[Bio] Rufus "NMR"

[Bio] Rufus "NMR"

Rufus "NMR"

Name: Rufus
Animal Type: Naked Mole Rat
Age: 3
Owned by: Ron Stoppable
Home: Ron's right pant-pocket
Favorites: Sleeping, Buenos Nachos
Abilities: Very fast, can eat out several things in a few minutes, advanced distraction and sneaking skill
Weakness: Body-size very very tiny
Characteristic: Open-minded, average sociality, like to comfort and encourage his boss
Dedicated Point: Can be easily hurt if abandoned
Rated: =79==79==79==79==79==79==79=

The unique main-character, Rufus' role is more than a buddy pet to Ron - he also serves in Kim's Fighting Rampage even only in tight situations. Aside from that, Rufus usually spends most of his time sleeping inside Ron's pant pocket and only goes out for meals, except when Ron forgot to pick him up (Very rare, but happened)
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...