Legendary of Kim Possible - Lost in Audition World

Chapter 9: Unexpected Trouble!

...Ah well, whatever it is...- Kim thought. Ron and sakura started with a slow song Thinking Of You(90 BPM). Actually, Kim still had no idea why all Couple Dance room play slow-long like ~100 BPM? The answer only came when her Room started to dance: It turned out that- Your Support Notes will be mixed with your partner's - which you must avoid at all cost. That's why Kim must concentrate all time and tried her best to not get missed, although the song is so slow (Please Tell Me Why) There is one thing Kim only knows after this match: Each Synchronize Perfect steps (Both in a couple get Perfect in one step) will bring upHeart, and this is the most important fact for deciding winning /losing in the Couple Match! Because of it, Rich valued Ron and sakura's match higher than Kim's, although she won with 1st place...


Oh, congratulation anyway Ron! After this night, Kim went to ATV several more times and she met both Ron and sakura here most of the time - whoa, seem her friend is really"in love" right? Perhaps - both Kim and Ron is grown up already, so everything is possible right?

Then, an unexpected trouble is coming!!!

However... life isn't simple as Kim thought... A few days later, Ron suddenly came to Audition Cafe with sad face and pronounce "goodbye everybody for a few months". Richard said, Ron have just faced up big disaster from the Beat-Up competition and some messes forced him to stay off-stage for 3 months. It's sad, but all Kim can do is condolences with her friend and wish for his best... Right afterward, a terrible news flew in and made the whole Audition Cafe surprised: One of their member - babybis has broken up with her boyfriend! Sakura is a close friend of babybis, she didn't want to leave her friend feels self-pity last long. But nobody expected that sakura has accepted to become babybis's boyfriend right afterward - by changing her own sex !!! And what does it mean ? Ron was kicked out dude!

I can't believe in my eyes!!! This can't be happened!!!

-How can this happen Rich?
-You watched it already Kim... sakura is so naughty, how can she play on her own gender like this?
-Is it allowed here?
-Yep, this service available in every Audition Town - you can become Girl, Guy everytime with a small fee 750 Cash
-This means sakura accepted to sacrifice herself?
-I doubt it, but maybe you're right K.P... So sad
-What, you didn't mean...
-Right - Ronnie! Getting kicked out is way terrible with him - he must be very hopeless now...

...Rich's word dropped in the space... He and Kim only stand-by, no one noticed Ron has just stepped in behind them. He came alone and hired Single Dance Room, unlike these Saturday nights before...

I know, it's "sad mood effect"...

Mission: Unexpected Trouble!
Song: Turbo - Prayer (78 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 8 ph¨Şm
Stage: Sibuya

    * Get all Finish Move and Crazy Move
    * Get full Crazy bar
    * Get more than 15 Perfect and one Perfect x2


    * Chance whole song and get less than 5 miss
    * Get Perfect x4 in Crazy time
    * Get Crazy Move Perfect x
    * Use Sibuya Stage


*Chapter 10: The Final Decision*

...Just detected Ron's arrival, Rich immediately pulled Kim out of the Lobby - he said better let Ron peace for now, this is the only one way to help him get pass this hopeless...Kim can only stand and watch Ron's Crazy Dance in the Backyard - this is extremely hard even with slow song like Prayer, but Ron kept Chain Perfect x2 x3 x4... Ah men, this must be the "mind effect" - Rich said... Poor guy


...Several weeks later, Kim kept going to ATV with Smart or Richard -she must tail Ron and ensure that he won't down for no reason...In the whole 2 months, Ron only Single Dance with slow and sad songs...Kim had no idea what she can do to help Ron; everything has changed a lot since they lost in this world. Both of them now walked in a different way, and solving these dedicate situation like this is very hard...

-So how about Richard? Seems he doesn't like to stay at Lobby last long, so usually Kim is invited to dance with him. Through these Choreography, FreeStyle, Normal Dance, Dynamic, Crazy Battle... she must admit, Rich is a perfect dancer with great Music feeling ability - although miss is another trouble with Rich. Then when Ron recovered his balance, both Kim and Rich also changed to Team Battle - Normal Dance, Sync, Night Dance, FreeStyle Battle... Finally one day, Richard hesitated talks to Kim:

-Can I invite you for a Couple dance?

-Whoa, couple dance...Kim has never been good on this mode although she can play fast song in8k or 4k. That's why Richard takes pain to "instruct" his friend all the basic skill and how to memorize Dance step...Possessively, Kim has become a nice pupil, and Rich also increased Practice Match day to day. Finally after 2 weeks "counting the step",Kim can confidently join a nice Couple Dance with soft K-Pop - hahah,even all the other dancers must stop to watch this match!

-----------------It's Dance Time! Come my partner!-----------------------

-...Because of this, the whole Audition Cafe assembled to tease Kim - men, like Richard was "downed" already! No matter, what will be will be - nobody disallows it right? Even Ron, don't ever think that he may be jealous or something like this - actually he always wishes Kim can find her own happiness. With Ron, this is very costly!

Then, suddenly a terrible things was happened...

-...Audition [GT] town suddenly got attacked by some of the new Newly Guys - they used every Law's loopholes to accuse, petition and lower this place's prestige! The real quarrel only blew up and became seriously when both Ron and Almasy - Mayor of Audition Town shown up to explain everything. Ron represented Au Cafe's right and criticized =ColdHeart= for careless speaking - how can you stay outside and accuse us with no-reason like this ??? Sadly, Almasy can't protect Audition Town although everybody voted for her to become Mayor before. The Administrator Group, leaded by thuynt pressured her and she must give out a Punishment Decision:
"According to the newest decision from Administrator Group,Audition Cafe will NOT receive Post Point for discussion from now on.This has been done to secure the Evaluation of [GT]'s development -Post Point will be disabled in this place."


Almasy - Mayor of [GT] Audition Town

-Right afterward, this Order has tripped over a big protest from Au Cafe's citizen. First, they had no way to earn Reward point in this place; as Auditionis too widespread to guide. Second, disabling Post Point also meant the only one "Decorate" fact in their profiles is eliminated - no one wants this happens by any means! Joining this place later than everybody but Kim can understand their urgent matter - not fair if you loose this numeric just because of a word from a Guest! In the next 3 days, arguing and quarrel between dancers and Administrator Group kept happening in Audition Cafe - but resulted in nothing. Kim and Ron continuously gave out reasoning and persuading but Administrator Group only considered as wind blowing past the ear... Sad, disgusted, disappointed... Richard then came to comfort Kim:

-I understand what you and Ron are trying to do - everybody wants it, just for the community. Pity, this place has no real-justice between Citizens and President Kim... I've seen many discussion and demonstration for justice, but all went down with no denial... That is [GT], it is still exist because of high citizens rate, open up early in this world. I have no idea what to do...

-Time kept flying and seem Ron can't take this unjust anymore. One Saturday afternoon, Kim received one Private Message from Ron: He needs her help to make a "Clear Discussion" with Administrator group. Right before Kim can go on her way, Richard called in for... a news that Kim doesn't want to take:

K.P, thanks for going with me all days before. Today I want to invite you to a Couple Dance Tournament in [Competition Town]. Hope I will meet you there!

-...Now Kim has fallen into a hard situation - accepting Rich's invitation - or going to help Ron now ??? One decision will change everything forever; and she must give it out right now...

Mission 10: The Final Decision

A-Night Dance

Song: Paran - First Love (112 BPM)
Mode: Dance Competition Advanced
Stage: Outiside

* Get Finish Move and less than 3 misses
* Get more than 15 perfect or Perfects x3 two times
* Get 0 miss Step 6


* Get 0 miss
* Get Perfect x5
* Get bad in the last Step

B-Against the Law...

Song: Freestyle - Playboy (99 BPM)
Mode: Dance Competition 8-key
Stage: Cinema

* Get more than 5 Perfect and Perfect x1
* Get Finish Move Cool or better


* Get more than 10 perfect
* Get one Perfect x4

Notice: Now you must help Kim give out her right choice- she can only choose between one of two available options above. By solving the correlative Mission, you will show off your answer for Kim and this will change the Legend's storyline into a different way - good luck!


Chapter 11: Against the Law...

(Selected Mission 10b)

This is how the Story continues when 10b mission is selected (Meaning that Kim accepted to go and help Ron) Let's see...

...Still holding the Telephone... then suddenly Kim replies to Rich:
-Sorry Rich, I have an important work today. It will affect all [GT] Audition town's Citizen, I can't afford to ignore
-Excuse me? - Richard got surprised - What kind of emergency situation it is ?
-About Ronnie, you know. He is going to file against the Administrator Group - and without my effort, this will become a big riot sooner or later (Check the clock)... Sorry again Richard, bye!
( ended...)

Time for Richard's anxious - he was about to join Kim anyway, but...

[GT] Audition Town, Present day, 21:32 PM

-Normally Audition Cafe always welcomes Kim and RS for exchanging, but none of them go here today...Nobody know where Ron is the whole day, even Windy and smartboycr can't find out his trial. For Kim, everybody finally found her practicing at ATV - however she has chose an Extremely hard-to-get-perfect song Playboy (99 BPM) ??? No one can guess what she's up to...

-Twenty minutes later... Kim suddenly left ATV and headed to the Administrator Base...Windy and Smartboycr then came to the Dance room she hired before -they found out that the Replay CD has been taken away... It seems Kim needed "documentation" for doing something. Smart immediately reverted the Back-up database to restore a copy of this match, and he... almost felt swoon right after checking this tape... ouch


-Coming back to Ron... He always know keep spamming complains won't get pass the Approval System - so a direct clear Meeting with the Super Administrator of [GT] town(codename: pkadmin) will come in handy for resolving conflicts in this situation. Right after this night, he and Kim has infiltrated to the Admin Base's backyard in silence. Both of them quietly sneaked through the Security Guards and approached the Admin's Office...


-What the hell is that? Eh, who are you guys!
-Representer of Audition Town! We have a question for you!
-Audacious! Ok, speak it out, now!
-How can you give out "Punishment" so hardly and unfair to Audition town like this? This is the most popular place in all GO Industrial Zone, all up to its own citizens! You can't treat them bad like this!
-I've done it just for [GT]'s future! You guys keep spamming Discussion and increasing Post Count with impunity, so what will this Town become if I don't disable it now? A big lake, nothing more, nothing less. Spending time for practicing Dancing is better than arguing about these mess alright?
-How funny! You think you had enough ability to moderate this Town hah?We're citizen, wen can't afford to be treated like this! Where the hell is our fair you son of the bitch!!! *^%(^$^*&

Eh eh eh, calm down boy, hot-tempered won't do anything good here!

-...Shut up, I don't wanna hear anymore! And finally, you think you're good - fine, go to the other Town to perform and prove yourself! This town won't abet unreasonable person like you. Don't let me call the Security Guards asshole!

Along with the answer, pkadmin turned his back and went to his table... Seems Kim can't take this despise much longer; she then took out the Replay CD from her backpack and dropped on the table:

-You wanna see real moves? Look back at you first guy, seeing if you can be as good as 1/10 of me duh! Don't be so confident, or you will destroy yourself sooner or later! (run out)

...Suddenly got barked directly, pkadmin got ablaze with anger. The whole Admin Base suddenly got shake due to his loud bluster...however when the Security Guards arrived, our friend Kim and Ron had escaped already. Can't arrest these two "urchin", pkadmin must push his angry and sit down for rest - meanwhile he also played the Disc Kim left here... And, yep, his faced also changed color just after the first 10 seconds - like every one watch this Disc for the first time.

Outside the Administration Area:

-Haha, I don't think this cocky guy can sleep tonight! You're so great K.A!
-I'm getting tired with you Ron! Please control your hot-temperature harder OK ?
-I wanted to, just because he discounted us too much - you know.
-Whatever it's, you're facing the Highest-Rank Leader - can't you keep calm just one time ?
-Oh come on, stop teasing me, it's over already!
-Right, and I had to remind you - luck won't come back the next time again...

Escaping... Slide down the wall...

Mission: Against the Law...
Song: Akon - Don't Matter (125 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 4 directions

    * Get at least 2 Finish and Crazy Move
    * Get more than 15 Perfect and one Perfect x3
    * Get full Crazy Bar one time


    * Get ALL FN and Crazy Move
    * Get full Crazy Bar all 2 times
    * Get more than 25 Perfect


Chapter 12: Ron vs. Almasy

...So, what can be so surprise with everybody like this? Pity, even Ron can't answer this question, as he had no time to watch Kim's CD anyway...Everything only got cleared in the next day when Smartboycr posted anew Video Clip he found out. Even Smart said he just copied this clip from Kim, nobody believes it's HER RESULT after all... Amlasy also said directly:

-Perfect x6? 12 perfect + 1 miss? 8k Choreography Playboy song? Ha, she must be cheating or something like this! I won't trust her!

-Yup, now that this girl has discounted Kim too much - Ron thought. He immediately went out and started arguing with Almasy - which make all the Visitor here gaped and watched their quarrel. No one know how it goes down when Kim arrived; as both of them has already gone - Almasy, Ron, even Smart is missing, thus making Kim worry so much! Finally khanh_93 can tell her where Ron is hold up...It's now raining heavily, but Kim still dashed her way to the Outside of [GT] in spite of the heavy rain. She found Ron alone in the HipHop stage...

-Ron, are you crazy? Why do you stay out in this bad weather?
-I don't want to, but... Never expected that Alm could trick me!
-So what the hell's happening and you don't tell me huh?
-It's, just a few minutes ago... Almasy dared me and Smartboycr - and she won due to cheating () That's why I was pushed to this place.
-Enough chit-chat, tell me!


And that's the situation: Half hour ago, Ron and Smartboycr teamed upand danced against Almasy and Mikio in a Boy vs. Girl Match. Game mode is Crazy-sync-@-4-key and Random Music (120 - 140 BPM). Onefirst minute, RS and Smart got a great advantage with theircooperative: One keep Perfect x, one Chance to rack up Total Score. However, after the first Finish Move, Smart suddenly heard one whisper echoed back in his ear:

"Better dancing "Carefully" boy, or you will kill your own Partner nhox_kute"

...Right afterward, one LCD appeared in Smart's sign, showing him nhox_kute, playing at ATV. But he consternate realized that, each step he made caused the Haunted Classroom's Ceiling lower a little! (Misses make it raise back) Then suddenly everybody noticed that Smart's dance step became very un-orderly, many Misses throughout... What's happening with him ?

nh0x_kute. partner of smartboycr. Character: o0ChucAnh0o

It kept happening till the end of the Match... Without Chance Support from Smart, Ron must accept the truth that he has been defeated even he tried his best to rack up Perfect x... Smart had no choice - he also tried to keep dancing but he must cause Misses throughout the match to protect nhox's life! As the deal details, Ron will be punished with 24 Hours Dance Practicing under the rain - so that's why he was here now...

-...Still listening to Ron, suddenly Kim changed her attitude and lifted him up:

-You can accept the fail easily like this Ron? We can't let Almasy be abuse like this much longer! Come on, I have to show her her own weakness - NOW!!!

-They quickly go back to Audition Cafe... Ron never expected Kim's plan, to contend with Almasy in Beat-Up mode - that way, she will never threat Ron or Richard by any means!

...Because you know, one inattentive seconds can easily cause MISS

Mission: Ron vs. Almasy
Song: Turtle - Come On (125 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6 Direction
Stage: Subway

    * Get Blue Beat-Up (400 combo)
    * Get more than 300 perfects and 0 bad


    * Get 0 miss 0 cool
    * Get more than 400 perfects


Chapter 13: One-Two Party

...Still on the way back to Audition Cafe... Kim and Ron met Richard, seems he's finding them. He asked with a deep breath:
-...Finally found you guys... Can anybody tell me what on earth's happening here?
-That is it Rich - Kim replies. Ron has just lost the Crazy 4k Match against Almasy due to unfair strategy! And I think I should show her our own talents clearly!
-Let's see... I've heard that Smart was threaten right? If so, all the Normal Dance won't help us by any means. We'd better...
-I know - Kim interrupts. We will set up a 3 vs. 3 Beat-Up Match directly with Almasy's team! This will show her who's better than who. You in?
-Of course girl, let's go!

Audition Cafe, 10 minutes later...

ATV's Beat-Up area doesn't attract much Visitor normally, but not today! Richard has hired a big Beat-Up room for Team 6 competition and sent the Challenge Message to Almasy - yeah, everyone is very curious about this unique match! In spite of their opponents 's word, our friends still keeps cool and start thematch, ready to teach Alm's team an unforgettable lesson!

The match is so tough... Ron's team can head up with C chance all days but Almasy's team is also deserved for "Perfect Music Feeling" rank;they kept Perfect and Perfect from the first second. 3/4 song past, the score is almost balanced or increased each 10 points time... The more frenetic the Spectators keep cheering, the harder the Dancers focus on their step to get higher score... In the last 45 seconds, Ron got tired and missed some steps (COOL result), making Alm's team got ahead and took their lead. Richard started to worry, he knew there is no chance to fix their score in Beat-Up mode... Yep, some more COOL steps afterward allowed Alm's team to get ahead them 10000 points! Oh know, what do we do now?

...Wait, fellows, chance is still remaining! Options "Press Chance Key"appeared near the end of the song and only Richard saw it...He then sacrificed two BAD steps to help Kim and Ron activated Chance mode. Along with a short message: "Avoid the Red Arrow guys", Kim and Ron has recovered their patience. Right afterward, Kim's team suddenly racks up score and catches up with Alm's team - oops, seems this surprised them so much so all 3 of them have missed the Finish Move! The final score is 1349200 ~ 1327800 - Kim, Ron and Richard have won the game!




Three days later...

...Three days have passed but Audition Cafe is still discussing about this great Team Battle. Ron, K.P and Richard have really done the thing everybody wants: Forced Alm to admit her failure! However, Ron still didn't feel better -because from this day on, he kept getting accused, discounted from the other place's member. Actually, all his feedbacks for [GT] are always for their Citizen's right - he ain't got anything for this. But, Almasy now changed her tactics and threw out more backstabbing trap with her annoying Decision, forcing Ron to ask...In additional, Audition Cafe is becoming abandoned after Post Point is disabled... well, Ron's getting dispirited more and more... What should he do now...

One day, Ron suddenly got an answer from QueKem - An invitation to join Heart Guardian [HG] city. Hmm, this is so strange, Ron knew that [GT] is one of the biggest City in this World right? So what type of [HG] city can do here?

Will this city good for me, Kim and Audition Members ? Ron wondered

...Anyway, this should be checked first. So Ron quietly left [GT] and registered new Account at [HG] in an end of February day...Whoa... this place really had more interesting facts than [GT], from Game Zone, Entertainment Plaza... especially the freedom in discussing- no waiting, no approving, no checking! Not only that, there is a great condescending between Administrators and Members - the thing Ron always hears but not sees it ever...All these facts persuaded Ron; this will be the greater place for Audition Cafe's member - all the Young people love freedom, live for each other and for the community! Ron then came back to [GT] town after 3 days visiting [HG] - but right after he went back to Audition Cafe, Richard and Smartboycr suddenly headed out...

-Ron, where the hell have you been these day? You know how many times we tried to call you?
-I'm sorry, an urgent works left me no time to contact you guys. Err, what happened out there?
-Anything can be but Almasy? Rich shouted. She hated you and now she even threaten Kim because of this!
-What? How could it be?
-Enough chit-chat Ron, Kim is going to deal with another One-Two Party Match again! You should go and aspiring for her - Kim already got sick and lost much energy after the Beat-Up match last week!

Nobody asked for more questions and headed to Audition Stadium. The match is started when they arrived... Ron can only see Kim down the stadium, preparing to point out Almasy's dance step...

My god, how can Kim suffer this Dance with her bad health ?

Mission: One-Two Party


Song: Audition - In the Groove (130 BPM)
Mode: One-Two Party

    * Get more than 50 perfects
    * Get more than 225000 points
    * Get 0 miss or 0 cool


    * Use Audition Stadium stage
    * Get more than 75 perfects and 0 bad
    * Get more than 250000 points


Song: Audition - Beautiful (122 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic 4-Direction

    * Get more than 18 perfects and one Perfect x2
    * Get 1 Finish Movie and 0 miss at Step 8
    * Use FreeStyle 8k


    * Use Viking Treasure Stage
    * Get all 2 Finish Moves
    * Get more than 21 perfects and 1 Perfect x4
    * Chance whole song and get less than 5 miss

Notice: This is a double mission, you can choose one out of two above to pass or do both for improve your skills


Chapter 14: Mascot and the CheerLeader

...Down the stadium... Kim still had to memorize and perform Alm's Dance Step correctly while the Commentator keeps reminding her about the 0 miss target. Richard knew that a lvl 4 song In the Groove will not be easy to pass perfectly, remember that Kim hasn't mastered One-Two? We can't give up now - Rich thought and pushed Ron out to a corner for a new plan...

Rachael - ATV's Commentator

-The trouble is becoming seriously Ron! Only you can help Kim win this match now!
-So how do you suppose I can do that? Impossible to replace Kim now, beside I'm not good at this mode like her!
-But you're good at Dynamic Dance! Cheer for her!
-Well, perhaps... but you sure it will work?
-Don't be nervous, Music can do anything here Ron! I also got saved by Kim before, thanks to her Cheering dude!
-Oh my god - Ron thought - Mascot and the CheerLeader again!


...The decision is quickly approved and Ron opened up Music list for a suitable song. He winded through all Audition Official Song and picked up Beautiful -this song will have enough word to "assault" Almasy now. Suddenly, the Spectator's cheering wave was intermixed with the Begin song word:"Everybody quietly - Quietly"... Everybody then stopped talking and looked at the Stadium's Corner, where Ron is performing to cheer for Kim...

"You khow what's next? I'm stress! Too much Stress!"

All the hard words keep falling down to the Stadium, which imitated Almasy so much, but she couldn't say anything. From the dancing place, Kim also noticed the Demolition man on the Spectator stand - her friend, of course! She is so tired and can't clearly see anything - due to the continuous Dance Step, and the after-effect her cold gave to her...However, Ron's Cheering is a great encouragement helped Kim suffered till the end of the Song. She finally reach the 232000 points, better than Alm's 220000! Whoa, it's so great with everybody - not much people can beat Alm these days, but Kim did it!


...Up on the Spectator Stand, Ron also finished his Dynamic dance. He then jumped down to the Stadium; but before he can head to Kim's position, she has ran out of energy and bended down... Everything seems to collapse around Ron...

-K.P, why this is happening to you! You ain't do anything to take this result!
-It's all over Ron, Alm won't beat me this time - thanks to you!
-No, this is my fault - MINE! If I don't leave you alone these day, maybe you won't catch this fate...
-Don't worry Ronnie, I will be ok. Don't worry... (~.~)

Mission: Mascot and the CheerLeader
Song: Buck - Sorry Seems to be the Hardest word (79 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 8 Direction
Stage: HipHop

    * Get all Finish Move and Crazy Move
    * Get more than 10 Perfects and 1 perfect x1
    * Fill up 2/3 Crazy Bar


    * Get more than 15 perfects and 1 Perfect x3
    * Get full Crazy bar
    * Get 0 miss 0 bad


Chapter 15: You're the only one!

[HG] city, three days later...

...Everything was over again ... All Windy [DC]'s members have moved to [HG] city right after the match - they not only worried about Kim, but the Punishment is enough to suffer with them. Three days, just enough to make acquaintance with this new city - of course, things can be solved real easy here! Sadly, Ron had no time to share happiness with his fellows - quite simple that he still needed to take care of Kim now. babydethuong, one of the greatest Administrator of [HG] helped Ron to deal with Moderating Work at [Game Mobile], so he can stay back at Audition Town for taking care of his friend...

Babydethuong - Administrator of [HG]

...Unfortunately, the situation isn't that simple as everybody think. Maybe it's just a normal cold, but Doctor Jessica said, one new symptom occurred during the One-Two Party match has demolished Kim's Recovery Abilities! Unless there is one heavy recovery solution, she won't be able to leave the bed in at least 3 months! Obviously, this won't be a good new for her friends, especial if Ron still wishes to return to Middleton Town...

-Now Ron felt so powerless, he really had no idea how to help Kim... - Even coming here early, he still doesn't know what to do now...But don't be disappointed guy - he thought and spent time going out tothe Professional Dancers Clubs; hopping that someone may help him out. And luckily, Jimmy somehow shown up in a Volunteer show around, and he knew exactly what Kim needs...

-I've heard about Kim's sickness friend! - Jimmy talks to Ron. In this case, you can export some of the Evergreen Compound, making it become Recovery Pill to cure Kim - believe me!
-Err, "Evergreen" ? But how can I get it ?
-Just keep cool Ron. All you need to do is a Crazy Dance on the Special Dance Pad - I always bring this Energy Converter along to retrieve Evergreen from your Crazy Step! And remember: The more Crazy Bar you can fill up, the more Evergreen you can gain!
-Alright. I'll do as you say.


-Right at that night, Jimmy dropped of to Kim's apartment with the EC Dance Pad he promised. Ron then started dancing immediately without explaining - with him, bringing back Kim as soon as possible is very important! However, Jimmy didn't notice Ron's choice: He selected 8k Crazy Dance with a slow song "Sorry seems to be the hardest word". Actually, Jimmy also said Sync-@-8 will cast more effective, and... well, never expected that Ron chose it - maybe he wanna say something through this sad-song? But hey, Ron really danced good mates - he filled up the Crazy Bar right at the Step 10 and after the Finish Move - everything is finished!

-Whoa, you made it really great Ron! Congratulations!
-Thanks Jimmy... Will Kim be alright now?
-The danger is out of her now - Jimmy replies. Now just the Cold's after-affect left, just a few days-off and she will get well soon!

-Yep, with a Perfect Entrancement minute and Ron has done the thing he always afraid of before: Crazy 8k. Now that everything was over, he can rest on and spend time taking care of Kim until she gets well - don't worry girl, we are here for you!

And you're right Kim - Mind-Effect is really useful!

Mission: You're the only one!
Song: Audition - You (136 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic (Choose between 4 or 8 d)

    * Get 20 perfects and 0 bad
    * Get one combo x3 and 0 at Step 1->5
    * Get less than 3 miss and 1 Finish Move


    * Get 30 perfects and one combo x4
    * Get all 2 Finish Moves Perfect
    * Use Audition Resort Stage and Dynamic 8-d


Chapter 16: Perfidious Scheme

So finally Kim had recovered her health and came back to her Audition Leader position after one week-off. Everybody especial Windy [DC]'s members now shared happiness with her and Ron - both of them had passed their hardest phase to bring the new home to them. And then, ATV is crowed with Dancers coming to exchange again - on one of this night, Kim also took one room and gifted her Dynamic Dance for Ron - telling him that he is the only one Treasure in her life! Well, if you noticed the song "You" she chose, you may easily guess it!


...Peaceful time has come back with Windy [DC]'s members. [HG] city with Freedom and Work for members criterion now became a great house with them right at the first joining days! The Administrator's warmly welcome, freedom discussion without approving... all are so perfectly! In additional, Kim is already Moderator of [Audition Online] Industrial Zone, so everyone can feedback, suggest and ask for more contents - which they has never been allowed before! Day to day, skilled members finally got treated well and became Moderator of other important place - uniting effort to build up powerful [HG] town! Yep, [HG] was now the second house with our Young fervor Dancers - nothing can be greater than living here with them!

This is it pal - we may not the best dancers, but we're good leaders!

One month later...

...Peaceful days with Windy [DC] soon disappeared when [GT]'s Administrator Group got to work. That's right, after the last Punishment, most of Audition Citizens have left this place and went to [HG], thus making the chain effect and now nobody wanna go to Audition Cafe anymore. Of course, Administrator Group must have a solution to re-attract their citizens - or this Zone will be demolished sooner or later! The Mayor Almasy soon thought of a great idea: Inviting old members from [9x], [Magic], [T1] and even Windy [DC] back - she now prepared a Public Area for Audition Clan with Post Point Enabled here. So what? Ah well, nothing worth to pay attention - most Windy [DC]'s members ignored this new and didn't care what Alm did - why not, they kicked us out before right? Unfortunately, Windy the leader had different think - anyway he had a close-knit with [GT] already. Ron and the other members can understand and sympathize with him, but they soon got angry when Windy called upon to return to [GT] - men, how can he be so gullible? Richard also had a bad feeling about this; if they give up now, the chance to for Windy [DC] to grow is finished! So Kim spent time to go and have light meal with her friend, while discussing about this new situations...

-Now guys - Kim started. Everything seems to happen very difficult now. Although I'm the Moderator, but you know, my experiences weren't enough to handle these messes like this. Can you help me out?
-I also had no idea what to do now - Richard continued. [GT] really made a perfidious Rival Move - and with Windy, it appears like an invitation I guess... Seems he forgot that Windy [DC] was forced to leave [GT], nobody wants to do it anyway...
-Yep, and it's hard to make Windy realize this trick! Ron replied. I tried my best to persuade Windy with all the bright evidences, but nothing happens! It won't be easy to solve this mess overnight...

All of our friends just sit tight and look each other, worrying deep-sigh... Then how can everything go on now...

Mission: Perfidious Scheme
Song: Cool - Already Now (100 BPM)
Mode: Dance Competition Advanced

    * Get Finish Move and 0 bad
    * Get 15 Perfects and one Combo x2
    * Get less than 5 misses or 0 cool


    * Use Outside Stage
    * Get 20 perfects and one Combo x4
    * Get 0 miss 0 cool


Chapter 17: There is no happy ending...

...Still no given out solution is approved, as they are impossible to use... Day to day, our friends kept worrying about Windy [DC]'s destiny more and more - a little wrong decision can mess it up immediately! Of course Ron is not the only one Confidential Member - besides him, Smart and Little Tiger are always ready for help.

Little Tiger. "__Jenny__"

...Once again, Kim must try to solve this mess for her friends and Windy [DC] - after all [HG] city had brought to her and Ron. Two days later, Kim returned to Audition Area with a great news: Windy [DC] now had a Private Headquarter! Yeah, so great with all Windy [DC]'s members, this is the first time they was trusted to have their own place in Audition Area although they haven't helped [HG] that much! This will cleared all the Windy's call upon words out of his member's brain - and to finish this trouble, Kim also had a small message to Windy through Already Now song! Yep, there's nothing to suspect, all Windy Members wish to stay here, they already got used with this place now!


We're already home now Windy...

...So finally Windy may give up comparing [GT] with [HG] - he also paid attention to management works at [HG] instead of leaving Winter Star handle it like before. Phew, it seems everything is over? Not yet, Ron and Smart always know Windy - he won't give up too soon like this. That's why they decided to pay their Leader a Private Meeting to completely finish this trouble! Due to Local Work's Secret, Kim and Richard won't be allowed to join,but somehow, Kimmie felt that she MUST track down the meeting - so she quietly sneaked into Windy's Apartment through the Airduct

WinterStar - [DC]'s Vice Leader

[HG] town, Present day, 15:32 PM. Windy's Apartment. Somewhere in the Ariduct...

...Twenty minutes passed. Kim is still listening to everybody's word... It seems Smart and Ron has successfully changed Windy's mind - but at the time 3:45, Windy requested his friend to leave, as he had another secret meeting afterward. Hmm, something isn't right here, nothing in this place is strange with everybody, so why Windy had to hide this meeting against his own friends? Kim thought and kept listening although she was tired already. Here they come - two women! A short discussion "about Windy [DC] in [GT]" is set up, and Kim got started at Windy's decision: He accepted one terrible condition that the other women gave out! My God, she knew that it's Windy's biggest wish in his life, but in this situation, it may destroy his Dance Club in a few seconds!

I knew something ISN'T right here!

Mission: There is no happy ending...
Song: Akon 'ft Eminem - Smack That (119 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic Dance Or One-Two Party

    * Get 10 perfects / 40 per (12)
    * Get combo x2 / under 5 bads (12)
    * Get 300000 / 175000 points (12)


    * Get 350000 / 20000 points (12)
    * Get 15 pers / 50 pers (12)
    * Use Chinese | X-mas (12)


Chapter 18: Home Coming

...Right at this night, Kim came to find Ron at Mobile Game Place - he must know these news immediately. However, he has gone out for playing Beat-Up - only Smartboycr and Jenny are chit-chatting at Audition Area. Kim really doesn't want to bother them because of this messes... Realizing Kim's anxious, Rich then asked her what's going on - and they continued discussing in a corner of Audition Cafe...

-So everything has gone bad like this right Kim?
-I just told everything I've heard this afternoon...
-How can it keep happening badly ? [GT] Leaders think they can easily promoted Windy to Moderator even he had no Management Skills ???
-Everyone can wish for a hi-rank position like this right Richard ? Windy also said, his biggest wish is becoming Moderator one day...
-I know, but won't he realize that the new work in [GT] will drain all his time? So who will manage and take care of Windy [DC]'s activities?
-Of course if Windy has joined [GT]'s Leader group, he must find a way to bring his [DC] back to this place. It's impossible to keep running between two towns for managing his work, for sure!
-And in case his members file against him ???
-So they will be expelled [DC] - or the Club will be disbanded. There are too many mainstay Members Windy recruited from [GT] - they already moved here! That, and Windy will have to recruit members again if he expels allSmart, LT, Tchau, sakura, babybis... but where can he get time to dothis?

From distance, a guy ran out of Audition cafe and talked to himself: "It's enough. Out of limit line!"

How shame are you Windy!

[HG] town, The next day...

-One new topic opened up by Ron, seeing everybody in Windy [DC]'s opinion: Stay or leave [HG]! He also told out the news that Windy has worked for [GT] and alerting for bad situations - this make everybody kept discussing ardent and ardent! Sadly, the Leader had no acceptable explanation and he evenleft the meeting, thus making everybody real angry! Once again, Ron tried to wake Windy up, but he doesn't seem to listen any words! That, and Smartboycr must use the very last solution -barking Windy with a hard One-Two Song Smack that! Whatever it's...


And so, their try may had some effects - at least temporary for several days... But, Windy keeps drowning into Working and Reputation at [GT] and doesn't care about his DC's destiny anymore...

-The worst thing has happened after Windy's big mistake: To assist [CT] clan. As a special guy with much attention from [GT] Leaders, Windy has requested Headquarter Area for [CT], represented by Yo Yo Yasco - a girl that Windy "owned". Of course, thuynt quickly approved it, and from that day on, [CT] clanhas taken the lead in Audition Area, pushing Windy [DC] to weaken place! Although it's very first Headquarter of Windy [DC], most members still headed for [CT] clan, as their work are way more professional!

Yo Yo Yasco - [CT] mastermind

...Disappointed and tired, Ron really gave up attached on this Audition World as his first day lost into... So as Kim, she is still Middleton's Citizen, and this place is not for staying last long with her... Little Tiger and tieuchau6789 can understand their confidence, so they decided to prepare an escape way for Kim & Ron - to get out of this Audition World and find their way back on Earth...

Mission: Home coming
Song: Cool - Aloha (101 BPM)
Mode: Dance competition - advanced

    * Get 18 Perfects and one Perfect x2
    * Get 0 miss Step 7 and 0 bad Step 9
    * Get Finish move COOL or better
    * Get less than 5 misses and 5 cools


    * Get 25 perfects
    * Get perfect x5 and 0 miss
    * Get 50000 points
    * Use Sibuya Stage