[Bio] Wade Load

[Bio] Wade Load

Wade Load

Name: Wade Load
Age: 18
Nationality: USA
Living at: Middleton Town, somewhere in California (Also unconfirmed )
Family: No1 son of Load family, grandfather Waney still alive
Jobs: Freedom, Kim's main assisstant
Activities: Program coding, gadgets inventor
Favorites: Making new gadgets, supporting mission info to Kim
Abilities: Amazing IQ, quick-thinking, perfect gadgets upgrade
Weakness: Only works inside, not that strong (Even weaker than a girl)
Characteristic: Open-minded, modest, play with everyone
Dedicated Point: Having some weird hobbies, try anything worth to acquire things
Rated: =79==79==79==79==79==79=

A mysterious boy spending all his life inside - Wade actually never goes out for anything in the first 3 seasons. While the mission TI changed his inside status, Wade still rarely goes out except direct-communicating with Kim. Anyhow, he does back Kim up with mission info, transportation, gadgets, and security hacking - remote support, I say. Because Wade wasn't trained for fighting, he can only rely on his ranged equipment, so once they're useless, Wade is quite helpless as well! But since he keeps himself off the battle field most of the time, it's not really a big problem unless someone raids his house...
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...