherwise he won't be able to stay alive here. Fine, I'll do it! After Ron, Kim silently tracked him to support if necessary... Wade had some trials left for Ron, and he finally located where Tanya is... A serious chat has made to explain everything, then seems Tanya has understood the whole story Ron passed. She accepted to go home, but on the way back, they was ambushed by Dr. Draken. When Kim arrived, everything has happened: Ron was knocked out while Tanya was captured as well. Time to break into Draken's castle; however Kim & Ron were welcomed by their own friend Tanya: Draken has taken control her mind as an Ancient Wizard. Because Tanya also wish ¡°to revenge everybody", this will supplied powers for Draken's toy. A serious battle has blown up the whole building, but Kim finally froze Tanya with her own Magic, so she and Ron can fight off Draken to return Tanya's mind. Phew!

We finally got Tanya back to Middleton town again, so Ron's guilty was totally cleared. However, the Magic effects have pushed Tanya out of her limit ranger, so there is no way to recover her mind again. Because of this, Tanya's family must leave Middleton town - it is sad but they had to accept. Just memories left...
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...



Ron and Rufus are buddies for a long time as he is with Kimmie - he can't imagine that what will happen if Rufus disappears one day... So we will see one of Ron's late times for school: Instead of a new pant, he picked up an old one - this has up-ruined pocket and may not be able to carry Rufus inside... Whatever it's, everything seems normally until Ron got in class and felt asleep: Rufus's weight broke out the pocket and he suddenly felt onto the ground. Discovering this thing, Kim quickly took Rufus and brought him to her locker - but before she can notice Ron, Wade called in for an emergency situation, and Kim must go immediately - she can't let Ron to follow because of girl's private trouble!

So... After waking up Ron realized that his buddy Rufus has disappeared! He quickly went finding Rufus, but there are still no trials of him! Of course no one in Middleton HighSchool like Rufus - except Kim and Monique, so Ron has no supporter than his friend... To make things even worse, Bonnie tricked Ron that Rufus has passed away - she even had time to generate events like a real story (say, I saw Rufus ran across the Cafeteria and got stomped on by a big guy - then he took and threw him into the trash can ). Ron was easily tricked, so again he was totally hopeless... "Why it had to happen to me Monique, WHY?¡± Returned home after successfully stopped Senior's plan; somehow Kim forgot that she is keeping Rufus in her locker... So all Kim can do is comforting and sympathizing with her steadiness friend. But it wasn't enough... Wait, Senior is still behind Kim now. He is looking for a hopeless guy to use as "zombie", and Ron maybe the greatest target. Even Kim didn't finish her words, Junior and his squad quickly took Ron away, and he won't bother to fight back...

As Wade¡¯s information, the secret Mind control Senior had now is very danger when controlling hopeless people - it will provide them death spells! However, once the "zombie" is woken up, he can control these spells for counter-strike. Right afterward, Rufus woke up and popped out of Kim's locker, reminding what she has forgotten! So let's go, save Ron now!

Well, the battle was started early - Ron is now following Senior's command and eliminates everyone against him. Kim is also the target, so it took her a lot of tries to reach and tell Ron that Rufus is alive. At the last time, Kim threw Rufus to Ron's hand - and his mind is back afterward. Cool, handling Senior won't be a big trouble now.

Well, again Kim's fault created the whole troubles today, but Ron won't care about it anymore: Rufus is back on his side and that's all he needs. No matter what Kim does, she still saved both Ron and Rufus, so come on, what can be better now? Just a little mistake and now it were solved perfectly! Ron, I'm so proud of you! And Kimmie, you should take sometime remembering these tiny things; just don't forget again and trouble will never come back eh? Good luck mates!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Special movie: Nothing to loose¡­

"...The things Ron always had to worry about - that's how he manages to pass the HighSchool Final Examination. He isn't that good already, but once his confident is eliminated as well, Ron will end up failure this important test. Sadly, the bad luck threw him into his worst day, starting from the Trial Examination Day..."

93-Part 1: The end of the Line

Normally Ron still sucks at learning, and he can't imagine what can be worse than it... So, one of Ron's worst day has come: The hasty weather knocked him down with a deep-cold! Of course Ron will have to rest for a few days until it goes out. Unfortunately, an important test is coming and his parents won't let him skip it although school rules allowed him - "but you can't leave Ron try this test with his bad health"; Kim and Monique tried to persuade but they probably failed, so finally Ron must do this test with less knowledge left in his brain... Four subjects in only one day - even Kim & Monique past it hardly, so how could Ron do? He brought back very-terrible marks, which made his parents very angry! They just kept accusing Ron and didn't hear his words. Men, Ron must be pushed out of his temperatures now...

The thing Kim always worries came true since that day: Ron's cold won't be able to recover, because he spent time to go anywhere, helped anybody asked him in spite of his abilities. Normally Ron still couldn't make things perfectly, so now he only screwed up everything. As his steadiness friend, Kim can't let this mess last long - but she still doesn't have any solutions. Ron's parents won't admit their false, while he's now proving the way "I'm cold but I'm still useful" as his parents said. That's what I mention "false", too bad that no one accept this truth.

Only one thing Kim can do now is going behind her friend and fix things he ruined - it's so much and hard, which drained Kim much energy. By the way, Draken has tailed her a few weeks ago, so it's the greatest chance to capture K.P. Shego managed to put Kim out of commission easily - she's too tired to fight back... Thankfully, Ron's mind is still clear enough to realize this situation - again, it's his duty to bring Kim back alive!

Now let's talk a bit about Draken's defensive. He has stolen a new Viruses Magnet Machine, effective for taking and converting Viruses to Destruction Type. With this weapon, Ron can't get near it normally, but now he's cold, so its secret function "power-up cold people" supported him now! Because of this, Dr. Deez¡¯s armies were beaten down easily; even Shego couldn't stop Ron this time. Kim is rescued afterward, and she decided to recover Ron, as her thanks for his action. Simply using the VMM to take out the entire viruses from Ron then destroyed it before converting process completed - that's all over!

Well, I guess it's the end of all troubles today: Ron has been recovered and he will no longer screw up anything again. He also got rid of his parents for a while since a mistake caused the test aborted - Middleton HighSchool pupils will have to redo it next week! So close, but Ron's parents finally gave up their emotions and weren't angry with Ron - it's just a wrong test, so forget it eh? I can say Ron was lucky today... however did it really go down with Ron? We will see it in the next and final part...

...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


94-Part 2: My saving Angels!

... In fact, the trouble last week made Kim couldn't just stand by; she must try anything worth to bring the peace back to Ron's family. Monique and Kim then created a rumor; that the Test was aborted so Ron's parents stopped complaining him. He then returned to normal, however the truth can't be hidden last long... His test result has been sent to his house a few weeks later - which insulted his parents again! Men, now Ron's mom even went too far by barking & accusing him; all with ultra hard-words... So when Kim went to his house that night; she was told that Ron has gone out - "Oh no, he must be go on mission alone again!"

It's not so hard for Kim to figure out what Ron's up to; she is his steadiness friend for a long time. Wade has given Ron mission details again, and now he is heading to an old destination: Lazy farm. Draken and Dementor have cooperated to revenge his friends again, so Ron must stop the riot at all cost. He is crazy; it won't be a normal battle to deal! No time to say, Kim asked her friend Monique to join; Ron will need more comforts than they have...

Meanwhile, Ron is still breaking his way through Draken's defensive - he prepared a good tactics to get rid of all the blockades. However, the thing Ron never expected is Jocelyn "Jossie" Ann - Kim's cousin - has been captured here! His objective has one new harder to solve - and when Kim managed to get in, Ron has been put out of commission...

[Screen fades black]

...Somewhere in the sky... Ron woke up after a deep sleep and realized all his girl-friends gathered around: Kim, Monique, Zita, Jossie... They're here to comfort and sympathize with Ron as real buddies - I know, it's not Ron's fault anyway, so now he should get pass it and prepare for the Final exam; it'll be more important... Monique & Jossie also said; keep cool and your parents will calm huff soon as long as you are wholeheartedly... Ron finally refilled his confident and got back to mission with his allies. Something isn't right here after he noticed that all Kim, Monique, Zita and Jossie look like angers - white clothes / wings, gold ring on their head... Did he die already?

Anyway, no time to doubt, come on dude! Draken & Dementor have started their plan, so Ron will have to destroy the Silly Signal machine ¨C Kim and Jossie can only help him sneak in; they must stay back to secure the area. With nothing to loose, Ron ran to the SS machine and crashed it with his own head¡­ Ah well, his last action, it worked but he was down again... Then Ron slowly opened his eyes and found out that he is in Lazy farm, getting saved by Kim & Monique. They're all here, all comforted and sympathized with Ron again - but this time it's the truth. Oh men, Ron couldn't say how appreciate he felt now - so happy!

Well, after a rest week in Lazy farm; Ron can come back to Middleton town today: Jossie and his fellows totally brought him back from hell - they are saving angers as Ron met in his dream! Although the mess wasn't cleared, at least Ron's confident again, and he'll never fail the final test. Thanks Kimmie again!

The End
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


I like the 88 s. a Nokia
And Dude the movie were Coll


Original posted by RonNoldS at 1-2-2009 16:48
I like the 88 s. a Nokia
And Dude the movie were Coll
I'm feeling lucky... the host work properly again =16= Continuing my Fiction...

95-Just a gift

We all know that Kim & Bonnie always argue everyday, not only for the CheerLeader squad, but also for their styles. Normally Kim still gets advantage ahead, but it's real hard this time, when she & Bonnie aretrying to buy the no1 Crown left in Middleton Mall. It's not really nice, but provides Style Power! The trouble is, Bonnie persuaded Bricks to help her, so Kim's losing on the auction.

Seems there's nothing Kim can do, the last failure in BNrestaurant knocked out her chance to get more money than Bonnie. Ron; however, can't let Bonnie win easily, so he drained all his cash and tried contendingwith Bon - but still not worth with Brick¡¯s supporting. Now the cost was increased to $500 while all Ron had is $325 - he only has one day to break this cost, otherwise the seller will sell it to Bonnie. Then how can Ron do now? All his work¡¯s salary can't make the remain $175, and he can't let Kim know thissecret - in fact K.P still had $275, but please, not a good idea! Nothing to lose, Ron decided to take mission to solve, and he hoped for a possible solution afterward...

And Ron's right: The rescue mission leaded him to a newquick job: Game tester. Just play the new virtual game, and Ron may get at least $500! So after escorted the victims - now they're his boss - he asked Kim to return home first. Too busy thinking of her trouble, K.P accepted it and didn't realize Ron's strange attitude (sort of). The test process was started,and seems Ron made it real good. Only when the final game began: Dementor and his guys broke in and captured the scientists again. That means no one controls the game system, and Ron, as the main character felt into a serious situation:He won't be able to leave the game's virtual world until the final quest is cleared!

In Middleton... After realized that there's no chance to win Bonnie, Kim returned home and discovered that Ron wasn't here - She and Ron always have out date tonight, and he was supposed to be here earlier! Remembered his word on mission, K.P quickly returned the scientist¡¯s lab and found Ron's body - and a short note left, telling her the whole trouble. Time's running out so Kim immediately went finding Dementor, releasing the scientists. It's a hard fight, but K.P made it. She and the scientists returned in time, as Ron only has one live left. He is low on health so the game can't be stopped - too danger for his life! So Kim decided to join and help Ron win the game... thank god she managed to solve it again!

All Ron's secret was figured out, but Kimmie wasn't angry for his actions. She still proud of Ron no matter he fails to help her. But wait... At the last minute, Ron received a remedy for the accident: $450. So,when Brick & Bonnie ensured they'll win, Ron stood up and asked the last cost: $725! The auction ended immediately, and Ron Stoppable is the winner! Cool, now that Ron gifted the Crown to Kimmie, nothing to say with Bonnie now. What a happy ending!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


96-Unfair Comparing

--- This epsiode happens after "Nothing to lose" and not that far before "Graduation" ---

It's near the end of Kim and Ron's final HighSchool year. After getting saved from the last crazy mission, Ron has been thinking seriously for a long time; he wasn't good on learning and surely couldn't make it better than his effort... So Ron decided to choose another career, which won't require much knowledge and matches with his ability. As Kim's advice, Computer Science maybe the great choice, and Ron can count on it. However, he must start researching this subject from now to prepare for further plans. That's why Ron denied joining his parents in a big vacation: He needs a new Personal Computer to replace his "out-of-date" PC - that is the first step to learn this Subject. In some cases, Ron's parents may understand what he's up to, and they agreed to help Ron like normally. Until the day Ron brought back a very-bad Latin test mark, his parents are really angry!

Hold on, this won't be a piece of cake to pass, even Kim and Monique said this test is VERY HARD, so why Ron must be barked if he couldn't make it good? Well, he used to learn this subject great and didn't have low result before - that's why Ron's parents accused him on this failure. To make things even worse, they even compared Ron with his girlfriend Kimmie; see "how bad you are beside your girl eh". Oh no, it won't be a good thing Ron could take! So the next day, a very-serious arguing between Kim and Ron blew out the whole school - RS kept asking Kim about "her great result made him sick", and what do you expect? Kim couldn't control herself last long, she finally fought back, thus starting the big arguing! It only ended when Mr. Barkin split them out, and seems Ron will never be forgiven for this fault...

Well, just pray... The down time helped Kim restore her mood, and again, she knew that Ron didn't mean to cause the whole trouble today - it is just another mess his parents gave to him and he was out of control. After the lunch with Monique, Kim decided to find Ron and try to calm him down, so they can solve his trouble in peace... Uh oh, someone is destroying the hall - that's Ron-on-fire! Of course he won't cook himself; it is another weird control effect Killigan injected to Ron. Great, he was jealous with Kim now and this angry supplied Fire power, turning Ron into a danger monster! Ok, enough chit chat, Kim must do something quick before everything got worse. She quickly activated Fire Alarm, so the Water Portal flooded out and drowned Ron. It wasn't enough to take out the fire, but just freeze the water and Kim can hold Ron off to take care of Killigan - that's all!

Again, Kim's kindly saved Ron and she won't angry with him after all. The dream of a new PC is over with Ron now but he won't care - Kim will always by his side, always for Ron and for his own good - what can be better now? Well, even Ron has to communicate with Kim via telephone from now on, he is still proud of it, no matter what happens... I just say, Ron, you're so lucky dude!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


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