Legendary of Kim Possible - Lost in Audition World

Legendary of Kim Possible - Lost in Audition World

Legendary of Kim Possible


♫ Lost in Audition World

   Fiction written by: Ron_BWL

-The story starts from SS 3 Kim Possible Cartoons's ending - As our expected, Kim & Ron had finally found their true love. However, one unexpectedly accident has thrown both our friend into a strange - Music World Audition - where all the Teenagers gather for their Music 'n' Dancing Favorite. Many wind 'n' waves as well as challenge are waiting, and Kim 'n' Ron had no other choice than trying to escape this world on their own... But for sure, please believe this is the final step for becoming Couple with Kim & Ron - so good luck Kimmie, Ronald. Our new friends Richard, Smartboycr, Jenny, †GaLoi†... as well as Professional Dancers Jimmy, Wendy, Scotch... will try their best to help you get back Middleton at once!

II-Main Characters:

Kimberly Ann: Hi-ranked pupil and excellent CheerLeader of Middleton HS. She had a night-life with her steadiness friend Ronald Brain - where they appear to be Crime Stoppers - "save the world"! The latest mission So the Drama has ended Kim's friendship with Ron, processing to the highest relationship between them - but before Kim can express her true emotions, she needs to find and bring Ron back safety!  

Ronald Brain: Also Known As Ron, this guy is very well-known in Middleton Town with his useless and insecure Maybe only Kim knows all Ron's abilities - this connected their life together, even on Lifetime of Mission duty   His missing after So the Drama mission is the reason pushed Kim into the unexpectedly adventure to Audition World afterward

Monique Francis: Kim and Ron's buddies, open-minded, honestly and never be fastidious. Monique is the only one girl has good-relationship will all Middleton's pupil - however, her buddies are only Kim and Ron  

Richard Taylor: Greatest Young-Dancer and wide-connection guy in Audition -he owned Kim a big debt as she had saved his entire asset on their first meet. That's why Rich always follows for helping and supporting Kim with all his heart - until she gets back to Middleton

Smartboycr: Playing together with Ron in Windy Dance Club and later on, [P2] Family, Smart is an excellent Dancer of One-Two Party and 8k Mode. He also helped Kim a lot on the way escaping her opponent's blockade

†GaLoi†: Main member of Beat-Up Group in [P2] clan, close friend of Ron as their common hobby. Young, but GL is a Great Beater, almost everybody in [P2] Family can't deal with him - yep, but he is way friendly dude.

Tieuchau6789: Twinned Younger-sister of Ron in Audition World, Tchau appears as a kind-hearted and sentimental girl - she always cares about everybody, especial his big brother - Also, TC is a big conformation edge for Ron in his bad days, as well as helping him cool down in some big scandals that made Ron lost temperatures...

Little Tiger "Jenny": [P2] Family's leader, she also manages many places in HG city. Jenny is a responsible and resolute girl, but also a little tender and wider thinking - this sometimes create unworthy misunderstanding, which ending hurts both Jenny and her fellows

Winter Star: Also managing Windy Dance Club with her boyfriend,Star is a gentle Dancer and mind-opened girl. Pity, she can easily get touchy and her hot-tempered + hurried are way terrible! - that, and Windy [DC]'s members got big conflicts and resulted in disbanded - a sad ending that no one can change it...  

III-List of Chapters (Main Storyline)
  • Prologue: Never say Goodbye
  • Chapter 01: The missing Friend
  • Chapter 02: Only one hope...
  • Chapter 03: Extra Match
  • Chapter 04: The Demonstration
  • Chapter 05: You're under arrest!
  • Chapter 06: Breakthrough
  • Chapter 07: Welcome to [GT]
  • Chapter 08: Ronnie's in love
  • Chapter 09: Unexpected Trouble!
  • Chapter 10: The Final Decision
  • Chapter 11: Against the Law
  • Chapter 12: Ron vs. Almasy
  • Chapter 13: One-Two Party
  • Chapter 14: Mascot and the CheerLeader
  • Chapter 15: You are the only one!
  • Chapter 16: Perfidious Scheme
  • Chapter 17: There is no Happy Ending
  • Chapter 18: Home Coming
  • Chapter 19: Decoy Evidence
  • Chapter 20: What am I suppose to do?
  • Chapter 21: Why is it happened to me!!!
  • Chapter 22: Tieuchau's encouragement
  • Chapter 23: Home is where your heart is
  • Chapter 24: Escape from Audition World
  • Chapter 25: Copyright Situation
  • Chapter 26: [HG] versus [GT]
  • Chapter 27: Counter-Dance
  • Chapter 28: Last think on my mind
  • Chapter 29: Border Crossing
  • Chapter 30: In the middle of something
  • Chapter 31: The weird Couple Match
  • Chapter 32: Dance if you can!
  • Chapter 33: Death to the Traitor
  • Chapter 34: Millie's little wish
  • Chapter 35: Shown 'n' Feel
  • Chapter 36: Ballroom Emotions
  • Chapter 37: A Fallen Angel
  • Chapter 38: Rescue Ranger
  • Chapter 39: The fight for Beater
  • Chapter 40: God blessed me
  • Chapter 41: It's revenge time
  • Chapter 42: Facing the fate
  • Chapter 43: Overthrowing Plan
  • Chapter 44: I'm the only one...
  • Chapter 45: Don't give up!
  • Chapter 46: Since the time has changed...
  • Chapter 47: The indomitable Little Tiger
  • Chapter 48: Leaving ™No_1™
  • Chapter 49: Goodbye Jenny...
  • Chapter 50: Death of the Indulging Flame
  • Chapter 51: Fly, Fly & Away!
  • Chapter 52: The great Escape
  • Chapter 53: When the Queen arrives
  • Chapter 54: Friends Forever
  • Chapter 55: Ticket to the Freedom
  • Chapter 56: Triple Challenge
  • Chapter 57: Fight at will!
  • Chapter 58: Let the Music cure your wound
  • Chapter 59: This is the end of our Adventure!
  • Chapter 60: And the Legendary will everlasting!


Prologue: Never say goodbye...

"...I've never thought it happened - but it's the truth. We'resteadiness friend for a really long time, and Ron also had the feelingI had. I know it's hard for two of us for the first time, however thetime didn't stopped and we can't afford to be leftbehind..."
...This entry reappeared many times in Kimberly Ann"Possible" 's diary, after the last Ballroom dance with her friend -Ron...She is now very anxious, because So the drama mission has brought herand Ron to this romantic scene - they finally danced together right inMiddleton school! (Don't forget, Kim also kissed Ron at the end eh ). Now, after 2 weeks thinking seriously, Kim still didn't had the answer for her own emotions - she loves Ron or not ??? Many theories, and Kim also got stuck because of it... She dropped the pen after a deep sigh... what should I do now...

Yeah... it seems Kim can't get over this that easily...
She is still a girl... It's something so new with her...

-Kim, you've been staying inside for a long time. What's matter girls? You need help?

---That's Kim's mom, she walked in and saw Kim's strange emotions---

-I don't know mom. It's really newly with me... I've never pass this phase before.
-I know, my daughter. You have just walked through the most important phase in Girl's life - so don't worry.
-But... What should I do now mom? I don't even know my own emotions for now.
-It's all up to you Kimmie, you have grown-up, and Ron is a good guy! There is nothing prevent you two coming to your happy ending!
-Mom, he is my steadiness friends for a long time! I always go with Ron, always play with him, but... hard to say that he could be my boyfriend.
-Kimmie, don't be so nervous. You two weren't kids anymore, and now you should listen to your heart. See, Ron is very important with you right?
-Oh men, it won't be an easy mess I can pass.
-Keep cool, and I'm sure you will have your right decision my daughter.By the way, you should go outside for more funs - Monique and the CheerLeader team is waiting for you Kim. Good luck!

This seems to be the mess that have NO-POSSIBLE-SOLUTION... Kim guess

-Ok, so Kim still had no solution for her troubles now. Anyway her mom is right, she can't sit the whole day worrying aboutthis mess last long... So Kim came out and went to school - she hasn'tpracticed Cheering for the whole week... She came just in time for Afternoon Cheering Practice time. Monique is already here, and seems she expected Kim's arrival...
-Now Kim - Moni said. You can't run away forever, so better make your choice now mates. I know it's hard, but you will make it.
-Oh come on Monique, this won't be easy for me, even Ron and I have connected for a long time. Boyfriend, girlfriend... I still had no means for it yet...
-K.P, I knew exactly how you are, and so is Ron! You two will be perfect couple, believe me.
-I... I don't know but...
-Calm down girl, you're shaking, look. Sit down for a rest first!
-Nah, practice time has come Moni, I can't rest now.
-Let me do it for you today. I used to learn Cheering before.
-What, you said... ???
-No need to surprise Kim, just watch and see - you will know what I want to tell here!

Check it out K.P - can I be a CheerLeader like you ?

-Then Monique gets in position and starts performing her "Dance Show" -which she practiced to show Kim her ideas for this story...

Mission: Never say goodbye...
Song: Mario ft. Nesty - Never say goodbye (100 BPM)
Mode: Choreography

    * Get 15 perfects or more
    * Get Finish Move
    * Get 0 bad


    * Get 20 perfects or more
    * Get perfects x4 or better
    * Use Audition Stadium Stage

F.A.Q For new User

Q-What kind of fiction is it? So strange!
A-Same as Story Mode in Audition game, includes fictions and Challenges for Auditioners

Q-Eh, the characters are so habitual! Have I seen these names before?
A-Of course, main characters is based in Kim Possible Cartoon. Later on you will see additional characters

Q: "Ron" looks different than he appears in the Cartoon. Why?
A: Audition doesn't provide any clothes look like his regular outfit. This is the best one I found

Q-What time did this story happen if putting in K.P series?
A-During K.P's season 3 and 4

Q-Why you use both Audition and Cartoon images?
A-Because this story is based in both Au game and K.P cartoon

Q-Hey, your pics sucks!
A-Yep, I'm noob in Photoshop. Anybody help me!

Q-What the heck is "Mission Objective" at the last of your story?
A-It is your challenge to help the character in the story pass it - and to advance the Story Mode

Q-"Optionals" stand for objectives I can skip?
A-Yes. Just do it to improve your rank if you like

Q-What Audition version to take all the songs in your Fiction?
A-Currently is Vietnam version. Some can be played in other version (i.e Audition song)


Chapter 1: The Missing Friend

...But Kim is very surprised, that Monique danced real great! And she could easily guess her friend's word from the song name: Never say goodbye! Ok, maybe that's the point, but still not worth here! - as Kim willstill study with Ron till the next year is over, so "goodbye" won't bea word she should say - on the other hand, Kim never wants it happens right?


See Monique's show dude, she is great!

Anyway, Kim can now stand up, to come down the Observer seat - but atthe same time, she also saw Ron came in - of course, he has activitieshere as well...Opps, Monique and the Basketball team then saw her felt and rolled downto the playground - men, how can she easily lose control today?

Eh Kim - Are you alright ? Ah never mind, sorry --- Monique said...

Because of this accident, Monique must take Kim back to her home andwait for another chance - she wasn't ready in this situation now.

Middleton Town, three weeks later...

"You only realize thing is important when you lose it" - and now Kim may have to face this fate: The End-term week has come,but Ron hadn't arrive right at the first day! He even disappeared inthe whole next week, and Kim couldn't just stand by anymore. She started asking everybody, but still no trials of Ron yet! Men, Kim must be very regret now, she should talk to Ron earlier instead of leaving him alone. Even Monique has no ideas now, what else can Kim do?

-Moni, have you seen Ron anywhere?
-I doubt it. Nobody in our school sees him several days before
-Why this is happening ??? Normally Ron still gives out his trouble to us if he faced anything right? And now...
-I'm afraid the last Ballroom dance still affected him now. Remember it Kimmie?
-Oh men, even you still remind it now? I told you already, we just...

Then can you please, stop teasing me Moni!

-Look at you, your face is blushing! I know, it will be hard to get pass mates - even you, so don't blame Ron eh?
-Come on, don't tease me Moni! So what should I do now?
-Why don't you ask your assistant? He said that he could find anything in this world right?

...The chat is over without an answer Kim needs. Seems her friendMonique still likes to "joke" about the relationship between she andRon...Finally Kim must ask Wade for help - however everything isn't simplethis time. According to every evidences left, Wade can only locate theplace where Ron has past - otherwise it will all up to Kim. The whole three days searching around Hymalaya mountain drained Kim and Wade much energy, they all felt so tired... Kim still tried to climb onto those high mountains and endless hills and she still wondered Ron went here for what... But suddenly, Kim lost her control and felt down to a deep chasm - Wade saw it already but he couldn't warn Kim on time......


Somewhere around Hymalaya, 15:32 PM...

Kim slowly woke up after a long unfeeling time. She then realized, it is a place outside an lively town - everythinghere had a nature beauty, not like anything she saw on the T.V before. Although Kim still doesn't know how she is still alive, she may believethat Ron is missing in here someplace... if not, why can she stand heresafety?

I wondered where is this place...

Suddenly, someone started talking:

-Eh girls, why are you standing alone out here?

Kim turns back and sees a guys, about the age of her. He is standing beside a big gate with "Gateway to Audition Town" sign above. She regained possession and answered:

-Hi. I'm looking for my friend, missing in the last week. Somethingpushed me here, so I guess that he should be around this placesomewhere.

-That's it - The guy replies Kim. I think I can help you out. Call me Jimmy
-Thanks. I'm Kimberly Ann, you can call me Kim for short
-Ok, so let's go girl. Follow me!


So Kim comes with Jimmy through the Audition Gate. He seems to know many things about "Audition Town" and kept palavering everything about this place's lively. It took Kim several tries to "interrupt" Jimmy's word and describe Ron's appearance to him... After a moment, Jimmy stops moving and tells Kim:

-You friend is now living somewhere in the Audition City - where all Teenagers gather for their music & dancing hobby. I can't locate where he is now, however you can find Ron inside thisplace. The trouble is - Jimmy suddenly hesitate - Everyone join in thetown will be challenged with all the Dancers, from every Ranks. I wondered if you can pass it or not...

-It's really a new thing with Kim! Dancing and Music are not the subjects she ever learned before. But in order to step in the Audition Town, Kim must pass the minimum conditions Jimmy gives out: A little Dance test...

Time to dance! Come on Kimmie - You can do it!

Mission: The missing Friend
Song: Trademark - Only Love (122 BPM)
Mode: Normal Individual

    * Get 2 Finish Moves
    * Get 12 Perfects or more
    * Get one Perfect x2


    * Use Audition Land stage
    * Get 3 Finish Moves or more
    * Get 20 Perfects or more


Q: You don't have Wade's Audition Image?
A: No need, cause he only appeared one time

Q: Does Jimmy stand for Audition's NPC?
A: Yes, the 16th NPC, single dance

Q: Can I use 8k in this mission?
A: Both 8k and 4k is accepted

Q: Optionals objective: Get 3 Finish Moves or more? How to?
A: Just make Perfect Finish Move and you will get another one.


Chapter 2: Only one hope...

...So, Kim will start the test with Jimmy's first turn. He chooses Normal Individual Dance, supporting FreeStyle steps to help Kim get used with Dancing moves. However, she was so dizzy when watching Jimmy: He continues chainperfects (Right step in rhythm) and increases Total Scores higher andhigher - while the condition is she must beat Jimmy's result. After finishing Swan Lake song, Jimmy highly inspired says:

-Because you are new in Audition Town, I can make you choose whatever song you like, under 123 BPM!

...After a short thinking time, Kim decided to dance with Only Love soundtrack - to represent her emotions now. It's really hard to make 450000 points to win Jimmy - however Kim's advantage is getting much FreeStyle steps level 7 and 9 (brings her more points) - with 2 Perfect Finish Moves resulted in 2 more Chance FNs. Luckily, Kim still reach 456000 points, just enough for the requirement condition...


-Great work young girl! - Jimmy continues - So now I can lead you in the Audition Town eh. Just prove yourself again in further Challenges, and you will be ok.

Following Jimmy's steps, Kim started familiarizing with main places in Dance City: Audition Stadium, Audition Resort, Chinese Town... from old playground like HipHop area, Sibuya, Cinema...Jimmy took Kim to many places and most of them have challenges for her- however, all the new fellows are very nice and eager to help Kim finding Ron's trial. The trouble is, they have visited most place in this Starter Area [SA] town but still no sign of Ron yet. Fortunately, the last friend Jimmy can visit, Wendy - has the answer for what Kim should do now...

-I believed that you're the one I need now Wendy! - Jimmy said. We should try and help our new friends here alright?
-My pleasure! I really don't have much sociality here, so sorry for not helping you Kim - Wendy said. However, my friend can point out anybody living in this City - You can find him at Audition Stadium many times. Check for the Professional Dancer named Richard Rich - Good luck Kimmie!

Audition Stadium, 19:43 PM

-Jimmy and Kim then come to Audition Stadium. He looks so jolly and... cute - at least for his words with Kim:

-Eh Rich - Hope you are the guy Wendy told me eh?
-You are welcome! What can I do for you?
-Actually this girl is the one needs help now - Jimmy points to Kim.She has to find her friend missing in this City somewhere. Can you helpher out?
-Of course dude. Please wait until this match ended if you don't mind eh? I'm going to win a huge gambling today!
-No prob, we will wait.

Richard "Rich". Level: 26

-Then Jimmy pulled Kim to the nearby seat. He said, Rich is waiting for the Gambling result, so better not bother him for now. So they sit back and watch the match with Rich...

-In fact, there is a real Soccer game on the Stadium now, a Boy vs. Girl match! - But many things make it different than normal games Kim has known sofar... All the "Players" kept performing Dancing skill to pass,dribble, tackle, block, shot... to win their competitions! 20 minutes later, the match still continues normally, both teams kept even the score then go ahead each other. Jimmy also said, if the match can end up like this, everything will beok, otherwise he couldn't guess what will happen. Hmm, does it mean something ???

-And Kim won't have to wait long, as this trouble suddenly flew induring the Second Half. In the minutes 30, one of player in Girls team- Fullhouse must leave the field due to running out of energy. The Boys team - Tiger then took this chance to increase the score, which make the whole Stadium very surprised! Even Kim didn't have any responses for these "unfair" guys, Jimmy quickly found out that Richard has felt unconscious! He then ran to check out what happened with Richard - how can he be easily knocked out like this?

Several minutes later, Jimmy came back to Kim's seat for the new situation he discovered:

-Rich has just had an unexpectedly stroke due to changed situation! I have just seen his Gambling Ticket, and it seems... Rich is about to lose his entire assets if Fullhouse loose this game! Badly, he may not be able to regain consciousnesses again.
-Gratz, he is my only one hope to find Ron in this world! What do we do now Jimmy?
-I don't know, nor I'm not sure yet. Cheering for Fullhouse and hopethat they can revert the score is the only one solution left here. Unfortunately, most of the people advocating them has already left...
-That means...
-We are losing on Cheering team, of course.

Cheering? Suddenly it reminded Kim something, then she quickly decides:

-Let me handle this one !!!

Then she jumped down to the Stadium before Jimmy can manager to reply her...

Eh wait a minute girl - where do you think you're going ???

Mission: Only one hope...
Song: 3boys - Playboy (136 BPM)
Mode: FreeStyle Battle

    * Get Perfect x3
    * Get 20 Perfects or more
    * Get 1 Finish Move Great
    * Get 0 bad and under 3 cool


    * Use Au Stadium stage
    * Get 3 Finish Moves
    * Get 30 Perfects or more
    * Use 8k FreeStyle Dance


Q: These places mentioned in this fiction stand for Audition stage right?
A: Yes. You will see more place later on

Q: Who is Richard?
A: One of the character appeared in Lionheart's Kim Possible.

Q: "Fullhouse" and "Tiger" team? Sound like from the other movies?
A: One is the name of a Korea Movie, one is a Soccer team in another movie (Sorry, I forgot its name already)

Q: Do I have to make an exactly GREAT finish move?
A: Yes, it's the condition to pass this challenge


Chapter 3: Extra Match

...Outside the Stadium Sideline... All the Cheer Leaders of Fullhouse are doleful and dispirited. Kim knew that they are hopeless, but she can't afford to give up - Richard is her only one hope now. No need to courteous here, she came and lifted everybody up one by one, encouraged them to continue...

-Come on everyone, everything isn't too bad right now. Try your best till the last second!
-Why we have to try here? Tiger had many advantages, we have just lost one player... How can we hold them down?
-Men, don't be so complex girls! We are the Cheer Leaders, we have to raise our team's spirit! How can you give up so soon like this?
-No can do! We are totally drawback than Tiger - Losing is only the time matter...
-That is it! You won't do, so I will! Fullhouse must win - they aren't weakness and never give up without trying! COME ON YOU GIRLS - FOLLOW MY LEADS !!!

...In a moment, everybody just sit still and look at Kim like... err... an alien... They have no idea who she is and why she still cheers for FH team... At least there is still one girl believe Kim, the head Cheerleader Reika. She finally stood up and joined Kim on the Cheering Dance...

Reika - Captain Of FH's Cheer Leaders

-Kim and Reika then performed a Sync FreeStyle Move - Besides Reika's 8d moves are Kim's 4d moves supporter. Still watching down from the Observer place, Jimmy suddenly understood Kim's plan - so he knew exactly what he must do now. The eventful song"Playboy" started playing, both Kim and Reika now tried their best to cheer up for Fullhouse, in spite of the other girl's surprise look


Come on Fullhouse, beat your opponent! Girls are champion!

But just a few minutes later, the Stadium now backed to cheer forFullhouse team: They restored their skill and managed to defend all Tiger guys's attacking. Score is evening:30-24, 36-33, 40-38... After the first Finish Move Kim acquired, FH Elize has drawn out her Long Santos and destroyed Tiger's Goal, evened the score... Everybody kept cheering for FH stronger and stronger, while Tiger tried to finish the game with the win for them! Now Kim and Reika have filled up the Cheer Leader's spirit, so they teamed up again and supported them from behind

MF. Elize (No. 8) and FW Sally (No. 11)

One minute remaining... Kim still patiently synchronizing her 4d movefor Reika and tried her best to cheer for FH, helping them defend Tiger's last charge! The final Perfect Finish Move brought to Kim another Chance FM - right after Sally has got the ball and passed it to Tiger's goal. Trying to get Chance FM, Kim is almost out of energy...Fullhouse now got the last offensive chance and Elize has dodged passTiger's CF . She prepared to perform the last Medium-Flare but suddenly... The whistle has blow...Time set!

-The whole Stadium was really stunned... Fullhouse Players were retrograde for not archiving the last goal... Kim laid down on the ground, puffing and blaming the referee for "cutting" the last few seconds. Jimmy also felt pity for the last offensive, but the match has ended anyway... With the even score, Rich still couldn't avoid the losing,and it also mean Kim's chance to ask him is gone forever...

Three days after the match...

Rich is still unfeeling... The fifth time Jimmy checked his new friend's status, and seem the situation isn't better for now. Three days after the match, Kim and Richard now stayed with Jimmy in his house - the wager has seized Richard's apartment. Kim almost stayed awake these time, both worrying for Rich and Ron. It seem her hope is already gone now ???

-At the lunch time, Jimmy decided to go out for buying some foods. Kim will take care of Rich this time, and she still had no idea for what to do now... Fifteen minutes later, Jimmy ran in, breathing hard...
-Trouble up ahead Kim! Help me take Rich to Au Stadium, right now!
-But Jimmy... Does it mean...
-Yep, Group Tournament Result! Tiger and Fullhouse are totally balance with all coefficients, so they must have an Extra match to find the First team in this Group!
-So if FH win this time...
-Sure, lower gamble will take the lead. Believe me, Rich may be able to regain conciseness
-Men, so annoying! - Kim thought But chance remains, so does her hope... So all of them returned Audition Stadium another time...

-The situation is even more serious this time. This extra match only holds off 5 minutes, with Golden Goal rules applied. One small mistake may make you pay hardly - so both FH and Tiger must concentrate all time. Unlike the last infiltrate time, Kim was invited to join FH's Cheering squad as soon as she arrive - actually this is an offer that she can't refuse...

Because, if Kim fails to help FH this time, her last chance is gone - for good!

Mission: Extra Match
Song: Jewelry - Say (107 BPM)
Mode: Crazy Dance

* Fill up at least 2/3 Crazy bar
* Get all Finish Move and Crazy Move
* Get 0 cool or 0 miss
* Get 10 Perfects or more


* Get two Perfect x3
* Get full Crazy bar
* Play Crazy 8 direction
* Use Au Stadium


Q: Fullhouse doesn't have Team Uniform? Lolz
A: Right, it's Boy vs. Girl, so Uniform is not required

Q: Kim looks darker in this chapter ??? What happened with her?
A: She is playing under night time, so no wonder why the Lights affected her skin. Later on, she will sometimes look darker as this chapter, all thanks to Time and Stage Light.


Chapter 4: The Demonstration

...Whoever wins this match will process to the play-off tournament, so both Fullhouse and Tiger determined "Charge, aim 'n' shot!" That is why Kim must ensure that FH will win - otherwise, she will never find Ron in this world. But seem it's FH's bad day: One of their main player - Alice - was wounded and must leave the field. Both team only have 10 players left, but Tiger took advantage due to their energy and cooperative - so all FH players must defense their goal now... Jimmy knew that FullHouse will never be able to offense if Alice can't come back on field! He then whispered something with the Cheering Squad, then pulled Kim out for private discussion:...

MF. Alice (No. 10)

-Kim, only you can recover Alice's health now. It's very important!
-I know - but how?
-You are cheering for FH right? So please perform your show in this Dance Pad - I have asked Reika to change the Mode to Crazy-Synchro-@-4k already. Just follow the Tips Arrows and don't MISS, ok?

Then Jimmy took out a carpet, look like Dance Pad with 4 Direction Arrows printed on. Kim still don't understand what Jimmy is up to, but she knew what to do with this pad - Ron has played Dance Revolution with her sometimes before right?

Around 3 minutes left and time is set. Kim and Reika kept cheering witha Crazy Synchro @-4k - Dance mode includes Higher dance step after Finish Move! All the Cheerleader Squad also follows their move on the rhythm of Say(107 BPM) soundtrack - although nobody understands what can it do? A half song over, FH team now successfully defensed all Tiger's attack waves, thanks to a hundred spectators and the cheerleader Squad's support! After the Finish Move, Jimmy suddenly signaled Kim and pointed at theHP bar beside Alice... Still trying to get all the level 10-11 moves,Kim doesn't notice that the HP bar is filling for each moves she got...the last Perfect filled up this bar, making Alice woke up and got backon field! From the defensive role, Fullhouse changed to heavy offensive - Tiger was surprised so they tried to block their opponent wave! Last 20 seconds, Kim made 3 consecutive Perfect moves, and the Spectators kept cheering FH louder and louder! Even Commentator Rachale couldn't just stand by...

<<< Look, Fullhouse has passed the ball through middle field! Elize! She dodged Junebay's tackle 1614322! Ball is passed to Sally - Yeah, a nice Synchro Skill -746997643- Alice is waiting right at the goal... Five seconds remaining... She has performed Nine-Kick 884646664...>>>


The whole Stadium has "blown out"; all the spectators hold each other and dance real crazy! The goal approved at the last 2 seconds has brought Fullhouse the win, they will now advance to the Play-off Tournament! Kim and Jimmy can have a breath now, finally they could suffer this "challenge"


Check out the Crazy Dance dude, even it's new, Kim still solved it perfectly!

On the Observer stand, the Wagers also finished their gambling - FH's winning today resulted in Big gambling (Prize x5) for everyone counted on them - so as Richard. He is still unconscious on the seat from the match's beginning - until Jimmy and Kim headed to...

Wake up guys! You have won the Gamble, don't have to worry anymore!

-Rich slowly opened his eyes and stood up... Now Kim also has a clearlook at him: Seem this guy likes weird style like Ron - Entire black clothes, light-brown hair and a model glasses. Answering it, Richard just stands by and says nothing. Jimmy said, this emotions stands for a honest thank for Kim - yep, maybe that's all she knew now

Richard & Kim - First meet

Jimmy didn't say anything else and gave the cash and Apartment papers to Richard... Then he talked to Kim:
-Congratulation girl, you've just saved Richard's life. My duty is over here, Jimmy will take care of you from now on. Bye!
-Jimmy then turned back and left the Stadium... Kim doesn't know what to say now, she can only silence and follow Rich to his house and continue her objectives

Audition Town - Present day. Richard's Apartment, 16:54 PM...

-Ok ok... Let's see... Rich walks back and forth - You don't even now how can you get there?
-This is very hard to explain - Kim replies - Anyway, I still believe that the destiny threw me here, so Ron must be around this place somewhere!
-Ok, sort of. But why you saved me? We even not met up before!
-How naive are you. My duty is to solving any troubles I can, helping any people I can - besides, Wendy said that only you can find where Ron is...
-Gratz, my talkative friend... Ok, forget it. Tell me what can I help you now?
-Ok, that is it: One of my friends named Ron has disappeared from the last week. I went to find him, and somehow I was felt into this world. You knew throughly about this place, so have you seen any guys like him? Afterward, Kim describe a few Ron's appearance factors for Rich to identify.
-Thinking shortly , Rich then said:
-According to what you describe, I do know one guy. He is now living at the next Audition Town beside us. I can take you there, however we must get the Mayor's permit first

-Get it. Can we go now?
-Not easy Kim. Currently,[SA] citizen is demonstrating against "Blockade Town" decision from Tinghowa. We couldn't have Passcard now, even it's legal or not
-My God! Where can he take this plan?
-You have just come here Kim... Previously all the Audition Town used to exchange and visit each other happily...Suddenly, some Dancers threw down challenges, fought against each other then spook ill and smeared everybody, resulted in continuous conflicts!Because of it, going in and out town is now checked closely - however Tinghowa has gone too far and everybody couldn't take it anymore. I used to watch more than 10 Demonstrations in front of the City Hall. but resulted in nothing
-Difficulty here... Can you take me there? See if we can do anything eh?
-Alright. But don't tell anybody that you're newbie ok?

Audition Town, Present day. at the City Hall, 18:35 PM...

...Kim and Rich stopped at the Tinghowa's Tribunal Gate. Night time is almost come, but the citizens still gathered here, demonstrating to retake their freedom! A few minutes after they arrived, everybody changed to armed struggle and kept throwing bricks, rocks, liters into Office Window. Richard seem to get used with this scene, he then walked forward and persuaded everybody to stop demolishing, or everything won't be ok here...Kim, still standing around and thinking, and something make her get anew idea: Music has the great power in this place, so why can't she"demonstrate" with a dance show?

I mean, if music can cure your wound, it can also represent your wishes!

Mission: The Demonstration
Song: Linkin' Park - What I've Done (120 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic 4k

* Get Finish Move Cool or better
* Get Perfect x2 and 16 Perfects or more


* Get Finish Move Perfect
* Use Combination FreeStyle with 8k -> 4k sequence


Q: "HP bar" stands for Crazy bar right?
A: Yes

Q: I wondered "Tinghowa" is another NPC?
A: Ding! Good answer amigo!

Q: How can I get the 2nd Optional Objective?
A: In Dynamic dance with less than 3 dancers, you will get 2 FreeStyle steps on each level (6 to 9). To complete this Optionals objective, perform a 8k skill on the first FreeStyle step, then switch to 4k on the second FreeStyle step. Keep it up till the song ends


Chapter 5: You're under arrest!!!

...As thinking, Kim immediately opened her Kimmunicator and looks for suitable song... But please, in this Yearly happy town, how can she find a reactionary song like this? Searching... Searching... From gentle finding, Kim must change to lyrics finding - and luckily she finally got one after another 10minutes: What I've Done! Before Richard can realize, Kim sneaked in to the demonstration crowd and elbowed to the front. Of course everybody also noticed her arrival no time

-Eh eh girl, what are you doing?
-So what do everybody do here then asked me? Demonstrating, of course
-Wait a minute... You want to demonstrate without barons or "UFO"? Planning to use your own mouth?
-No need - just a Dynamic dance mates
-What the ??? You want to perform here?
-Dudes, music plays an important role here, so why can't I try this?
...(The crowd suddenly stopped talking and look at Kim... )

...The lightning chat ended, Kim stepped forward and started playing the song What I've done. Unexpectedly, everybody realized that the song Lyrics also had a great power to raise their freedom wish - Then no need to talk anymore, the crowd regathered their formation and prepared their... weapons. Kim's dance steps slowly expressed, synchronized with those screams and insults, creating a biggest demonstration so far...


Whoa, I must say that you're a genius Kim!!!

Half of the song passed, the crowd behind still shouting and cheering Kim ardor. The chorus WHAT I'VE DONE kept increasing volume higher and higher -then after around 3 minutes, Tinghowa must appear in front of the gate. Kim was taken inside for investigating, and the crowd still stays and files against the Mayor in spite of his guard's assault

Tinghowa - Mayor of [SA] Audition Town

Inside the hall...

-I can't believe it! - Tinghowa angry dams his table. You are just a Novice Dancer and don't even mastered Dancing Skills, so how could you join this Demonstration?Nobody knows the benefits I'm trying to retake, just for your own now???

-Keep cool Mayor - Kim responded. Everybody have everything they wish here, but you have taken the right to exchange - the most important one! How can they suffer this?

-You girls know nothing! Five months ago, I used to take the responsibility for a big mess between [9x-Pro] and [My-Friend], just because of a tiny reason... so if I won't ban it, how troubles will come in more seriously huh?

-You're losing your patient, just calm down. My point is nothing is impossible, we just need to arrange it for everybody's common right? Your way is just for you, 'cause you don't need to moderate anything?

-Girls, you're so brave, but please think of the Higher Leader's position like me ok? They aren't God to solve anything, so how can I live with a thousand of requests, questions fly in everyday?

-I know, it's just like me: Leader in many position like... (Kim suddenly interrupts )...Never mind, no matter how you decide, I MUST access to the next Au Town at all cost. You're holding my friend's destiny sir!

One more hours...

(Speaker announcement): Attention everybody! According to thenewest decision from Mayor Tinghowa, all the exchange blockades before will be removed from now on - but beware, you will have to solve any trouble from other clans/guilds by yourself! Dismiss!...

Still finding his friend for a short while, Rich suddenly realize the crowd is cheering and giving up Kim right in front of the City Hall. So he may guess why Kim disappeared and resulted in this great ending today Haha, what a brave girl Rich talks to himself...

Outside Audition Town, next day, 12:32 PM:

-Hey, what did you do with the demonstration and "removed" the Exchange blockades eh?
-Nothing, I just try to make Tinghowa pay attentions - and all up to my temporize
-I still wondered why "a girl who can do anything" like you must risk your life to find a friend with no-salient at least as you described?
-This is a secret between I and Ron. Besides, we are Steadiness friends, so it's not important, no matter what he can do...
-Oh, quite so...


-Everybody freeze! Put your hands up!!! You are under arrest!

-Kim quickly turned back and saw a Policewoman, aiming her gun to her. Rich easily recognized his familiar and responses:

-HyelLim, what the heck are you doing?
-My duty, duh. And how dare you can call my real name huh?
-Gratz, I don't know why you still love this code name Policewoman like this? So silly!

HyelLim Kim - Code name: Policewoman Level: 16

-Not your business - HyelLim interrupts. And you still didn't answer me!
-Answer what? I'm just leading this new friend to [GT] town, that's all!
-Hey hey, this is the point. All the dancer processing around these town will have to pass my Level Challenges. You may go, but not this girl (point Kim)
-Men, you can say that again. Kim kept performing in Public stadium more than one week before, and everybody admitted her ability - even you also at this Stadium forsecurity, don't you remember?
-No, and I'm afraid she won't get pass here without passing my challenge first...

...Still listening Rich and HyelLim's argument, Kim felt that this Policewoman has antipathy with Basic Dancer - you see, Kim always wears her Regular outfit since she came here right? No fashion, no decorating... but anyway, she wants test - Kim will test - Ms. Possible won't scare these challenges right?

Beware Kim, you won't know what are you facing off this time!

Mission: You're under arrest!!!
Song: Audition - Hands Up!!! (135 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 4 directions

* Get one Beat-Up (Combo 100+)
* Get 200 Perfect or more and less than 75 miss
* Get 215000 points or more


* Get less than 30 miss
* Get 225000 points or more
* Use Sibuya Stage


Chapter 6: Breakthrough

...Ok, whatever it's - Kim said. You want test, I will test!
...Kim, you are crazy! Rich shouted. It won't be a normal Challenge for you!
-So what? - Even it's Classical, I can get used with it. Besides, how can I go through there if I deny?
-I understand it, but if you fail, you'll get a terrible punishment!
-Don't worry, I, Kim Possible, will make it. Trust me...

-Then Kim stepped forward to start HyelLim's test - Richard had no other idea then remaining silent and wish for her. The soundtrack is Hands Up!!! and HyelLim will play the Challenge turn... However, Kim suddenly realized that this mode is so different than the other she tried before - All the skills are performed continuously and matched with the song's Rhythm - so fast and many notes each milliseconds... When HyelLim completed her Finish Move, Kim was almost dizzy for those Fast Dance up now... HyelLim seems to know it and confidently replied:

-That is Beat-Up girls, not so hard but not so easy either! Let's see if you can beat my 225000 points with this song alright?

-Then Kim also started her Counter turn - However, Richard has detected that the mode is now Beat-Up4-Directions instead of 6-Directions (Which was used on Hyel's turn).He then started talking:

-How dare can you do this Hyel? You have played 6-D, so now Kim must be tested with 6-D eh?
-It will be easier for her to play 4-D mode. She still not know throughly about this mode, so I just helped her get used with it ok?
-Unfair! Everybody knew 6-D always have more Notes than 4-D, then how can Kim win you?
-Not a problem, if she keeps Perfect moves, it will be a piece of cake
-Even a Genius will never pass this Hardest song at the first try time. You...
-That is test Rich - Beat-Up, I love it!

Kim kept dancing with the Support Notes, she even not noticed that Richard and HyelLim are arguing outside... Suddenly Rich remembered that Kim's turn is over - she has just made the Finish Move... He then ran to the Result Board and shouted:

-You've just lost you job HyelLim. Just with 4-D mode and Kim had better score than you hahah!
-What? It's impossible!
-Oh yeah. 252000 is better than 225000 right, don't tell me that you don't know how to count eh?

There is it - great job Kimmie!

-HyelLim immediately ran to see the result, and she was... unfeeling after knowing that she was defeated! Standing up after the Finish move, Kim found out that she was lucky for this winning: She got less Miss and enough perfects to reach this score even her turn has less Level than HyelLim... Never mind, she has to help Rich taking HyelLim back to her Fort first eh


With a hard song, this result isn't too bad right?

Two Days later...

-The whole day-off helped HyelLim recovered her mind. From the competitions, HyelLim now became friendly with Kim and no longer discounted her. She then finished all the required procedure to help Rich and Kim join [GT] City - so they can start finding Ron here quicker. Time to say goodbye - no matter what it is, Kim may never forget this costly help - thanks HyelLim...

-Have a nice day - HyelLim cheers. Hope you will find the things you want her soon! I wish I could help you more than this...
-It's great with this now Hyel eh? You're doing you job greatly, but please be more generous with Stiffly Dancer, OK?
-Thank you, I will remind it. And, you haven't told me your name eh...
-I'm Kimberly Ann - Call me Kimmie.
-And don't forget her First name eh - Rich interrupted

All of them laughed out loud... Actually Kim only told out this "secret" one time before - she wondered how can Richard remember it so quickly?

Inside [GT] city, 19:32 PM

-Phew, finally Kim and Richard are here - inside Glorious Tower City (short name [GT]) This city is managed and donated by a Private Company named Future Player Tournament (FPT), so it's small and orderly. Many censors and approving rules, but most people here may accept it, as everything is still under control...Richard started inquiring everybody and took Kim to Audition Caf¨¦ -This is where Ron usually drops in for exchanging with the other dancers in this Audition town. However, Kim never expected a Welcome Custom here - that every new dancers come here will be challenged, seeing how they will be"Welcomed" . Men, you can say that again

That, and another new Dance Mode is waiting for Kim this time...

Mission: Breakthrough
Song: Audition - Dance Flower (130 BPM)
Mode: One-Two Party

* Get 175000 points or more
* Get 50 Perfects or more and 0 Bad


* Get 200000 points or more
* Get 75 Perfect or more


Q: [GT]? What is that?
A: Check the next chapter to find the answer

Q: The words "FPT" is so familiar... Did I hear it before?
A: It is named by a real Company in Vietnam: FPT Telecom

Q: What is Audition Cafe?
A: A small pub inside Audition Area, located in Online Game Industrial Zone of [GT] town

Q: What is the mean "Welcome" in the last sentence?
A: Depends on the new Dancer's skill, they will decide how they will be treated here. Prove yourself!


Chapter 7: Welcome to [GT]

But they are here anyway, and it's not good for retreating now... So, Kim was about to step in, then suddenly someone called her from behind:

-Kim, Rich wait!
-That is Wendy... She followed Kim and Rich from [SA] town here...
-What's up Wendy - Rich asked. You are supposed to be at [SA] town now, so why are you here?
-Nah, I've just received this new from HyelLim - Wendy breathed hardly and answered - Passing the Beat-Up Challenge is great with Kim, but she needs a new mean of "One-Two Party" - it won't be easy for her
-"One-Two Party" uh? What is that Wendy? Kim asked...
-This is a Special mode combination of Beat-Up and B-Boy Battle - Rich interrupted. You also have to perform the specified moves based on the song's Rhythm, but from your opponent's tips, not the Notes!
-But... What is the different here?
-The fact is, you MUST memorize your opponent's moves and perform it exactly as he has done in the Rhythm.
-That's why I followed you guys - Wendy cut off Rich's words. Kim needs some practices before she can join Audition Cafe in [GT]. Come here Kim, I will show you some basic rules!

------Training Course------

One more days...

-A whole day getting used with One-Two Party, seems it wasn't enough for Kim to master this Mode! So many rules, especial the memorize challenge drained Kim much energy to follow Wendy's instruction...Anyway, Wendy can't stay here last long, so Kim knew what she must do now... This night, she decided to step out and get in Audition Cafe alone... As Rich's warning, several Dancers came to "welcome" her:

+Whoa, we have a new member everybody! Welcome to Audition Cafe girl! Let's start making acquaintance eh?
+Of course dudes! Windy, come and interview our new member guy!

After smartboycr's welcome words, Kim is faced with Windy, Leader of a big Dance Clan in this place:

-Hi! Welcome you to our Place - Why do you visit there?
-Ah, just an accident you know. One of my friend has disappeared last week and Richard leaded me here to find him.
-Richard "Rich" right? I knew him. So what does your friend look like?
(...Identifying, please wait... )

Ten minutes later:

-Seems the guy you're looking for is playing around here - smartboycr answered. Ron doesn't come here at Thursday night, please wait till the Weekend eh Kim. Why don't you exchange with us anyway?
-Great idea, how intelligent are you Smart! Let's rock!

Smartboycr - One Two Party Leader

The whole Audition Cafe responded - and immediately, Kim was sent to the One-Two Party room with her opponent Smartboycr. Simple rule: Each player only has to reach the required score to win! Smartboycr totally took advantage ahead, as he practiced this mode for a long time than Kim! Luckily, Kim still got enough Scores to win the game - great try girl!


Here is what I called "One Two Party" ^^

-You performed real great girl. Lovely_Wind said. Congratulation on your arrival, hope we will meet up later eh?

-So, when Kim came back to the Motel, everything is over... Wendy also cheered her even she felt worry a little before. And Richard also got a nice result in the Beat-Up match next day - both of them now became Visitor in this Audition Cafe

Three days later...

From the day joined Audition Cafe on, Kim realized that this place has a Lively life, different than the other places around. Everybody can discuss, talk to each other, chit-chat... very happy even though the Admin Team still control them... Today is the Weekend, 2 days after Kim arrived here - Windy said that Ron will arrive here tonight. So Richard spent time to take Kim around Au Cafe for chit-chat

-You see - Au Cafe is one of the most effervescent place in [GT] Town.The most attract factors here are Music - Dancing and Fashion - every teenagers love these things! I guess it's the reason why your friend "lost" to here right?
-I reckon so. But why he doesn't tell me anything ???
-Must be another reason right? You haven't told me already
-Eh, I was about to do it... But...


-Hey hey hey Kimmie - see who is looking for you! - Smart started. Ronnie, show yourself up dude! Ha, you have a great friend but don't tell us? So strange right?

-The Au Square in the middle of [GT] - Ronald and Kim was pushed to the solemn place while [9x-pro] and [Magic] kept teasing them from behind. That, anything left to hide with Kim now?

-I can't even know you anymore! How can you go away from home and school with no message like this? You know how many challenges I have to pass to survive here?
-I'm sorry Kim... This is just Mission Accident again! I really wanted to contact you, but this place is out of reach, so my Mobile won't be able to work...
-So what do we gonna do? Staying here for life?
-Not sure yet - but you have to get used with this place for now. Then we will find our way out...

--- There - you - are - RON !!! ---

-So RS, have you finished "confiding"? Hurry, we still have to exchange with [Magic] now!
-Damn, I told you already, 8-d is not my favor dance! Get another member please!
-Gratz, not important if you win or loose, just play guy!
-Men, so annoying for arguing with this trouble! Kim suddenly interrupted. Leave Ron alone, I will represent him this time, OK?

Everybody stopped talking and looked at Kim this turn...

Mission: Welcome to [GT]
Song: Turtles - Airplane (120 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic 8-Direction

* Get Finish Move and 0 miss level 7
* Get more than 175000 points and 0 bad


* Chance whole song and get less than 5 miss
* Get more than 15 Perfects or one x3 Perfect


Q: What is [9x] and [Magic]?
A: They are two Dance Group playing in [GT]'s Audition Town. Along with them is Windy's Dance Club [DC]


Chapter 8: Ronnie's in Love

-...You wanna "replace" Ron? Hunter, [9x-pro]'s leader jeered.   Playing D-8  isn't a simple task girl!
-Even it's D-26, I will play - no need to insult me! You guys will remember my name after this night!

Everybody suddenly got dazed... Ron tried to explain:
-Don't worry guys, Kim always be like this. She tries to solve any problems around her and usually success - so the name Kim Possible sometimes becomes very funny!
-So that's it huh? Both [9x-Pro] and [Magic]'s members laughed out loud Ok, no problem dudes, we welcomed all the newbie anyway. Just watch 'n' see to check out your ability right eh K.P

Let's dance girl - show us your skills!

...So, Hunter approved Kim to be Temporary member and takes part in this D-8 match. As Ron's warning, this mode is very hard with Novice Dancer - besides Kim only practiced Dancing less than 1 week. But, we are in an Exchange match, just for fun - so everyone played for exchanging, made concession and fair-dance, no one's too good or too bad. The luck went to Kim, she got least Miss although 10 perfects is not a great result... Anyway, it helped her prove herself with Audition cafe's member after all!


-A few days later this match, Ron leaded his friend to visit other places in this [GT] City. There is many Industrial Zone for other gamers, offline to online, game to non-game...All the citizens here use ID card with username and avatar - so that's why Ron took Kim to make one for her; this will allow Kim to get usedwith other citizens faster. As Ron's ID Ron_BWL (Brave Wholeheartedly Loser), Kim also registered a similar username Kim_APTM (Anything's Possible To Me) However, avatar is another fact: Only members owned Reward Point marked by the Assembly can use "Personal" avatar - otherwise you must choose Pre-defined images from the gallery. Ah well, no matter... Kim can get some quick Points with her Game Walkthrough...Although it won't be easy to earn Reward Points, everyone will still had Post Point, increased for each discussions they takes part in... This numeric changed very slowly due to Approve Pending from the Assembly - but the right is ensured for everybody anyway


Kim & Ron's Profiles - [GT] City

-Day to day... Audition Cafe is getting happier and happier with many clan - guilds - families set up, and some of the "Clan war" kept this place warm every time. For more funny things, =killara= changed plan and made another topic: "Finding your half!..." Hmm, this is totally new with Kim so far. Richard then asked her to go to ATV at a Saturday night...

-This is one of the big Personal Fact with Audition members Kimmie -Rich started. Everyone needs to find their couple partner - so Couple dance is for them! As you can see, around 25 - 35% Dance Rooms are for Couple Dance and Club Dance - popular Boy 'n' Girl Dance Mode now. When getting used with each other, you two can register as Couple and share DEN gift after Couple Match - or challenge yourself with Professional Dancer...

Still listening to Richard, Kim suddenly saw someone looks like Ron stepped through behind her. He is going with a level 20 girl and enters an opening Couple Dance room. She quickly whispered Richard:
-Eh Rich, you know who's going with Ron there?
-She is sakura_104 - nickname dumophong. I've heard that Ron and her met up in Audition Cafe one month ago - maybe they will meet up "on-stage" today eh

Then suddenly Richard changed his word:

It seems you haven't tried this mode before rightỉ? So go for it, maybe you will find your guy here eh?   Most dance rooms play this mode in Saturday - so you will not be alone, don't worry

Afterward he pushed Kim to the queue line in the nearest Couple Dance Room. Men, how can Rich played on me like this - Kim thought

  Mission: Ronnie's in Love
  Song: Freestyle - Y (easy | 80 BPM)
  Mode: Couple Dance
  • Get 15 perfects or more
  • Get 0 bad 0 cool and 0 miss level 6 / 7
  • Get 5 hearts
  • Get Synchro Finish Move


Q: So, [GT] is based on a vBB forum?
A: Exactly. Citizens here stands for Members of each Forum, added later on

Q: What is Reward Point?
A: It's kinda used to value how much you contributed to the 4rum - the higher it's, the higher your reputation will be.