Legendary of Kim Possible - Lost in Audition World

Chapter 39: The Fight for Beater...

...Immediately standing up, GL then noticed the girl behind you - seem she is the Angel of Beat-Up as Scotch describe. He was curious that she is not as arbitrary with her appearance, so how can she bark everybody hard like this? Well, just his theory, nothing to be sure now...

-I said what are you doing here, why don't you answer me? The angel repeated...
-Eh... GL remembered - why you asked me when you know it already? Find and bring back my friend, duh!
-Not so easy boy! Whoever arrive this place must be challenged before they can be out on bail. Who are you looking for?
-I'm finding my sister Kim - Kimberly Ann. She is also in here now.
-Let's see - ah yeah! The angel laughed out loud. She had the worst luck for taking the only one Punishment on the Roulette today! But's good for me!
-Stop playing around! Give out your challenge so we can finish off this, "miss Angel"!
-Call me Lisa for short - Kimberly Ann, come out here! Your chance is knocking, try to get it girl!

-As Lisa's call, Kim stood up and realize †GaLoi†, at the doorway. She doesn't know how he got here, but maybe his arrival can help her? Well, let's see...

-Listen up Kim - The angel continues - The punishment you received isn't so long, so I can let this guy †GaLoi† here bail you out. However, to prove that you're deserve with his sacrifice, let's start and pass this Ultimate Challenge - only 0 miss result can let you out of here with †GaLoi†! Otherwise, I won't ensure anything here girl - good luck!

-Dance room immediately opened up - still Halloween stage, but Kim was almost swooned when the song play: Fastest one, No Reason 196 BPM!!! With Kim, fast song is always hard, even this one is not that crazy as American Idiot - but she had to make 0 miss result! Well then, Kim had no chance to comment or request anything, all she can do is try to beat this challenge at once!

So that is "Ultimate Challenge" - ouch, fastest song!!!

...Meanwhile, †GaLoi† tried find out more information about this Angel Lisa - somehow he felt that she is not evil! And the truth is revealed: This place is used to manged by another guy - he is the real Pro here! As Jordan's word, GL can imagine this: Previously, Liz was sent to take this punishment before, and somehow the old Beat-Up Angel Bob is crushing on her, as she is also good on Beat-Up mode! So, he kept Lisa back in this world and set her as the Angel of Beat-Up - if no one come to rescue her, she must stay here forever! That, and nobody knows about this, so Lisa is still kept in here for now... Poor her...

-Back to the Ultimate Challenge Kim is taking... Seem she can't keep it much longer, 2 bads at combo 2 and 600 made her lost control and can't follow the notes anymore!!! But, inside Kim's brain, her hometown, Ron, all her new friends in this world... still display brightly - and moreover, †GaLoi†'s action really noticed Kim - she must pass this challenge to deserve with everybody's love on her... The song ended at combo 681 - 2 bads or 2 misses ??? Well, the Blue Beat-Up is still on Kim's head - she made it!


-Phew, it's really much lucky with me today - †GaLoi† breathed. So what Liz, sis Kim can go now right?
-Of course, she is free now! - Lisa soften her tone. I've wrong for evaluating you too low Kim, you're real good with average Dancers. Congratulations!
-Hey, how can you call this good? - Someone's voice - Liz, stop bullshit biased opinion!
†GaLoi† suddenly turned back and faced off Bob, the old Beat-Up Genius. He knew his face, as this guy used to appear on some Beat-Up shows before.

Bob Schinender

-What the hell are you doing out there? I'm in charge today! - Liz complains
-Of course but who allow you to change the Test challenge huh?
-It's still Random Ultra Hard songs as usual, I ain't do anything here!
-Don't lie me, the No Reason is just Med-Hard! Playing me huh?
-Who know how you categorize? I just see it's hard enough for Freedom Dancer!
-So you want to know hard baby ? Watch this!


-The whole stage stopped dancing and gave Bob in, they know when he dances - needless to say... Right, the hardest song Hands Up!!! is easily passed, Bob even made it out with high Perfect Rate!!! However, †GaLoi † doesn't think so - he is not pro anyway, but this target is reachable! Everybody then got shocked when GL stepped forward and challenged Bob - Target 0 miss 0 bad and more than 700 Perfects! On highly inspired mood, Bob accepted the deal: If GL makes this, he will free all the players taking punishment here! And so...

-Nobody can believe in their eye - that †GaLoi† can make this result, 676000 points, 710 perfect, 2 cools. Well then, this will allow GL to bring all the dancers here back to the Audition World, even Angel Lisa - Yay! Whatever it's, Bob must accept this failure - he made the deal, and he must follow it.

Several minutes later...

Finally everybody can get out of ATV happily. Jordan then dropped by to thank GL, he saved Yoori faster than Jordan thought! Pity, †GaLoi† had no time to chit-chat - he must lead Kim out of here before everybody can reach him and ask for his signature!!! It's a long run, and finally †GaLoi† and Kim were backed to the starting point. As Scotch's reminder, GL quickly took of the Charm and put it in Kim's neck - another whirlwind is blown and sweep them into the space! When Jordan and Yoori catch up, everything is disappeared......

Scotch's Mansion, Privated Bedroom, Present day... 02:34 PM...

...Something has just flew pass the Bedroom Scotch arranged for Kim's body... In a moment, Kim slowly opened her eye and realize, she has just woken up after a very long unconscious time...Her chaotic memory only recorded the nearest Beat-Up match images...But then, Kim can understand that she has been rescued by †GaLoi† a few minutes ago... Kim deeply sigh and talked to herself: "My god, this must be the worst disaster I've ever suffered!"

Mission: The Fight for Beater
Song: Audition - Swan Lake (118 BPM)
Mode: Choreography

    * Get 15 perfects
    * Get One perfect x3
    * Get Finish Move Great or better


    * Use Haunted Classroom Stage
    * Get 20 perfects or one Perfect x5
    * Get 0 miss 0 bad
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


*Chapter 40: God blessed me...*

The next day...
...Ron and Richard still had no idea what happened yesterday - and now Kim is totally disappeared - not her soul but also her body! Although †GaLoi† said everything is over, but when they came to the room Kim slept in last night... nobody here! Scotch still kept cool and asked Ron to rest first - he knew exactly where Kim is now. Anyway, Ron won't be able to know the truth, as †GL†'s trip is way too mysteriously and this must be kept secret! Alright, for now Ron can only count on his friend - what else can he do? He then returned the ATV for Britna's next show...

Still running through Haunted Classroom area, somehow Ron lost control and felt on the ground near Room 16 - ouch, that hurts! Standing up, he suddenly heard a regular baptism song "Swan Lake" - hmm, who is playing this now? Through the Lobby's LCD, Ron can easily realized his friend Kim, heading up on the Choreography match...And, something reminded Ron about the Ballroom Dance between Kim andhim half year ago - it seems she is dressing her old Blue Dress now? What does it mean ?


Anyway, now Ron can trust Scotch's word - Kim is alive, at least for now. Therefore, he silently left Haunted Classroom - it's better to leave her alone in this ceremonial no matter why she performed it... Then, Smartboycr ran across and asked Ron:

-Hey, where have you been yesterday? I can't find you anywhere!
-Aye, just little trouble you know. How about the Beat-Up Tournament?
-Again, lost at Semifinal Round. Or I can teach that gavoiga one lesson!
-Don't worry, Kim already beaten him yesterday.
-Huh, Kim also played? Why didn't I meet her on Group Rounds?
-This is arranged by gavoiga, you don't know that.
-Uhm... Hey, someone is watching you!
-I've been notified... He is tailing you from that corridor.
-Ron then looked at Smart's direction and saw a guy, watching him from distance. He quickly finished the chit-chat and headed to the Stage where Britna is singing - this guy still silently tracking Ron... To reveal his aim, Ron then find Richard and asked him for a plan...

-At Lunch time, both of them left ATV and headed to Malibu Club... Ron then went to the back store for finding something - and he waited at the corridor...


-Gotcha! Stand up, guy... Hey, what the ???

-Both Ron and Richard were so surprised, that the guy they has just ambushed is not citizen of Audition Town: thangdepzai. He is a Programmer from Software Factory and used to play with Ron before - so why was he here?


-Speak it up - why are you tailing me?   Ron questioned.
-Eh, I was just... Just wanted to tell you something. I didn't mean to tail you!
-Why don't you introduce yourself first?
-It's about [GT]'s social evils! I don't want many people know this!
-Hey, you know I've swear I'm not on their side anymore!
-Everything has changed too much Ron... I know that's why you left [GT] - Now I'm going to leave too. This is the last time, please help me!
-What on earth's happening here? And what do you mean last time?
-I'm going to study aboard, so my ID card is no longer important with me. But, I can't take it - S.A.M and the other wagers still collecting RP more and more with their casino!
-thangdepzai then told out everything about the Gambling leaded by S.A.M, a.k.a samurai06 from the day they left [GT]...As the punishment Ron was taken before, samurai06 also got filed against by other members more and more, so he must change his ID name. And then, the Sport Area is downing day to day because everybody only come to talk about gambling - not only this, RP's value is decreased more and more, thanks for gambling! This make all the honest citizens felt disappointed, as any Wagers can gain more Points than them, subtracting is not worth to be care here! Well, Ron can understand his friend's mood - he is the one started filing against this game until getting banned right?

This is NOT a good way to attract citizens - for sure!

-So what do you want me to do now? Ron cut off
-You and Kim is going to leave, I don't want to bother you much more.   Just have some word for me, S.A.M is too bull-headed and perverse now.
-Funny, how can I do this while my opponent are surrounding everywhere?
-I know that, you just need to send message, that's all!
-No, you can't let Ron do this !!!
The word suddenly cut off Ron and thangdepzai's conversion - Kim is behind them!
-Hey, what do you mean K.A ? Why can't Ron help me?
-I said no, and I meant it! And Ron, watch out for yourself!
-Eh eh, how is it happening Kim?   - Ron confused
-Nothing, I just said, you DON'T help thangdepzai this time.
-What, he is also my friend! And my help doesn't affect anything!
-Who said no? It's much more trouble than you thought!
-Oh yeah, what is that?
-Not your business - I WILL DO IT, NOT YOU!!!
-...Kim's word really surprised everybody, even Ron! He doesn't think his friend won't allow him to go because she, will do it! So what can he response here? Accept Kim's request and let her help TDZ or just ignore her and do as he wants?

What ever you do, I won't let you go this time!!!

Mission: God Blessed me...


Song: Akon nf. Eminem - Smack that (119 BPM)
Mode: Choreography
  • Get 15 perfects
  • Get one perfect x2
  • Get Finish Move
  • Use Expert Choreography
  • Use Purple Forbidden City Stage
  • Get 20 perfects

Song: Listen to your heart (81 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic 8k
Stage: HipHop
  • Get 9 perfects
  • Get 0 bad or 0 cool
  • Get Finish Move or one Perfect x3
  • Get 16 perfects
  • Get 0 miss
  • Get all FreeStyle moves
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 41: It's revenge time!

...It's not hard for Richard to understand Kim's action - she really owned Ron many things since they lost in this Audition World. Therefore, Kim won't let Ron risk his life again - for sure, she took this work from Ron to protect him from facing trouble again. That, and Ron can't do anything to change Kim's decision - he can't, or Kim will not listen to him by any means! No need for Ron's answer, Kim already pulled TDZ to the subway, coming back to [GT] city...

[GT] city, present day...

Right that day, Kim has arrived at the discussion TDZ created several days ago. It wasn't go down yet, the new-honest Moderator Team still tried to appose this "gambling" while Sport Area Members requested to continue this "game" at all cost! S.A.M even discounted the other members with impolite and bad words - damn it! In the mean time, thangdepzai tried to soft this trouble down - at least there should be Point Limit for playing Gamble right? Pity, S.A.M won't give it up easily - and he decided to trick TDZ with his newest challenge: If someone can beat his pupil, he will shut up! Right as Kim thought, he threw down Choreography challenge again! Ha!

So she had no fear contending with S.A.M's pupil Kyo although TDZ still afraid they may cheat here! No problem with Kim, she used to suffer Halloween Stage, so why scarePurple Forbidden City Stage? A little noisy, but Kim can keep concentrate on dancing and defeated ky0 with high-score! Worth for you too S.A.M!


At least the discussion can go down now - when S.A.M keeps silent again, nobody on his side can say! Kim has completed her work, now she can return [SA] town again. No matter how the discussion goes down, TDZ still thanks Kim so much!

After leaving the place, somehow Kim saw a girl heading to the Administration place - it seems she wants to appeal somethings... Coming close by, Kim then realized this girl - she is nh0x, old Secretary of Windy [DC]... What is she doing here?

-nh0x, what are you doing here? There is a big discussion, they won't solve little appeal for you now.
-Whatever it's, I must file complain now! Ron is too excessive!
-Ron? But he ain't do anything hurt you right?
-You said no? He and Smartboycr started the demonstration against Windy when he returned [GT]! The [DC] got disbanded because of them - I hate him!!!
-Calm down nh0x, I know it. Windy had to pay for what he had done... Nobody want this result even me - only if Windy cared to listen to us a little...
-I don't care, Windy [DC] is my home!!! How dare can Ron push it to its end like this?
-Don't be so sad sister... We can't rewrite history no matter how terrible it is. Beside, Windy's activities at [GT] is not effective too, and he had the right to disband the Club...
-I understand, you're downed and wanted to blame everyone now... Please think for Ron and I, sister... Everybody had their own sufferings, no one is happy forever. That, and Ron is even sticking with Britna's continuous shows!
-You said what? Ron? Is dancing on Britna's show! Oh my god, why he didn't invite me!!! What does he consider me now! Unfair!
-Eh wait... nh0x, stop!
Kim shouted but it's too late... nh0x already headed to the subway entrance for the next train to [SA] town! Gratz, she is finding Ron to interrogate him for this! Men, just a promise, but Kim can never imagine how much troubles it cause now...

Mission: It's revenge time

Song: Nelly Furtado Feat. Timbaland - Promiscuous (114 BPM)
Mode: Expert Choreography
  • Get Finish Move GREAT or better
  • Get 12 perfects
  • Get less than 5 cools or 0 bad
  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
  • Get 17 perfects or one Perfect x3
  • Use Purple Forbidden City Stage
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 42: Facing the fate

...So Kim must follow nh0x quick - she can't afford to let nh0x cause any disturbance in this danger situation! For nh0x, nothing can make her angry than Ron's action - how dare can he hide this show with Britna huh? Shh, what can Ron do when it's just misunderstanding? Since the day Britna missed him as her Dancer, he had no free time for private work - even Kim and Richard can't follow him, you know that!

[GT]'s Subway Entrance, Present day...

Still running without watching her way, nh0x doesn't notice a Dancer Group is coming upstairs! Apart from her few steps, Kim suddenly heard a big hit and many screams and complains! Unfortunately for nh0x, she has just hig Britna's group, coming for her final show at [GT]. It resulted in Ron's unconscious - he had felt down the stair and got knocked off instantly! Poor Britna, bad news that her Back-Dancer won't be able to wake up in the next two days - great, so who will dance for her in the final show tonight?

I must say, you had to find other Dancer now - Nyaoming, Brtina's private Doctor

Just pray, everything had happened, arguing won't solve anything now...nh0x took the responsibility for this accident, and she wants to fix it by replace Ron! Although Britna still worried a little, Kim finally persuaded her to accept nh0x's apply...So at that night, all Dancer [GT] once again cheered overzealous fornh0x's appearance - she expressed really good on the song Britna gave her: Promiscuous! It's way pleased with nh0x for becoming well-known like today.


...Two more days then Ron finally returned idle although the hit still affected his brain a little. At least, Britna's Adventure Show is completed, so she can set Ron free all over again! Even Brit still misunderstood everything now, Kim and Richard also agreed with Ron and kept this secret! They don't want any more trouble or put off Brit's stroke - beside, Brit also helped them a lot right? So long girl, hope we will meet back one day!

-Ron's game with Britna is finished, but it doesn't mean so as his troubles... Now Kim and Ron once again got stuck inside [GT] city - everybody here knew they're outsider already! No safe place for Kim & Ron from [CSCD] Dancers anymore - their only one hope is Private Office from Moderator position. CrazyROKR, Ron's new friend realized the situation, so he left one place at his Private Office to protect Kim & Ron from [CSCD]Dancers. But it's just temporary, how can Ron bother Crazy last long here?

CrazyROKR - Moderator of Mobile Industrial Zone

...However, time has changed many things since Almasy retired his Mayor job: Audition Town is going down, and Yo Yo Yascoo stands no chance to fix it (Or, she never had ability!). So what will be will be: Another Mayor Candidate, to find new Leader for this Audition Town. If Kim or Ron managed to take a job here, they will regain their chance to escape [GT] safety - but who will apply? It's a hard question as Kim forced Ron to run for- he is Senior Member and used to gain respective from more citizens than her! This new situation really made Ron stress - he still wish to return his hometown Middleton, but paying with Mayor position - it made Ron felt very uncomfortable! Is this the fate he can't avoid?

Go for it Ron - this is the only one way can help you get home now!

Mission: Facing the fate!
Song: Jung Hyun Lee - Love you (135 BPM)
Mode: One-Two Party
  • Get 45 Perfects
  • Get less than 10 misses
  • Get 175000 points
  • Get 60 Perfects
  • Get less than 3 Dance misses
  • Use Sibuya Stage
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 43: Overthrowing Plan

...Day to day, Ron is getting stress more and more... Actually, he won't have to worry about his competition - they're all newbies and had no supporter yet. Except M. Thu, Senior Member of this city and had big supporting from her younger brother Mr. Tam - otherwise, Ron can easily win this candidate if he pays more attention.

M. Thu & Mr. Tam

-The things make Ron worry now is his own friends at [P2] clan [HG] family. How can he said he MUST become Mayor of this town while he used to demonstrate and persuaded everybody to leave this place before? His folks will never forgive him!!! In spite of Kim's word, Ron kept undecided while the deadline is coming closer and closer...

-So, Richard said that there is only one solution left - to let Ron's friends in [P2] clan persuade him! He knows, they respect and love Ron; so they will understand and sympathize for him in this situation. Right then, Rich silently backtracked to [HG] and came totieuchau6789's house - first, she will be a good representer for [P2]family here! After hearing all the story, Tchau was really speechless - she never imagined her bro can stick in such whimsical situation like this... But Tchau knows what she must do, so she went to ATV and made a special E-mail to Ron - this will tell him all she wants to tell.


-Ron then received the E-mail a few days later. Another Replay CD, and he can easily guess Tchau's designs. And just like the previous time, another strange emotions is growing in Ron's head - it seems the peaceful of him and "sis Kim" is more important with Tchau and all [P2] members... Or as she said, no matter how Ron is, she and [P2] family will still love him - don't worry brother! As the song Love You ended, Ron finally came to his official decision, very important...

-So the Mayor Candidate is started with only two Major Competitions M. Thu and Ron, under Mr. Tam and Kim's supporting. As Ron already built up his good appearance and gained much respective from everybody, Ron finally made thuynt keep an eye on him! His old prestige and many more other factors finally helped him win thecandidate - Ron_BWL is now Mayor of Audition Town! Yay!

-But somehow, just one day after Ron gained new Private Office for him and Kim, M. Thu also became P2P Mayor as him! This makes Ron felt unpleased a little, but he soon forgot it as Power is NOT his aim for becoming Mayor. Beside, M. Thu's work really helped Ron and his work come downfluently! Great, until Ron can find his way out of this World, they can be good partner right?

-Sadly, life ain't never simple as Ron thought. When he is ready to leave, Mr. Tam suddenly phoned in - and Ron can never believe, his old friend is planning a very EVIL overthrowingplan!

Mission: Overthrowing plan
Song: CMBAS - Really (114 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic 4k | 8k
  • Get 16 perfects or one Perfect x3
  • Get Finish Move and 0 Step 6
  • Get 0 bad or 0 cool
  • Use Cinema Stage
  • Get 20 perfects
  • Get Finish Move perfect x
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 44: I'm the only one...

...Actually, not only Ron knows this story - he doesn't know Kim is behind for a while. She also felt very shock with Mr. Tam's word on the Monitor - both of them may never expect his evil plan. I mean, letting M. Thu become Mayor is just a reason - in fact, Mr. Tam's plan is expelling his sister from this city! Ron may help him if he wants, but for sure, he won't dare doing this to M. Thu - it's too merciless!!!


Chat achieve (Vietnamese)

The chat extended to 60 minutes - Ron tried to distract and explore Mr. Tam's mind, but he is NOT joking! It's enough for Ron, he immediately turned off PC and ran out to the street as soon as Mr. Tam logged off...Coming back to ATV, Ron suddenly saw Kim being here with Richard already - hmm, quite a long time he hadn't seen Kim playing Dynamic Dance eh... But why did she choose the song Really ???


It seems Kim had watched all the conversion between Ron and Mr. Tam - and he was right, she also can't believe what she saw! That, and time for thinking is over with Ron now - he then visitedthangdepzai one last time to say goodbye before leaving this city...But as soon as he reach TDZ's house, something made Ron felt dizzy and everything around him seems to collapse... Apart from him few steps, Rich suddenly saw Ron  turned and ran away, eye moistened with tears...He doesn't know what happened - but Kim understood - she already saw Moderator under TDZ's Home No, as well as the green color on his name...


So that is it - thangdepzai finally gave up his plan for studying aboard - powers really cling him back, and hell, it may hurt Ron so much - Kim thought. She knows, they are good friends but now their ways are different...TDZ's action really said that he is submitted by the Assembly! Everything is too late...

Mission: I'm the only one...
Song: Akon - Lonely (90 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 8-d
  • Get Finish move and Crazy Move
  • Get 13 Perfects
  • Get 2/5 Crazy Bar
  • Get Crazy Move Perfect
  • Get 16 Perfects or one perfect x3
  • Use Snow Valley Stage
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 45: Don't give up!

...It's not the first time Ron returned playing Crazy 8-D, also not the first time he chose slow song for torturing himself ... He used to thought nothing can be worse after Kim's distress -but this news really banged hard in Ron's brain! Now he is nothing, no more friends in this city!


...Kim and Richard can't afford to let things get worse anymore - as the song ended, they came in the room and gave Ron the Subway ticket - Time is running out, they must escape from this place as soon as possible. Then our friends left ATV and headed to Sibuya, where Scotch ordered Subway to Audition Resort... Unexpectedly, they met TC on their way -"Great, trouble up ahead!" - Ron whispered Kim...

This is disaster...

...After tieuchau's interrupted word, Kim was so stunned that the whole HG is completely destroyed one month ago! Rebuilding the place is not so hard, but the earthquake has demolished the entire Database System. The Assembly has tried many ways, but they can't recover their DS - or simply say, [HG] is nearly finished, it can fall down the hill anytime while all the citizens are all disappointed and hopeless like now...

I've just received this news one hour ago sis. - TC talked to Kim. The Assembly is downed, we can't waste much time now! Bro Ron, sis Kim, please help me encourage [HG] - we can loose many things, but I don't want our city crashes forever!

...Due to this emergency matter, Ron can't waste much time and he immediately followed tieuchau - this must be solved first! Kim only had time to ask Rich, for delayed the trip to Audition Resort- then she also ran after Ron... Well, after a few minutes freeze,Richard could understand what happened - ok, I'll do that.

[HG] city - Present day...

A horrible scenes is surrounding every places here...Nothing belonged to old [HG] city remains, they are all destroyed and vanished into the past... In this bad situation, everyone can easily give it up  - but tieuchau and the other honest citizens never want it happen!   So as Kim and Ron - this place had covered up and protected them many times before - now it's their turn to pay their debt with this city! Ron quickly leaded Tieuchau to the new-rebuilt ATV - they will cooperate again to send their wish to the Assembly...

HG's Administration Area:

ngocha and babydethuong are all here, all tired after their attempts to recover their [HG] city. The failure really knocked them off, now they just wanted to finish off everything even though their citizens are still demonstrating for re-building their city!... As normal person, Kim must sneak her way to approach her sister baby - luckily that she can make it. Of course, direct talking is meaningless now, instead, Kim had a little present from Ron and Tieuchau - this will be more effective. Let's see...

Ron and Tchau - first cooperative match

Mission: Don't give up!
Song: Turtles - Four Season (97 BPM)
Mode: Freestyle
  • Get 18 perfects
  • Get 1 Finish Move Great
  • Get one Perfect x3
  • Get 23 Perfects
  • Get 3 Finish Moves
  • Use Freestyle 8-D mode
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 46: Since the time has changed...

...Needless to say with Kim now - babydethuong will watch it herself. She silently left Admin HQ, returned 3bi and ngocha's privacy. They all pay attention of this Audition Town and for sure, they can understand what Ron and delivered through the song Four Season Waiting(4 Season)


And so, the announcement "Gather up and rebuild our HG" is quickly delivered to all the areas   - very on-time encouragement when everyone are ready to start building HG all over again Old and new Mayor quickly rearranged and managed their place, bringing back new air-life for [HG] city... Happily is all around the city,especial Audition Town's Dancers Returned to be Moderator is also great with Kim - Richard and her againhad time staying together and working together to develop the town like before!

Rarely relax time with two friends...

Finally the destiny has smiled at [HG]. After many many charged attempts, with supporting from everyone, ngocha has successfully recovered the old Database - although the last back-up day is one month ago, everything is still great! Recovering time is now back even time has changed many things. Ah well,honest citizens of [HG] won't care about those little things anyway

But along with this successful is the risk of getting division and assaulting from the anti-government forces!  While the core members and leaders are trying to stable their area,some members took chance to raise war here - feud and long time staying at [GT] or [GVN] really turned them in to anti-government forces! - This resulted in many unworthy arguing and quarrel between the Assembly and new citizens. Again, Kim and Richard had to watch over Ronnie - his hot-tempered and straight-talking style is well-known, so they can't afford to let him fall into any quarrel again!

Sadly, everything is started right inside [P2] clan members - If you still remember, Jenny has opened and managed this Audition Clan before. Another misunderstanding is caused since CLAN OFFICE is setup in all Audition World...This new rule forced every dancers to join their clan in order to travel around each Audition Town - and even getting in / out the Audition Gate Therefore, Kim and Ron had no choice than finding their clan to regain the right to move out of Audition Gate ... Trouble up ahead as both No_1 Guild and [P2] Family is opened and Ron won't be able to join both...Actually, he can just ignore No_1 Guild and register at [P2] - but if it's detected, he will be kicked out of No_1 Guild immediately! This is a big and wide-prestige Guild all around Audition World, so it will lower [P2] clan's honor seriously! That, and how can Ron let it happened to his own friends?

This is all [P2] clan had, Ron doesn't want it get confined anymore...

Anyway, solution is still left for Ron - as Richard said, he can register his 2nd ID to [P2] Family and make his main ID become No_1member. This will allow him to get out of Audition World - and he will still appear as Leader in [P2] clan. Tieuchau and †Galoi† also agreed with Rich - they know Ron had no better choice than this right ?But before this, Ron still need Jenny's permission - she is the main Leader and the owner of [P2] clan! Joining multiple clan is Ron's right, but for Clan Office, this must be considered first... Bad luck for Ron, Jenny has just passed her serious arguing with her old opponents - therefore, she has lost patience and couldn't understand Ron's word here...

Mission: Since the time has changed...
Song: Christina Millian - When you look at me (109 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6 key
  • Get 300 perfects
  • Get Blue Beat-Up
  • Use Malibu Stage
  • Get 350 perfects
  • Blue Chance and get 0 miss
  • Get 0 bad 0 cool
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 47: The Indomitable Little Tiger

...All [P2] members were so surprised that they can't find Jenny anywhere - normally she still drops off for checking the clan no matter how busy she is ? In fact, everything has just started to happen after Lunch time, or after Ron posted message, asking Jenny permission to register his main ID to No_1 Guild... He tried to tell clearly and not let Jenny misunderstand, as everyone really sympathized with him already...However, be aware that Jenny has just passed her serious arguing with her old opponents - therefore, she surely lost patience when returned [P2] Headquarter! As the result, Ron's message only raised Jenny's angry - she won't care reading all Ron's explanation and just left without telling anyone! As soon as Kim arrived, she suddenly saw Jenny with her strange mood - my god, something is happened here! With Ron's message, Kim can easily guess what made Jenny mad - In this case, she may determined to throw out her last decision - disbanding [P2] clan! Rich then followed Kim's request and find Ron immediately - he doesn't know what will happen...

10 minutes later...
-Err... K.P, I don't understand what you said ???
-Hello, when can you concentrate on the situation Ron - Look at me!
-Ok ok, but... why it's because of me, then Jenny determined to disband [P2] ?
-That is it Ron... Jenny is on bad mood as her opponent's word against her - she had lost her patience and couldn't understand your message... As I've known, this will drain out her believe and resulted in...
-Just this ? My god, why it's all down to me !!! Unfair !
-You got to understand it Ron! With Jenny, [HG] is her home, and her emotion is belonged to this city! We are not belonging to this place, trying to get back Middleton is our plan, remember ? Everybody can sympathize with me, you for this - but sometime it's too merciless to take with somebody, like Jenny...

I really had a bad feeling about this...

-So what am I suppose to do now ?
-Nothing works now, your only one choice, is find and have a straight talk with Jenny now! - You'd better hurry, or [P2] clan will be demolished for good!

...Kim then pulled Ron and headed to the ATV before he managed to answer... As she can guess, Jenny may go here to put her spite out on, and since she is no Beater, well, she may play it today... And so...


A locked Beat-Up room right in the middle of the Beat-Up lobby...No disturbance - everybody can guess so. Jenny's arrival also surprised many players here, they knew she is pro 8-D, but Beat-Up is something... Tracking to Jenny's room, Kim then found a note sticking on the door knob... This must be the private message for Ron:

It's worse than Kim thought, Jenny is very hopeless and she may want to give up EVERYTHING now! The Lyrics of When you look at me song also shown Kim the hopeless inJenny's mind, and no admonish word can come in her ear now... She then turned back to find Ron, but someone walked through and hit her... Both the girls then felt on the ground, the Kim heard a familiar voice started to play...

Sis Kim, I'm finding you... Are you ok sis ?

Mission: The indomitable Little Tiger
Song: Se7en - Passion (101 BPM)
Mode: Choreography 8 key
  • Get 15 Perfects
  • Get one perfect x3
  • Get Finish Move and 0 miss Step 9
  • Get 21 perfects
  • Get FN move perfect x
  • Get Perfect x2 ở at the last step
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 48: Leaving ™No_1™...

In a moment, Kim realized that she has just hit Tieuchau6789... It seems she has known everything already...

-TC... what are you doing here ?
-Where is brother Ron sis ? Our clan is getting entangled now!
-I know, everything has just happened recently... But it's so stressful...
-Yep, sooner or later this will happen, I know, sis... Poor my bro Ron, he didn't mean to cause everything like this.
-TC, calm down girl... I'm not [P2]'s official members but I know how Jenny is She is in bad mood now, saying anything will result in nothing - I'd better go...
-Sis Kim, I appreciate sis and bro Ron - but I don't want [P2] get disbanded now! Everybody needs Jenny's effort, and she...


Please sister, I don't want our [P2] clan disband like this

-I'm so sorry, Jenny is very angry with Ron's action, so no one can speak to her, even Richard... Only you...
-Hic... so what I must do now sis ?
-You used to comfort and encourage Ron before, I think you know it clearly than me... Wish you luck...

...Still listening, Tchau suddenly remembered the time her brother was downed - in her mind, all the Crazy Dance Steps on Slow song background is displayed as they do appease the wound in Ron's brain this time... Oh yea - Music! TC talked to herself...

Fifteen Minutes Later...

-Jenny finally left Beater Arena after getting bored with this game...She felt so tired, as Beat-Up drained her so much energy. That, and Jenny accepted to join Tchau's room as Spectator and won't care what she's up too. Letting Jenny relax herself, Tchau then performed a short-slow song, but contain fierce passion: Passion


The 3 minutes song really made Jenny think... She doesn't know what exactly Tchau wants to talk this time ? So, Tchau actively started talking to her sister, after the song ended...
-That is the whole things sis. I know you're in bad mood, you only lost temperature - that's why I invited you her for relaxing. Hope that you can consider everything throughly right sis?
-TC, what're you talking about ? I never wanted it happened - if Ron didn't push me to the end of the line...
-Please sis, please understand for Ron and sis Kim now! They are different than us, they had hometown, family, friends... waiting the to come back! They aren't belonging to Audition world like us sis! To making this decision, I know Ron is so worry and ponder already.
-Alright, you don't need to say anymore TC - I will show Ron the responsibility of real Leader means what! Staying or leaving is his right, but I will approve it!
-Jenny then ran out of the Dancing Room while Tieuchau is still surprised...She headed back to the Beater Arena, looking for Ron to have a final straight talk - but hey, it seems the ™No_1™ Beaters are already here??? What are they up to ?

Mission: Leaving ™No_1™
Song: Audition - Party Party (130 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6-key
  • Get 700 Perfects
  • Get Blue Beat-Up
  • Get under 10 misses
  • Get 775 perfects
  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
  • Get 5 perfects in last turn

...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...