Legendary of Kim Possible - Lost in Audition World

Chapter 19: Decoy Evidence

...It's planned for Kim & Ron, to leave [HG] and Audition world. They just need to backtrack to [GT] and access to [SA] town, where Richard and Kim met each other. Then, Kim & Ron can leave Audition Gate and find their way back on earth - that's all. For Windy [DC]'s destiny, Jenny accepted to represent Ron and take an important duty: Set up and manage a new P2 [HG] clan. Windy [DC] Rules also allow members to join extended Groups, so at least everybody still had suitable place for activities if the worst thing happens. The works at [HG] is another matter, as Kim & Ron are all Manager of some places in this city. Ron may retire easier than Kim since his place is not that popular - otherwise, Kim is facing trouble as[Audition Area] is growing strongly! Everybody really count on Kim now, it's hard for her to retire - and luckily, Smartboycr and quabuoi1234 could persuade the Assembly to let Kim go

[HG] city - 5 days later...

Time to say goodbye everyone in [HG] with Kim & Ron. Their time here is not that long, but Kim & Ron still got a warmly See-out Party. As every ending-game, Ron also performed a soft Cool songs for saying bye to everyone. Well, hope that one day we'll meet back each other eh fellows?


Still one thing made Kim wonder - that the Assembly still kept her Manager position although they already allowed her to retire. She knows, they still wish she will get back to work one day, but it's way raising difficult for Kim by some means...

[GT] city, 3 days later...

Silently, Richard, Ron, Kim came back [GT] without notifying anybody. To not blowing up cover, they decided to stop at [GTA] place and temporary stay here, waiting the chance to access to [SA] town. It's boring for just sit still, so Kim and Richard take time joining in the newly Ballroom Competition at Audition Area Contrary to Kims thought, Ron decided to farm Points for his Profiles - or as he said, if hes nothing in here, his Profiles must have higher rank, so nobody will forget it

So when Ron became a No1 Gamers, Kim and Richard also success on defeating Beat-Up NPC, bringing enough DENs for some advantages...Pity, trouble still exist when Ron's old competition appeared:samurai06. Manager of [Software Area], well-known with his picky and dogmatic really made Ron mad with his irresponsibles work!

samurai06 - owned most RP, but also be hated very much in [GT]

The conflict again started to fire when BamBoo lawsuits samurai for subtracting his contribute post! But instead of admitting the fault, samurai even took an old post to accuse BamBoo on pirating, while the two posts are very different! Right then, Ron started arguing with Samurai, and their quarrel is getting tougher and tougher: One doesn't admit his fault, the other tries to prove it! Everything has just got worse when Almasy suddenly shown up and discovered Ron's arrival - therefore, Kim was unwilling to open talk here...
-Ah, old friends eh? - Almasy said... I thought you two has vanished, so why are you here?
-Of course we had the reason, duh! - Kim fought back... You? Don't manage Audition town and playing around?
-No need to worry, Windy and Yo Yo will take care of this for me!
-Ha, the two people you enticed back here huh?
-So what ? Just like you!
-No way, we just had work to do here!
-Oh yeah, then what makes you leave [HG] and return here? Don't tell me that you have been fired eh?
-Never, I asked to retire by myself!
-Oh, you're so pro! Appearing here for no reason - what do you say?
-Don't slander me! - Kim suddenly puzzled, she hadn't expect this situation...
-Who dares? Just show me why and WHY make you come here - that's all.

-Stop talking stupidly Almasy - someone's voice. Kim is here only because she has beaten me!

That's Jean, another well-known Professional Dancer in this city. Kim doesn't know what he's up to - but it seems Jean planned to make a decoy evidence to help her get rid of Almasy. That, and Jean also threw the Replay CD to her for checking back the match...

Mission: Decoy Evidence
Song: DJ Doc - Run To You (132 BPM)
Mode: Choreography

    * Get less than 5 misses and 0 bad
    * Get Finish Movie
    * Get 12 perfects


    * Get 0 miss and less than 5 cools
    * Get 16 perfects and one Perfect x2
    * Use Snow Valley Stage


*Chapter 20: What am I suppose to do ?*

[HG] city, one month ago...

...At the time Windy [DC] still working prosperously at [HG], Windy also had invitation for Kim, to join his DC - but she cleverly denied it, once because of her work, once that she doesn't like be put under compulsion of Uniform. Even though, Kim still arrived for exchanging with [DC] members like smart, windy, GL... but none of the time she goes together with Ron...It's way difficult to understand, but simply say, both Kim & Ron already had their "partner" in this world, they can't afford to appear together often like before... However, Jean guessed that "must be another reason between two of them" - so he challenged Kim to get the answer. Because the latest sickness still affected Kim, she easily lost the Choreography match - her strong point! Of course, Kim won't take this failure last long, she quickly went training again with Richard, ignored all Ron's tease as well as and his friends in Beat-Up group

Practicing Choreography...

Then about one week later, our old friends faced off again in another Choreo Battle - but the stage is now Snow Valley instead of Sibuya like before. As his own deal, Jean must play with his basic outfit, and he totally danced worse than his effort due to cold and winds! Like him, Kim can only dance with her average effort, acceptable Perfect / Great rate. The hard training progress helped Kim regain the win with 19 perfect / 2 misses - not bad right?


As promised, Jean stopped questioning about Kim & Ron's arrival. He also asked for having the Replay CD to bury this bad memory from his friend - and now, it appeared again in [GT] after one month passed! Maybe no need to explain Almasy anymore - unless she was very low on IQ to understand this!

So Almasy can shut up and leave the field, letting samurai and Ron continue their quarrel...With Schilly's support and clearly evidences, Ron then cornered samurai and forced him to play the hard way - asking thuynt to destroy all the evidences! Gratz, it's unfair!

While the situations is becoming seriously, Kim suddenly got message from [HG] city - babydethuong said that quabuoi1234 and Smartboycr cannot manage and keep Audition Area under control longer! Due to emergency situation, Kim was invited to come back [HG] for finding solution, otherwise, babydethuong will get framed sooner or later! It's very awkward with Kim, she knows coming back may never leave her chance to get out of here again! To make things even worse, Ron also phoned Kim at the last second - and it seems Kim never wanted this thing now...

<...On-phone line...>
-Ron, where the hell have you been these days ??? I and Rich had finding you everywhere!
-You two go dancing all days, so how do you know the situations here? It's becoming a war, don't think that I'm in peaceful now!
-Oh please, I'm begging you! When can you stop involving with those conflicts Ron?
-So what can I do? It exists right in front of my eyes, I know it's wrong but I don't talk? Leaving people get framed?
-Get it off now - I'm having big trouble than you!
-baby's message, I always know it! Everybody wanted you to come back [HG] right?
-Oh yeah - so what do you purpose me to do? Re-write the retire application?
-The simplest way for you: Keep silent and get out of here! Or ask Richard to send your word to baby, it's ok too!
-Forget about it, I had a few more works to deal with samurai - no time for chat chit now. If you managed to solve your mess, come and help me out ok? Bye!

Along with the phone ended note is Kim's dispirited sigh... What can she do now? Do as Ron's suggestion to have time helping him is ok too, but coming back and explain everything is better for everybody in [HG] right? Now... Kim had only one choice to follow...

That, and what am I suppose to do now?

Mission: What am I suppose to do ?

A-Please let things go down

Song: Cool - Ten Commandments (145 BPM)
Mode: Choreography

    * Get 15 perfects
    * Get 1 Finish Move
    * Get 300000 points


    * Use Snow Valley Stage
    * Get 18 perfects and one Perfect x3
    * Get all 2 Finish Move COOL or better

B-Why is this happened to me ?

Song: Rain - Why (105 BPM)
Mode: Crazy Dance

    * Get Crazy Move and 3/5 Crazy Bar
    * Get 14 perfects and one Perfect x2
    * Get less than 5 misses and 0 bad
    * Get 400000 points


    * Use Snow Valley Stage
    * Use Crazy Dance 8-Direction
    * Get  19 perfects and one Perfect x4
    * Get 500000 points


Chapter 21: Why is it happened to me ?

(Selected mission 20b)

...So, Kim had to make her choice between "Stay" or "Leave"! She can ensure, Ron is running into a big quarrel again - he may loose temperature and everything can be happened! But Smartboycr thought different: It's just tiny mess, and Ron was just temporary haughty. Beside, he told Kim that, she'd better let Ron solve things on his own sometimes, so he can know what's good and what's bad for him. Men, it's way very awkward, but since babydethuong still sending message, Kim had no choice than coming back to [HG] again - she wants everything go down straightly and naturally!

[HG] city, 2 days later...

Everybody can realize Kim's hurried and uncomfortable when she returned Audition Town. That, and how can Kim take it when everything is decided but she was still drawn here? Time is too short for everyone to understand Kim's confidences, - Smart and quabuoi1234 even hope that she will continue supporting them? No, Tieuchau doesn't think so - as a kind-hearted and open-minded girl, she understands that Kim's arrival now is just unwilling, and her big brother Ron may face trouble because of this!

Tieuchau6789 - Twinned younger-sister of Ron

...While the Assembly are all looking at the Meeting, or the Discussion between babydethuong and Kim_APTM - TC secretly backtracked to [GT] for inspect the situations. The trouble is way complicated as baby said: Smart and quabuoi are all lack of Management Experiences, as Kim takes the responsibility for most things before. But, Kim can't have any bright ideas, she wasn't born here and she wasn't belong to this place last long - beside, everybody should stand up and help babydethuong continue develop this Audition Town, sooner or later. Moderators like Kim, smart and QB just support and keep the rules stable, that's all! Even though, everybody still discussing and won't let Kim go - until she received a Message from TC! Nobody now its content, they just saw Kim suddenly stood up and ran out, heading to the way back to [GT]...

It's emergency! Sorry everyone, I have no choice - KA's last word

...Right at this day, Kim already arrived [GT] as TC's word. But it's too late - she is powerless here and can't do anything to intervene the Assembly's decision! At the ATV, Ron once again hired Single Room for performing - still Crazy Dance, still endless sad song...


Now Kim was really confused... She never expected everything can happen like this - and as tieuchau said, it seem Ron is not ready for seeing anyone now... He was completely downed and no words can enter his ears for now...

Mission: Why is it happened to me ?
Song: 4U - In my Heart (83 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 8-Direction

    * Get Finish Move or Crazy Move
    * Get 12 perfects and one Perfect x1
    * Get 3/5 Crazy Bar


    * Get Full Crazy Bar
    * Get 16 perfects and one Perfect x3
    * Use Au Stadium Stage


Chapter 22: Tieuchau's encouragement

...Even Richard said, Kim should vanish for a while - saying anything is meaningless with Ron now. So all she can do is coming back to Audition Cafe, letting tieuchau stay back and comfort Ron for her. Well, they're twinned sister and brother, and Tchau used to help Ron a lot when he faces mind troubles before - so only she can talk to Ron now eh? Actually, talking is not the solution Tchau used - instead, she gifted Ron soft-nice songs everyday,let the Lyrics comfort him for her. It's more powerful, she knows that...


Meanwhile, Kim could spend her idle time to find out what's going on - there is NO reason making Ron lost his ID card easily! So she finally uncovered the whole story here: Previously, the Sport Area of [GT] suddenly attracted many citizens with its new Soccer Gambling, leaded by samurai06. This show, however, decreased the value of Reward Point so much, thus making everybody very unpleased - that, and Wagers can easily earn Points while they had to work hard for it! Ron still remains silent when his friends at [GTA] place also join this Gambling, but the real conflicts only blew up when samurai determined to let everybody bet ALL OF THEIR POINTS! Right afterward, this guy set up a big Gambling in M.U - Chealse match with advantage Defy Rate for him and all the wager bet on M.U - and guess what, he gained a big 167 points after this night!!! This resulted in a big quarrel at the Assembly's place, and the lose belonged to normal citizens like Ron, thangdepzai, laquangbao... The punishment for them, revoking ID card forever! Ouch...

Poor Ron... He only kept No1 Gamer Rank for a short time... Now all his Points are gone...

...Well Kim used to have Reward Points, and she also never accepted this decision: The No1 Gamer samurai gained is not fair - on the other hands, he can't afford to let everybody bet with many Points like that! Just because of thuynt's supporting, samurai can seek profit and expel Ron by the way - so no doubt why he was hopeless like that...Richard and everybody can see, Kim is so sad now, she reproached herself for leaving her best friend in case he really needs her effort. That is it, nothing worth to keep them in this world anymore...

One week later...

-Seven days, short time but something remains so long... Tieuchau said, Ron is recovering balance and returning normal after his shock these days... Kim knows, he is waiting an apologize from her - she is Ron's friends long enough to understand his characteristic right? So, a short message is sent to Ron's phone, telling him to come to the ATV tonight. For what - he will know that later!

Believe me just one more time Ron - I know you're downed, but please...

Mission: Tieuchau's encouragement
Song: Cool - All 4 u (100 BPM)
Mode: Normal Individual Dance

    * Get 2 Finish Moves COOL or better
    * Get 15 perfects and one Perfect x2
    * Get 0 bad 0 (Finish allowed)


    * Use Outside Stage
    * Get 20 perfects and one Perfect x4
    * Use 8-D mode in whole song


Chapter 23: Home is where your heart is...

...Then Smartboycr again took Ron to ATV that night - but instead of playing Beat-Up, he pushed Ron into the unequal talents One-Two Party! Just as he expected, three and four matches and Ron already ran out of his patience and quited! Let's see what happens afterward...

-Still angry because of Smart's trick, Ron continued joining some Beat-Up rooms to take the spite out on. After defeating 10 more Dancers, he finally lowered his temperatures and recovered his cool. Coming back to the Lobby, Ron suddenly saw the Billboard, playing ATV's Music Gift Box - Kim is playing, Individual Dance on All for you song... Seem she is sending this for Ron, so he decided to stand back and watch her show...


The 4 minutes song somehow wakes up something in Ron's brain... it's been very long time he also had this emotions back. No need appointment, he and Kim also met each other at the Ranking Board right afterward - and yes, the ending is perfectly like his friends wish!

-Ron! - Kim said - Thank god you arrived! I'm staring worrying!
-What? No K.P, I'm fine, for sure!
-Just as I expected... Anyway... Sorry Ron, sorry for everything.
-Don't say that Kimmie. I know, you ain't do anything wrong
-Look, I know you're downed because of the punishment...
-It is alright Kim, I did everything and I had to take the responsibility. It's not your fault, I know that!
-But... if I ain't leave you before, maybe you won't face this fate right?
-All over now Kimmie, forget about it. I also felt better now, it's worth for this result...
-Are you sure?
-Look at me Kim, Ronald Brain won't lie your best friend ever!

...So the troubles are finished, but it doesn't mean everything is over...[P2] Dancer's arrival is no longer secret here, and since Ron is marked as Anticommunist, his friend in [P2] Family, especial Smart and tieuchau should be very careful, to not let him loose his last ID card here...In the mean time, Yo Yo Yasco also gained her new right to mange Audition Town with Windy - and with the exist reputation [CT] had, she easily pushed Windy [DC] to weaker place...

-Now it's another matter of Audition Town's events. To compete with the other places, Windy tried to set up some new Tournaments for everybody, but after several failed starting times,nobody believes him and those events! Also, Yo Yo faced her bad day when her big festival is ruined, thanks to the Sponsors! She was unwilling to send invitation to all [P2] dancers - lacking of Dancers will cause the Festival to be aborted, and Yo Yo must take the responsibility for that! Now, it's all up to Kim, Ron, Smart, Tchau... and all [P2] dancers -but as the time has changed everything, for sure Kim and Ron won't like joining Yo Yo's show by any means - beside, they must be hurry before chance to access [SA] town is gone... Richard said, their decision will be [P2]'s decision - everybody is count on Kim & Ron now...

Mission: Home is where your heart is...
Song: Cascadas - A never ending dream (142 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 4k

    * Get 2 Finish Moves or Crazy Move
    * Get one Perfect x2
    * Get 350000 points


    * Get full Crazy Bar
    * Get all Finish Moves and Crazy Move
    * Play on full 6-Dancers Room


Chapter 24: Escape from Audition World!

...So our friends won't take much time for deciding - both Ron and Kim came to the ATV one day, but not to take part in the Festival. They just had a little message to Yo Yo and Almasy: Their dream, to come back hometown! Yes, everyone staying in this Audition World can easily find this secret, hidden in a normal Crazy Dance under A never Ending dream background song...


So from that day on, Ron and Kimmie's real history is no longer secret- everybody knows they came from Earth as accident pushed them here. This is very costly for some people don't like Ron, but now, he is highly respected by many other citizens - at least Ron is one of the 3 Genuine No1 Gamer here! Although that,Kim and Ron still had to beware any evil plans from their opponents. In this situation, whoever faster is the winner...

[HG] city, one week later...

Everything in [HG] city suddenly changed after retraced out their managing work and activities. Two Senior Members, mizzlinhe and o0ogavoigao0o somehow started another quarrel and all requested to get back their work even they already retired a long time ago. Since Kim knows it's not a normal candidate, she determined to uncover this secret before everything goes worse...Richard then helped her sneak back and infiltrate [HG]'s Assembly Office for finding the clues - Ron also joined them, but somehow he had a bad felling about this...

It's not a normal mess, I'm sure - we should uncover this quick...

...It's a quick trip, nobody knows about Kim's arrival at [HG] this night. She and Ron quickly follow Richard back to [GT] before morning time, and suddenly...

Outside Audition Station, near Avatar Shop... Present day, 21:32
-...Ouch, I don't think the situation could be this... - Ron started talking
-Right, me too... But the clues we found proved this, or at least the chance rate is worth to believe... - Richard responses
-It seems someone had expected this - Kim interrupts - The quarrel is not randomly, must be another hidden reason here. But what?
-Great, it can come from everywhere!
-Ok, but never mind, the Assembly can handle it right? Just temporary jealous, I think it will go down in a few days later eh.
-I hope you're right Rich... But hey...

A loud shout suddenly echoed: There they are! Get them! Don't let them get away!

From a distance, a group of Dancers are running direct to Ron, Richard and Kim's position! Rich suddenly realized those popular [CSCD] Dancers, he quickly pulled his friend and run out of here...

...The situation forced Kim to quickly decide now. Still on the running way, she asked Ron to backtrack to Audition Cafe and look for Jenny - only [P2] clan can lead him out of this City now! Rich will take Kim out of here by another way, the final rendezvous point is [SA] town! This is their only one escape way!

Mission: Escape from Audition World!


Song: O-zone - Dragostea Din Tei (130 BPM)
Mode: FreeStyle Dance

    * Get 18 perfects and one Perfect x3
    * Get Finish Move and 0 bad
    * Get 300000 points


    * Get 27 perfects and one Perfect x5
    * Get 3 Finish Moves
    * Use FreeStyle 8-D mode and get 0 cool

B-Kim and Richard:

Song: Audition - Can Can (Ascotic mix | 150 BPM)
Mode: Ballroom Dance

    * Get Finish move cool or better
    * Get 3 Ballroom Dance Points
    * Get 7 Perfects or one Perfect x3


    * Get 15 perfects
    * Get Finish move Perfect
    * Get 5 Ballroom Dance Points


Chapter 25: Copyright Situation

...Right then, they split up to 2 directions and quickly drop off [CSCD] dancers behind. From the corner to Avatar Shop and ATV, Ron headed to [P2]'s Headquarter, while Richard leaded Kim to Sibuya and take the subway to[MTV] town. Noticed that [P2]'s Headquarter in [GT] is just a small house, so Ron can easily loose his tails in here. Also, joining a Ballroom Tournament is enough to disappear with Kim& Richard - they had the reason to come to [MTV] right? But at least, one of them should disguise to ensure the Tournament Assembly won't recognize them - and in this case, poor Richard eh?


As Kim said, only [P2] clan can help Ron escape from [GT] city - the simplest way is their first Opening Show at [MTV] town. Jenny then set Ron as Main Dancer of all contents although he's not that good at 8-D. Luckily for Ron, the Team Show ended with no trouble, and he can freely prove himself with Single Dance, FreeStyle 4-key


Avoiding [CSCD] Dancers is now very hard, so the way to [SA] town is not opened with Kim yet...Therefore, our friends won't come back to [HG] city and keep staying at[MTV] until a solution is found... As every other place, Ron continue joining discussion with everybody Audition town - not that crowed and eventful as [HG] and [GT]. But, he never expected this place is disregard on Copyright Materials!For example, the Moderator kiemi already brought here a post belonged to [HG], no editing and no credit source! To learn from his previously mistakes, Ron only feedbacks softly, but kiemi raised it into a big quarrel, involved the [MTV] Assembly! And while tieuchau6789 and Kim are trying to reconcile, kiemi still didn't admit her fault, and she event wanted to push the LeaderMouseM@x into this! After a private meeting, resulted unwanted answer, Tieuchau andMouseM@x must take part in a Dance Match, to prove their own point!

It's really not worth for dancing against each other like this... but the Leader won't give Tchau other chance...

Mission: Copyright Situation

Song: Groove Coverage - God is a girl (142 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6 key

    * Get Red Beat-Up
    * Get 175 Perfects
    * Get 0 bad


    * Use Audition Resort Stage
    * Get 225 Perfects
    * Get 0 cool 0 miss


Chapter 26: [HG] versus [GT]

...I must notice, tieuchau never said she is good on Beat-Up mode, even with easy songs. But, she always wish for [MTV]'s development, and her willing to bring back the peace for Ron really helped her win M@x with nice result -yay, God is a Girl!


So finally the post is edited with Credit Source - of course Ron understood that no one will be pleased with this, but hey, he just needs peace, that's all... Sadly, somehow Almasy also shown up for discussing another IT topic - and she can easily detect Kim & Ron's arrival here! With nowhere to go on, Richard must once again take his friends back to[HG] city - only this place can help the suffer the [CSCD] Dancer's assault! The hard situation really made babydethuong and ngocha85 not to raise difficult for Kim anymore - so they now had the right to stay back at [P2] Headquarter until solving all their troubles up ahead...

ngocha85 - "Always listen; always understand"

...During this time, the events and tournaments at the Main Square really attracted many people with various contents. Then one day, a Poll with hot question "Why [GT]'s newspapers have so many HOT images?" is public - and it really made everybody pay attention. That, and many people agreed, [GT]'s newspaper is filling with hot and sexy images, from every topics and posts! Unexpectedly, the other Newspaper also copied this poll with supporting mood, meaning that [GT] city is attacked from many directions! Right then, samurai06 jumped to file against [HG] in front of their Chatting area - he even used impolite and provoking words to discount[HG]'s Assembly! That, and how can Ron forgive this mess again? He already got played on by samurai before, but this guy really went too far this time! Only Kim and tieuchau understand, it won't be good if Ron and samurai face each other now - they may cause a big war in one second!!!

Therefore, Kim must find a way to cool down her friend Ron now...

Mission: [HG] versus [GT]
Song: Se7en - Crazy (110 BPM)
Mode: Choreography 8-D

    * Get 14 Perfects and one Perfect x2
    * Get Finish Move and 0 miss Step 8
    * Get under 5 cools or 0 miss the whole song


    * Use Sibuya Stage
    * Get 22 Perfects and one Perfect x5
    * Get Finish Move BAD and 1 cool
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 27: Counter-Dance

...As expected, these two guy then faced off at [HG]'s chatting place. The quarrel is becoming bigger when samurai denied his word yesterday - he accused someone on using his ID card! This is quibble, Ron always knows sam's characteristic, and he will never trust that someone could blame him! As [HG]'s rules, the Assembly only watch their quarrel from distance, but it seems nothing can slow them down now! Then somehow the Alarm System went off, surprising the whole town:

"Warning! Warning! The drama king is in the building! The drama king is in the building!"

-Needless to say, everybody then headed to Security Center to find out what's going on. Therefore, Samurai and Ron must suspend their quarrel to follow everybody out first... All down to the Sibuya Stage - where Kim is dancing Choreography 8-D under "Crazy" background song.


Still angry because of Ron, samurai then teased and spook ill to Kim, thus making her loose patience to get Finish Move! The Perfect x5 only regained her some appearances, it's unacceptable for a BAD Finish with slow songs! Anyway, Kim's plan is finished and she finally can get close to this hot-tempered guy...

-...What do you think you're doing? Don't know fake alarm result in bad punishment huh?
-Of course I know it, but whatever. Just effective, that's all. Calm down boy!
-Oh yeah? You know nothing about our troubles, stay away from this!
-Come on, why you had to push everybody in your trouble like this? You started the fire, Ron and everybody had the right to put it up right?
-Not your business! [HG] spook ill to my city, and now it became a big scandal in every Newspaper!
-Eh eh eh, I remembered there is NO bad words in our discussion! You imagined it or it's right eh?
-This affected [GT]'s honor, and I can't just stand by - that's all!

-It's enough Kim! - Ron suddenly shouted - I'm grateful for everything you have done for me - but this can't be different with samurai! Please let us resolve this conflicts on our own!

So you want war do ya? Let's finish this ONCE AND FOR ALL !!!

-Before Kim managed to answer, samurai and Ron had ran out of Chatting Area and headed to the Audition Resort. The situation is out of control - baby was about to call the Security Center to stop them...Suddenly, WinterStar, Windy's partner and vice-leader Windy [DC]appeared - she only asked Kim to head back to Audition Town and find Tchau, then continued her short-cut way to Audition Resort...

Mission: Counter-Dance
Song: Sum 41 - No reason (196 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 4k (Girl) and Crazy 8k (Boy)

    * Get 0 bad or less then 15 cools
    * Get at least 5 perfect


    * Use Haunted Classroom Stage
    * Get Finish Move
    * Get Crazy Move

Notice: The Mission Mode based on your character's gender
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 28: Last think on my mind...

...No time to think it through, Kim then used shortcut way to come back Audition Cafe - luckily, tieuchau is still there. After hearing the story, she quickly followed Kim to Audition Resort. They arrived right on time as Ron & samurai's arrival - they're going to fight each other in a few minutes later!!! Before Kim knows what to do, someone pulled her into the nearby Observer Seat - it's †GaLoi† one member of Beat-Up Group in [P2] clan...

†GaLoi† - [P2]'s Beat-Up member

-Sis Kim, this way! You're almost late sis!
-†GaLoi†, what's happening? I had to find TC, so I don't know anything here...
-Hey hey, so do I sis! But this is WinterStar and fifa2005's plan, sis.
-Hmm... will it stop Ron and samurai's battle? They're so...
-Don't worry sis, with Ron's characteristic, Star ensured this will work effectively!
-My god, what are you saying? I had come along with Ron for 12 years, how can't I know his characteristic? Just afraid...

...The music suddenly cut off Kim's word - maximum Bass Band really destroy the whole place! Everybody seems to be pushed out of their seat - for Ron and samurai, they are blown out to the sky like papers! Down the Stage are WinterStar and fifa2005 - they're performing a Synchronize Crazy Dance with fastest song No Reason (Hard) - which no one can play before! As mentioned, the audiences are all shocked, and "the two opponents" is keeping on space until the Music stops



...Just 3 minutes, and everybody only regain conciseness when the music stop - Ron and Samurai06 then felt in the Resort Lake and well, they won't bother to battle each other anymore as the accident really drained their energy! However, samurai seems to expect this situation, and he quickly changed to sub-plan. The Alarm System again went off, but it's not a joke this time: The DNS (Downtown Network System) had been broken with h@cker's total assault!

Without Security Fences, all the [CSCD] dancers speared over [HG] city, no one can stop them now! The news quickly flew to Audition Resort, and Kim can't afford to stay here much longer. She quickly took Ron back to tieuchau's house with smartboycr, †GaLoi†and Jenny's escort, while Tchau come to find Doctor Jessica... It took more than one hours to stable the situation - Ron is temporary recovered after got taken care of by Doctor Jessica. Now, he also realized Tchau's strange mood - it seems she had a deep sad with no one for sharing... Hmm, did they had the same confidence today ???

Mission: Last think on my mind


Song: Timbaland ft. Francisco & KeriHilson - The way I are (115 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6 key

    * Get Blue Beat-Up
    * Get 300 Perfects
    * Get 325000 Points


    * Use Halloween Stage
    * Get 350 Perfects
    * Get 0 miss 0 bad 0 cool


Song: Kim Ah Jong - Maria (160 BPM)
Mode: Normal Individual Dance

    * Get 10 Perfects and one Perfect x1
    * Get one Finish Move
    * Get less than 5 cool


    * Use Audition Resort Stage
    * Get 15 Perfects or one Perfect x3
    * Get 2 Finish Moves
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...