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Kim Possible Season 5: Sweetie Summer Memories

97-True Expression

*** Still, have you ever wondered that how Kim & Ron's trip after Graduation Party ends up when they're kissing and let the car flying on its own? ***

As the Graduation Day has passed, it's time for the first Vacation with just Kimmie & Ronald! Well, Middleton pupils already saw off their nicest couple as they flew away to the sky on Kim's Sedan - but, anyone can wonder when Kim & Ron are back?

Now even Ron has proved himself to be hero, he is still... Ron Stoppable. Yep, Kim has watched out for her friend's careless and activated auto-driving during the fly however. Darn, Ron only needs one inattentive second to accidentally sit on Rocket Boost - it then speeded up the car and sent them directly to a Film Studio below! A very large explosion eventually takes down the place - it won't hurt Kim & Ron however, but everyone inside the Studio are pretty much wounded - except the Director Jimmy and his two buddies Heather & Quinn. Alright, this joke has gone too far, and Ron has just demolished Jimmy's new Film Scenario! He won't ask for remedy now; because another big trouble is coming! As Jimmy needs to complete ANY movie to compete at Oscar Tournament, Kim & Ron had no choice than suspending their trip and taking responsibility to rebuild the movie, by any possibility means...

Since all the actors and atress are wounded, Jimmy needs to recruit more people - he doesn't have much money left, so Heather suggests; making a Teenager Movie will save him troubles finding people. Therefore, Kim will have to invite Britna to join - well, it's Summer time, she may do it without school trouble, no? But, her evil Manager Jackson has denied letting Kim meet Britna - he said, his "boss" is busy with her plan. Wait a minute, Kim was familiar with Britna, she knows her friend never has any big thing to hide! Anyway, Kim decided to play harder and sneaked into Britna's manson that night. Scrolling to the Lobby, Kim suddenly overheard a phone call: Jackson and Gemini! It seems that Manager is selling Britna's secrets - oh yeah, never believe these Business Men! Unfortunately, a guard has spotted Kim, so she must escape immediately! Too bad, Jackson set up tough security system, so eventually Kim was cornered and disarmed. The Alarm also woke up Britna, but for some reason, she believes Jackson's word that Kim is a thef! Damn, Britna even let Jackson handle the rest - and as he knew Kim has discovered his plan, he surely won't let her live!

Back to the studio... Ron is starting worry, he never saw Kim going too long like this! Wade also lost contact with Kim, and this means she is running into trouble! Ron must go and find Kim now, but he had to let Jimmy follow - who knows they are trying to escape or not? Ah well, whatever - only, Heather gets fed up and she decided to do something...

As Ron arrived Britna's manson, he was told that Kim is going to be executed for trespassing violation! God damn it, who else can think that he should kill a student for that small crime? Britna seems to not believe Ron now, but she could trust Dr. Jimmy - he verified that Kim actually came to invite Brit to his film. Alright, Britna realized that she has left her friend's life in danger - let's go save Kim fellas! Luckily they arrived at the execution field before Kim is shot off - here, Jackson won't listen to Britna's command anymore! Still, Kim tried to tell Brit this guy is a bastard - she heard it all! Damn, it provoked Jackson, so he quickly grabs the rifle and aims at Kim! In a moment, Ron shouted crazy and long-jump to the field; ending up taken the bullet! Oh yeah, now it made Kim MAD - NO ONE CAN HURT RONNIE! She broke out the rope and went beating up Jackson real bad - well, that's what he must pay dude! The cops have arrived, and Britna pretended Jackson to be locked-up forever - she won't need corrupt Manager no matter how good he is!

The rescue mission has ended with a different result - Kim now lifts up Ronnie and meets Britna for a warmly apologize! Thank god a Lucky Medal Kim gifted Ron has protected him - well, how about a little remedy Party fellows? Wee, back to Middleton Resort again, all our graduated friends are gathering to welcome back Kimmie & Ronald! They will stay low after this party, so just enjoy the night eh? By the way, a Ballroom Dance also takes place, and once again Kim & Ron have expressed their emotions under romantic music! Now, Dr. Jimmy has realized that Heather had recorded a cool movie showing Ron's rescue mission - ah well, it's worth for his work too eh? So Jimmy can forgive Ron and silently leave the party - farewell my friends, see you around Kimmie & Ronald!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


98-The way you are

As you can notice, the last 2 months in Middleton HighSchool gave Ron such bad memories, which made him hopeless and out of energy. That's why Ron only graduated with C License, and he probably failed the University Examination. So as Kim and Monique - except because they have chosen the harder schools. Still, there are no excuse for them, they are DROPPED! Whatever it's, Kim always trusts Ron, she told that he must get over this failure to continue trying in other chances. Ron finally restored his mood, but first he will have to forget these sad stories quick. Of course, the best way to relax is playing favorites game - as Kim & Monique's way - shopping at Middleton Mall. So Ron threw all the "school things" out of his head and enjoys playing PS game with Felix - like they used to do previously. He felt that it was very effective - but his parents don't think so. I have to explain, Ron's parents have "old-thinking type", and they considered Ron's actions are unforgivable!

In fact, you should know that Ron has just failed the Examination and he should try again. In order to do so, Ron's parents want to see him learning harder, not playing harder! Ah well, that's Adults, they won't be able to understand these things. Again, barking, accusing, ultra-hard words... pushed Ron down to the end of the line - and he now thinks of the last situation: Death! Soon, the whole Middleton Town knows that Ronnie just lost his mind, and Kim was really shocked! She knew Ron was hopeless now but it is so crazy! But no time to tell anything - somehow Gemini's squad appeared and took Monique away! Kim tried to rescue, but she was captured as well! The fast situation left Ron no choice - he decided to do Kim a final favor before saying good bye to this world...

Now it won't be a normal objective for Ron since he must sneak into Gemini's Fortress without being detected - otherwise Kim and Monique will be eliminated immediately! Wade also joined Ron and guided him through the way in - they managed to save Kim and Monique from the death trap before it killed them. However, the Alarm went out and Gemini's killers now coming! They are all armed with M4 Carbines, so Kim won't be able to melee-attack them. All Wade, Ron, Kim, Monique must start their first Fire-fight using the Micro Uzi Sub-Machinegun in the warehouse to blast-their-way-out. No need to imagine dude, this is really tough even with Kim - she is just a girl, handling SMG is way very terrible! Dodging the bullets was enough with Ron, but he must take out his competitions and clear the escape way - it's that, or he will be taken out. Fortunately, our friends still had enough ammunition to get out alive - especial Ron couldn't believe he made it...

Ah well, it's a perfect ending with Wade; Monique was so impressed so she agreed to hang out with him tonight. The mission also helped Ron realize, life is still beautiful and he doesn't need to free himself with some little problems. Finally, a happy night sitting with Kim under bright moon-light has cleared out all Ron's hopeless - he won't need to worry anymore, Kimmie is still here, she is still holding his hand, leaning in his shoulder... and it is enough for Ron now eh? How sweetie!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


99-My own character

Maybe the last survival mission has brought Ron back to life, but only Kim knew; he won't get pass this failure easily - especial without his parents¡¯ effort. I know, Mr. & Mrs. Stoppable aren't wrong anyway but they should sympathize with Ron instead of leaving him alone like this. Of course, "leaving" isn't a right mean; just see which way they use to encourage Ron first...

I must notice, Ron is just normal pupil like Kim, and he also has some... err, weird habits (fast eating, unusual moving, etc...) which are - according to his parents - not good for his future. They advised that Ron should try and change these no-good habits now before it is too late. Kim and Monique are asked to help Ron, and they must accept anyway. Again, it won't be a simple task for Ron to complete.

Well, changing the usual habits is very hard, especial that they are belonging with Ron for a long time. Say, how can he enjoy the meal with another way, or walking easy when "moving" is more comfortable? Kim soon knew that if Ron is forced to continue, he will soon become useless. For example, she must handle the whole Gemini's armies, stopping him from stealing a strange Basketball without Ron's effort; he is too busy thinking of changing himself - say, Ron can't even dodge pass his competitions! It's real hard for Kim, but she finally made it down and survived with her friend...

So the next day, Kim tried to stop this "training course", she can't afford to loose again and only Ron - or his ability can decide this. Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable won't give up easily; they still counted on their decision for now. Ron had no other choice than continuing this course; beside he is still a good boy listening to his parents. Men, now that is all up to Kim, and it makes her real sick!

Let's get back to the mission. Although Kim doesn't know why Gemini needs this regular Basketball, she still had the duty to protect it until GJ can secure and find out its secret. Monique then advised Kim to keep it in Madd Dogg¡¯s gym, inside the other normal balls. Until this morning, everything seems to be ok - again, Ron ate too slowly for Kim to wait, so she must go on Cheering Practice first. However, Gemini suddenly surrounded the place after Kim arrived: He's trying to retake the Basketball! Damn, the Alarm system has been cut, so Kim must defend position on her own! Meanwhile, Ron is still "walking" to the gym after hardly finished his breakfast. But after getting alerted from Wade that Kim and her Cheer squad are in danger, something spooked Ron and turned him back to Berserk style, full old-moves restored! No more gentle moves, Ron is now fighting style like he used to be previously! And Kim is always eager to help him out, so Gemini's team is no longer a problem eh?

Once again Kim can proud of her friend, he played a great role today and saved the whole Cheering team! More importantly, Ron also realized that he won't need to change himself while his old style can do many things! Whoa!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


100-That is emotion!

The final Career Week in Middleton HighSchool, which our friends Kim, Ron, Monique... can join before really leaving pupil time. Maybe Kim won't face any problem here except her steadiness friend's angry. Wait a minute; don't think that Ron will mess up Kim without reason again - all because of a new Cold War between Ron and his mom!

As Kim has known so far, her idea last time was still worth for Ron to try; however he must choose which content in Computer Science to follow. Mrs. Stoppable suggested the famous one: Programmer, but Ron soon knew he couldn't success on this (Yep, even Kim could say that, too hard for Ron ). Instead, he wanted to learn Net Administrator, but his mom won't give up easily. Now, a big misunderstanding happened during the discussion: Ron made an unusual action and his mom thought that he didn't want to listen to her. Believe me; Kim can easily guess Ron's emotion "duh", caused by his mom's one-way idea. Anyway, she is angry with Ron again, so it won't be a good thing he can take.

Don't forget that Career Week is still continuing, Kim & Ron must decide now, as their last chance here.   Ron is so anxious; he doesn't know how to do now. Two choices, limited time to guess... Ah well, so let's see what mission can do for them now. Wade said that Professional Dementor has hacked Google system and took away its Big Index - which can be very danger if integrated with his new Destruction robot Bulletin. Kim was welcomed as soon as she got into Dementor's base, and he is probably unreachable with his new robot. Hmm, what is the secret here, why his Robot can guess ANY Kim's actions?

After a few days, Kim totally forgot about the CW, she still tried to figure out the weakness of Bulletin. Ron still stuck with his own decision for now besides thinking of Kim's word: Watch out with your Emoticons, don't make everybody misunderstand you because of it... Yep, that is the point but how can Ron do it? Ok, back on the mission dude, Dementor is down to his plan, so Kim & Ron will have to stop it at all cost. Again, Kim was blocked and couldn't get close to the robot; he knew every ways Kim is about to try. However, something happened when Ron started his action: the robot seems very perplexed. Afterward, Wade has found out Bulletin's secret: He uses the Index to guess people's action according to their emoticons. Funny, Ron's emoticons must have too many means to guess! So, Kim can easily change her tactics and ruined Dementor's plan with no trouble!

Well, you can say Ron saved the day another time but he also realized how bad it is when showing unusual emotions. Just avoid using them often and Ron will no longer be misunderstood. Kim and he finally have the decision and they have passed Middleton College's Examination as Monique! Say, nothing can split Kimmie and Ronald and they just reached the first step in Student life! Career ha? So little; they have many things to explore afterward. Congratulation dude!

Season Ending: So that's how summer time passed with our friends - so many troubles eh? Upcoming season will be Kim's life in College (Not Universty) and continue with her friends around =3=
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


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