Legendary of Kim Possible - Lost in Audition World

Chapter 49: Goodbye Jenny

...In the middle of the room is No_1 Leader Kobe and RonBWL - going to start dancing the song Party Party... Jenny had no idea what they're up to as she doesn't know anything about this clan - then suddenly...

-No need to surprise Jenny - Ron is testing Beat-Up.
-??? Who are you ? How do you know my name ?
-Jenny, I know you since you live at [GT] city!
-So... you are Almasy ?
-No, I'm Griever. Almasy is just codename my girlfriend generated before, since we still managing Audition...

  Griever "Almasy"

-...but what's happening here ?
-Jenny, it's personal matter of No_1 clan, you'd better not know this. Let me tell you...

...Then the guy named Griever pulled Jenny outside for discussing. This is revealed that, after knowing Jenny's angry, Ron must change to is second plan immediately   - but sadly, another demonstration is set up against Virtual Teenagers Community (VTC) - real seriously!All the Dancers are filing against high-tax fee while Market items costs too much, stage and songs updating is downing more and more... Somehow, a member of No_1 Guild named Losy jumped to the demonstration and bootlick VTC too blood-faced!   As a result, big quarrel started between Losy and Ron while Kim is heading to Jenny's place - ending with this test! Right, Ron volunteer to re-do the test to see if he is still deserve with this Guild or not...

No_1 Losy

-That's the whole story happened 10 minutes ago Jenny - Griever continued. I already know the test's result before Ron takes it - so you'd better implicate in this. Ron did it just because of you!
-Me ? Why ?
-Watching this test, and you will get the answer...


...Something wrong is going on with Ron today... Although the target is 880 perfects, he still danced slackly, chain perfects are cut off many times. Failure is his surely result, and 2/3 songs failed means that he has been expelled!

-So pity Ron - but anyway, I respect your decision. Kobe said. No matter what it is, No_1 guild will still welcome you back - try better at the next test ok ?
-Yes - thank you, Kobe and everybody, for everything you've done for me. Goodbye...

-Silently, Ron left Beater Arena and came back to Audition Town... Watching the whole test still doesn't help Jenny figure out Ron's plan, but she can understand a little about his action... Anyway, Jenny still decided to execute her plan afterward...

Audition Cafe - Present day, 14:27

-Ron, what makes you disappear again ? You know everybody is finding you now ?
-Ok ok, but it's finished K.A - no need to worry anymore.
-What do you mean ?
-That, and I, Ron will follow [P2] Family. No "No_1 Guild" exists here anymore...
-You said WHAT.... ?
-Sorry Kim, I never know everything can go bad like this... No solution for me to fix this, I had to leave No_1 Guild...

This is the last thing I can do...

-It's all over Kim - I had to withdraw the message posted this morning before everything gets worse...
-Too late boy - It won't help you now! - Jenny's voice
-Eh eh eh, what do you mean Jenny ?
-Both you and I are leader of [P2] - missing means retiring. We will compete on a final Crazy dance - you win, you can withdraw your name from [P2] Assembly and free to go!
-But... hey, wait!
-Come on Ron, don't run away this time! Contending with me as real Dancer now!

Mission: Goodbye Jenny
Song: Britney Spears - Gimme More (113 BPM)
Mode: Crazy Dance
Stage: Sibuya
  • Get 13 Perfects
  • Get one Finish Move
  • Get Crazy Move with 3/5 Crazy bar
  • Get 19 perfects and one Perfect x3
  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
  • Get all 2 Finish Moves

...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 50: Death of the Indulging Flame...

...No chance for Ron to deny this challenge - He must start dancing against his friend Jenny...This turned out to be a tough match, Jenny surely won't give way for Ron - she concentrated Chance and kept chain perfect, pushing Ron into weaker position! Although he got Crazy Move, the score between them is so close till the last 15 seconds! The Finish Move perfect x1 can't hold Ron's score, Jenny is still leading... Only big luck can bring Ron the win: Jenny suddenly missed the up-last step, giving him the chance to head up for winning - so close!


The silence surrounded the stage... Jenny had nothing to say and left in silence - Maybe Tieuchau was right - she shouldn't try to raise difficult to Ron now...Anyway, Jenny still returned [P2] Headquarter and sorries everyone for her mood this morning - she asked for privacy to think throughly about everything... Phew, Tieuchau can have a breath now - at least everything won't go worse anymore...

As time is still flying, Richard's message alerted Kim that [CSCD] had a new ally, [QD] Guild. They must be hunting Kim and Ron down, so they'd better leave [HG] quick - this city is not safely for them anymore. As Ron's action, Kim can be sure this, because [HG] state is getting down more and more... Since insisting too much on freedom speech, the Assembly is becoming powerless with anti-government forces and their demonstration! - sadly, many of them are good people like Prince Jessica, Litikali... Ron and Lionheart19239, his very last allies are being assaulted from may directions   - and the hurts finally came when babydethuong expelled lion from [HG], as he denied to give in...

This made Ron felt so sad - he and Lionheart are common with their action, no give-in the anti-government - no matter how good they are, how many they are...But everything has changed so much: After rebuilding the city, new andold members kept getting attacked by the other opponents and the Assembly won't care protecting them... Failed to waking up the Assembly, Ron can only cry his heart out - he is too powerless! Right, but Kim can't afford to let him down like this, they still had to get out of here! She tried to talk to Ron after one of his Beat-Up game...

-...Ron, you won't get anything no matter how long you keep sad like now. Just forget it, we had many more important works to do!
-Kim, you don't understand it... The time staying here is so nice with me - I really don't want it collapse like this!
-Come on Ronnie...Look at me - both you and I are not belonged to this place! We are Middleton citizens, we still had family, hometown to return! Don't try to pursue things that you can't make Ron...
-I don't want to insult - but Ron, coming to this world is not simple with me... If you still consider me as your girlfriend, please, let things go down!

-You remember - the Ballroom dance... I've realized that I can't live without you - both on school time and mission duty... Going to find you like this, I've been thinking a lot... But then I realize one thing Ron - you are my best steadiness friend! That, and I had to bring you back Middleton safely...


...The night is coming down... Only two people still sitting in front of ATV... More than one hour later, Ron slowly stood up and followed Kim back to their motel... He never thought, one day his friend could say these words...

The next day...

As planned, Richard leaded his friends to the Subway back to [GT] city, then transiting to [SA]. Just a few minutes stopping here, Ron still returned to his private office for checking his work one last time. Very unexpectedly, a series of bad-news against [HG] displayed in front of his eye - all posted by Ron's opponent Moderators:

-So Kim can easily detect Ron's problem as he returned. No time to explain anymore, she then whispered Richard one word... He understood Kim's plan, so the trip will be delayed for a while - they will revenge for Ron first...

-Are you sure you want to establish this plan Kim ?
-Don't worry Rich, everything is on my plan already. Ron's angry will be put out instantly, for sure.
-But don't forget, showing yourself up on this plan will make you become target too!
-I know that, just don't let Ron involved, that's all...

This is my plan - I will revenge for Ron, so he can cool down and concentrate on our escape plan!

-You are so kindly Kim - I wish you luck
-Don't worry, Almasy will help me handling the remaining mess.
-Anyway, I still don't recommend direct-facing as your plan. Should you choose the alternative way and send a Music Message, it will be better in this case.
-Okie, I will consider it!

Mission: Death of the Indulging Flame
Song: Greenday - American Idiot (186 BPM)
Stage: Cinema

A-Direct Move!

Mode: Beat-Up 6-k
  • Get 300 combo
  • Get 300 perfects
  • Get 0 bad
  • Get 0 miss or 0 cool
  • Get 400 perfects

B-Surprise Present!

Mode: One-Two Party
  • Get 20 Perfects
  • Get less than 10 miss + 10 bad
  • Get 0 miss in the first 5 turns
  • Get 35 perfects
  • Get 0 bad or less than 20 cool
  • Get 0 miss Dance Time 1 or 2
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 51: Fly, Fly & Away!

(Selected mission 50b)

Right this afternoon, Almasy and Kim came to the ATV and registered one Music Box Gift. And, Richard quickly noticed Ron that they will leave this night, on foot!   So no need to polite with Ron anymore, courting the chance thuynt went out at lunch time, he posted his last words, - directly and truly, nothing to hide! As planned, Richard came to pick Ron up at 14:00 - they then headed to the ATV, where Kim and Almasy are dancing...

Of course, thuynt was so angry when reading Ron's last message - she then delivered warning to his Office right afterward. Ron is not here, but no matter, just leave it to him right?

Somehow, the T.V inside switched to ATV's Music Gift Box with a special message to thuynt. Therefore, she stood back and see what's playing...

(Speaker): Ladies and Gentlemen, the first gift box today is a special gift from our two young-well-known Dancers Almasy and Kimmie Ann! Sending to thuynt, main leader of [GT] city, the song American Idiot came along with Kim's message - "Everybody, even thuynt, Samurai or Lantis... one day you will regret for pushing Ronald Brain down! Crime will be paid, sooner or later - that's what I want to underline here. Please, stop before it's too late fellows..."


Right afterward is the fast-noisy rock song - playing as insulting thuynt's head! She was so angry, of course - so thuynt immediately asked her guys to find Ron back here - He has gone too far this time!

[GT] City, Present day, 19:49 PM

Almost all the close Mayors of thuynt didn't go to work today - they speared out the whole city, just to find Richard, Kimmie and Ronald! Even so, [GT] is too large with many places and alleys, so half of the day passed but they still found nothing... In the mean time, Richard silently leaded his friends escape to [SA] town via the Underground Tunnel. The luck stayed at Kim & Ron's side, thuynt doesn't have enough people to guard this way... At midnight, they are safely arrived [SA]

But be aware, this place is out of reach with [GT] people, but freedom dancers are free to hunting everything here! Therefore, Richard must contact his old friend Luca, owner of a Private Motel for a hidding place... For now they can only count on Luca...

Owning a Private Motel, Luca can lend Rich some rooms for hiding... but not too long

...Resting time is really short with Rich and his friends... Right at the next morning, Luca also came to warn him:

-Rich, you got to get out of here quick!

Mission: Fly, Fly & Away!
Song: Epik High - Fan (83 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6-key
  • Get 300 Perfects
  • Get Red Beat-Up and 0 bad
  • Blue Chance and get 0 miss
  • Get 325 perfects
  • Get 0 miss 0 bad 0 cool
  • Use Audition Stadium Stage
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 52: The Great Escape

...It's not a clever expel - Rich thought quickly.

-What's the situation Luca ?
-It's so tense, your name and images are scattered throughout this town!
-That means...
-Right, wanted order from [GT] city. Many people came and asked me about you guys this morning, I had to expel them so many times!
-Get it... how many time you can hold on ?
-Only last tonight - if nobody finds you, they will surely play the hard way. And I won't be able to defend it!
-Ok, extend it for me till 19:00 PM, that's all I need. Thank you so much!
-You're welcome - good luck!

Now, everybody can realize Kim, Ron and Richard in this town

-From this point on, Richard then disappeared and nobody know where he is. - His note only tell Ron to come to the Audition Stadium at 18:45... So he and Kim must stay idle the whole day and wait for zero time...

Audition Stadium, Present Day 18:45...

-As Richard's instruction, Kim and Ron got to the rendezvous point and found a PCJ with its key waiting for them...The note stuck on said - Kim & Ron will continue their way from nowon; Rich will stay back and block [CSCD] & [QD] dancers from chasing them... No time to think it through, Kim then took the wheelie and drove out of Audition Stadium immediately...[CSCD] Dancers quickly detected their target and prepared to chase them- but suddenly, a thousand teenagers overflowed and made big queue infront of the Audition Stadium! [CSCD] Dancers then got stuck in this human tide and couldn't move on anymore...

Inside the Stadium - All the observer seats are filled, and the Spectators even hustle to the Dance Stage, trying any free spaces they can use... They are all waiting for the Returning Liveshow of Richard Rich - whoa, he really had many fans right ? Actually, Kim doesn't know Richard Rich was a popular Dancers,well-known all around the Audition World - he has retired, but his talents still attracted many fans! That's why they are here today, to watch his returning show.

Well, I must say, Rich, you're so clever!

Under overzealous cheering from all the fans, Rich once again performed the Beat-Up show with Fan song - not hard, but everybody loves his Dancing Style! And at the Finish Move, Richard has unleashed his Unique Turtles Spin 720*   - making everybody surprised and can't say anything... Five more minutes later, the Spectator now regained consciousness and clapped loudly - Yes, short show but Richard has make everybody pleased! And by the way, he can be sure, the [CSCD] Dancers won't be happy because of it!


Just as planned, the 10 minutes delayed Richard created has helped Kim completely drop her trials. It's even more effective with the 5 extended minutes - enough to hold [CSCD] dancers inside the human tide. As the show ended, Rich quickly changed clothes and left Audition Stadium safety No one will recognize him.

Back to the Motel, Richard then opened his GPS - on the PCJ he gave Kim is a transmission chip. The signal indicated that they are moving out of Audition Resort - oh yeah, I made it - Rich thought...

Running away in this situation is way hard with Kim - only Richard's popular can help her, and hell, it worked...

Mission: The Great Escape
Song: Kelly Chan - Love Paradise (80 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 8-D

  • Get 7 Perfects
  • Get Finish Move and 3/5 Crazy Bar
  • Use Haunted Classroom Stage
  • Get 13 perfects
  • Get Crazy Move and Full Crazy bar
  • Win the 2nd position in 6 Dancers room
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 53: When the Queen arrives

...The next morning, †GaLoi† and Smartboycr quickly arrive the wood and wait for Kim - as planned, she and Ron will arrive here shortly... A Motorbike is coming close, they can hear that! Smart then looked through his binoculars and, well, luckily, it's Kim. But he also saw something chasing them behind - like a missile! Trouble up ahead, Smart then shouted:

Kim! Look out behind you!

Around 100m to exit the wood, Kim heard in Smart's word passing by - sounds like "Look out" ? She glanced behind and saw a big Homing Missile, coming close!   Instantly, Kim turned 90 degree and hit the bush, just as the Missile flew through and away due to target lost... Getting shock after the hit, Ron tried to stand up and lift his friend out of this area, before the fire spread out... †GaLoi† and Smart then took both of them out of the Outsider Resort for seeking shelter...

Ouch, that hurts so bad...

Fortunately no one got hurt so bad... Time for advancing the plan, but well, trouble blocked their way again! Today Audition Resort had to welcome the Queen of Audition - Alice! Normally, Smart can always lead his friends out of Audition Gate with his passcard - but not today! Unless Smart and his friends had married or at least registered couple with someone, the Queen of Audition surely won't let them out!   Anyway, Smart already married Angerlos a long time ago, while Kim's couple registration with Richard is still usable - only Ron is alone! Breaking up with Sakura make him won't care getting close to any girl in a long time - and now, it raised hard for Ron!

Alice - Queen of Audition World

Again, Richard had to find a way to help Ron quick - they can't wait the Queen leaving this place - the accident this morning is enough already! Therefore, Rich must salvage his Popular for finding help from his fans - Fortunately, a girl named Pesu_88 has understood Richard's trouble and agreed to help him. She also had the confidence Ron had: Being left by her Partner! Well, it's easy to sympathize with people be on same boat - so Richard can count on Pesu now...

Under the Queen's supervisor, pesu and Ron had their first meet on a Crazy dance this morning - the required ceremonial before they can become couple... Crazy dance is never be Ron's strong point, but at least he had advantage on Slow song - like Love Paradise. Since Ron wasn't required to win, he can freely dance and get the 2nd place - better than pesu and enough to impress her right ?


Mission: When the Queen arrives
Song: DJ choice
Mode: Couple Dance

  • Get 15 Perfects
  • Get 5 hearts
  • Get one Perfect x 4
  • Use Haunted Classroom Stage
  • Play with song Cool - All for you (100 BPM)
  • Get 10 hearts
  • Get all Finish Move
  • Chance whole song and get 0 miss 0 bad
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 54: Friends Forever

Time for the main Couple Dance - Ron get to make at least 5 hearts in order to register couple with pesu Strangely, somehow pesu danced so slow, and she can't keep up with Ron's step! No reason to explain it, as she expressed real good right in the last Crazy Dance... Half song passed with only 3 hearts made Ron felt so worry - if he can't win this time, there will be no other chance for him. Ron then took time after missing the Finish Move for asking pesu straightly...

-Ron, I'm really not deserve with you! You expressed so good in the last match, I can't keep it up with you!
-Come on pesu - Doesn't Richard tell you about my trouble ?
-I know that, so I'm here for this... But...
-Gee, poor you pesu, you also got breaking up like me ? So please, do this for me just one time!
-Maybe so Ron, just one time... () Please don't blame me if something goes wrong in the future, can you?...
-Of course, we're always friend mate!
-Really ?
-Look at me! Ronald Brain won't lie his friend ever!


So the Couple Dance can go down happily till the end, although Ron still missed 2 steps... Only 5 hearts, but enough for coupling with pesu - well, maybe this is the last thing Ron received in this Audition World...

Temporary or not, no longer important with Ron. Pesu can keep this couple license or throw this away - up to her. Once getting out of this world, everything is meaningless with Ron...

A few minutes later, the Queen also decided to take off and return her palace... Kim and Ron quickly followed Smartboycr with †GaLoi† out of Audition Resort, heading to the Audition Gate. However, they didn't find the Gate Guard Rain here - he won't be allowed to go out side when in charge right ?

Of course the gate will remain closed without Rain's approval, so Kimmust find out where he is... She then located a notepad, including the Queen's flight back home. Great, that must be the reason make him disappear - to go and see-off the Queen... Coming back to the Airfield, only Kim and †GaLoi† - Smart and Ron must stay back in order their theory is wrong... As Kim and †GaLoi† arrived, a small fight has just ended - sadly, the loose belonged to Overcrew, Queen Alice's Pilot! So she must find another substitute to continue her ride - or staying here until tomorrow...Kim somehow discovered Rain in the crowd - and she knew, he won't leave this place until the Queen takes off safety. Therefore, Kim had no other choice than helping Queen Alice - to find a pilot...

Ah men, when can these troubles stop messing me ?

Mission: Friends Forever
Song: Turtles - Airplane (120 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6-K

  • Get 375 Perfects
  • Get Blue Beat-Up
  • Get bad or 0 cool
  • Get 450 perfects
  • Blue Chance and get 0 miss
  • Use Halloween Stage


Q: Ron is forced to make couple again? Lolz
A: Poor him, all about opening his escape way. If you were Kim, would you blame him for this ?

Q: What does the title Friends Forever mean ?
A: You see, Ron has ran out of solution escaping this world, and making couple is just his last way. Therefore, he won't mind if pesu uses the same way sakura treats him - even if she wanna breaking right afterward. Everything is meaningless now...
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 55: Ticket to the Freedom

...The recruitment process has extended so long, but still result in nothing. †GaLoi† always know, this place had many good Pilots - they just need some encouragement to get pass their shy. As the great result in Dark World, †GaLoi† quickly found out a great way to get attention: Beat-Up Dance Airplane song! Whoa, what an excellent idea!


The Dance Match quickly attracted everybody's attention, both from Airfield and Queen's servants. As [P2] Beater rank, †GaLoi† easily cleared this song with high Perfects rates! After the show, he also had some words for explanation - of course,†GL† underlined and evaluated all the helps to Queen Alice now - it will be a great honor for whoever Pilot sign up now! Finally someone can show up and asked for help - Rie. She is a woman,but not mean that she can't fly - so Queen Alice can approve her immediately!

The flight is continued right afterward, and everybody can breath, they won't have to wait longer. The Queen also invited †GaLoi† to come along - so he can say goodbye Kimmie now - see you around sister! That, and all Kim can do now is returning the Audition Gate with Rain -one click and he set free for all of them, out of this Audition World!

Time for the last and least trouble to solve with Kim - Richard and Scotch's note said that she and Ron must find an Island named Blueland - this is where a Senior Wizard named Julie is living. She is the only one mastered the Ultimate Teleportation Spell, which can send Kim and Ron back to their world. Anyway, they must first find their way to go oversea - there is alittle Port near the Audition Resort. Maybe someone there can help themgo to the Blueland Island...

This is the latest picture of Julie - Richard had a copy of this for Kim on his PCJ before...

Now that, crossing the ocean must be solved first with Kim & Ron - swimming is impossible, and if they managed to find a boat or ship... maybe challenge is still waiting for them. They aren't completely out of this World yet, so better watch out for everything right...

Mission: Ticket to the Freedom
Song: UP - The Ocean (126 BPM)
Stage: Audition Resort


Mode: Dynamic 4k
  • Get 14 Perfects
  • Get Finish Move
  • Get 0 bad or 0 cool
  • Get 20 perfects
  • Chance whole song and get 0 miss
  • Get two perfect x3


Mode: One-Two Party
  • Get 20 Perfects
  • Get 0 miss
  • Get 35 perfects
  • Get less than 3 bads


Mode: Beat-Up 6-K
  • Get 225 Perfects
  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
  • Get 275 perfects
  • Blue Chance and get 0 bad 0 cool
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 56: Triple Challenge...

It seems bad luck is still waving around Kim & Ron these days... There is NO ships and boats at the docks, except a Luxury Yacht owned by Jacky. He is also a Master Dancer of Audition world but lives separate with the world due to his Slow-song favorite (120 ~ 140)... For now he is the only one can help Kim, and she had no choice than asking him a favor...

-...Say Kim, I really don't want to go oversea today. The weather is not so good, you know.
-Yep, I know it's very rarely to get help from you. - I was unwilling to do this!
-No joke girl. Not easy to travel in my Yacht eh?
-I'm waiting challenge - bring 'em on!
-Let's see - 3 people, enough for 3 Dance modes! Are you ready?

The challenge started with same song Sea (UP) - 126 BPM. However, picking up mode for Kim, Ron, Smart is randomly - and the luck goes to Kim as she will play Dynamic Dance! Her task is beating Jacky's opponent, easier said than done! But at least, 126 BPM song is not so fast with Kim, so she can keep Perfects step to defeat her competition!


Ron really faced bad luck when he must play One-Two Party. This mode is hard enough, but the un-matched rhythm really drained Ron much energy. Causing 5 bads, and hell, Ron was lucky for passing the minimum requirement 0 miss - phew!


And lastly, the Beat-Up mode, supposed to play by Ron - is Smart's challenge!. This song is just level 1, but not easy to get perfects. 0 miss and reached Blue Beat-Up, that's all Smart can do. Jacky accepted this result...


Time to get off now - good bye Audition World! Safety is back for a while - now Jacky will drive Kim to the Blueland, where she can find Julie the Wizard. This island is located far out of West Side, must take a half day to reach it... All Kim can do is sitting and waiting, while Ron and Smart still spent time for some last Beat-Up dance...

West Audition Ocean, Present Day, 16:38

-As Jacky worries, the sky gets darker and the sun disappears, indicating a storm or whimsical, something like that... He tried to drive the Yacht to the right way, but still had to watch out behind. With Kim's trouble, Jacky can be sure, [CSCD] and [QD] dancers haven't given up that soon - they may appear here sooner or later...

-Half hour later, Blueland finally displayed on the Radar. Jacky slowly turn the wheelie 37 deegre to the left, but suddenly he saw something on the opposite direction. Switching to GPS mode, Jacky quickly detected 5 warship, chasing behind! Great! He complained while triggering Red Alert...

-On the deck, all the Dancers suddenly got troublous due to Red Alert. Kim can easily guess who's after her, and this is going to involve many people on this Yacht! There is no way back for Kim, so she determined to encourage and cheering for all the Security Dancers, hoping that the can hold theline till they arrive Blueland... She is a CheerLeader remember ?

Great - don't these guy ever give up?

Mission: Triple Challenge
Song: 1TYM - Get them Hands Up (101 BPM)
Mode: Expert Choreography
  • Get 15 Perfects
  • Get Finish Move
  • Use Viking Treasure Stage
  • Get 23 perfects
  • Chance whole song and get 0 miss
  • Get perfect x4 at the last turn
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 57: Fight at will!

...Ron and Smartboycr quickly joined the Security Team for help - It's way so tense as Jacky only had 30 members, to contend with 5 warship full of dancers behind! Right then, a Global Announcement displayed on the Public Billboard:
To: All the Dancers in Jacky's Luxury Yacht

I'm so sorry for this trouble - it happened just because of me,Kimberly. Please don't blame Jacky, he had no guilty and all he tried to do is helping me get back to my hometown. And now, we had no other choice than stand up and fight at will - try your best guys. I will cheer for you!

Kimberly Ann Possible
Afterward, the Billboard shown up a 3-D stage inside Jacky's Dancing Area, decorated as Viking Treasure Stage. Kim, performing the Get Them Hands Up song and telling out everythingabout her history, the reason why she is here, everything she must suffer to stay alive till now... Just 3 minutes, but enough for Kim to finish her word...


Something is being woken up in those Dancers's mind. It seems, a honor duty is waiting for them, as there haven't been works for them a long time ago. So Kaul, Joo Won, Scoop, Triniti... all determined to fight at will this time! They had the same determined right?


This is what I called "Union made the invincible Power"

Soon afterward, the warships had caught up with Jacky's Yacht. Kaul quickly separated his friends into 2 group, guarding all the weak points with divide and rule tactics! They also courted on many advantages and dangerous points for easy knock off their opponents... With well cooperative and great strategies, Kane, Nicole, Power Break,Macro... has successfully drawn back all the opponents, coming from everywhere... At the 500m distance with Blueland, Jacky quickly speed up and dropped off his trials... He picked the right time as the tide lowered, showing up oust which blocking his opponent from advancing further. Great!

At last... We're safe!

Mission: Fight at will!
Song: Namola Family - I will see only you (108 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 4-D
  • Get 12 Perfects
  • Get Crazy Move and full Crazy Bar
  • Get one x3 or 0 miss
  • Get 20 perfects
  • Get all 2 Finish Move and Crazy Move
  • Get Crazy Move Perfect and one finish Move Perfect x
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 58: Let the Music cure your wound

...Ten more minutes and the Yacht finally reached Blueland safety. The fight is so tough, but Jacky's members completely felt good for this Glorious Victory - for a long time, they haven't had chance to join such a big battle like this. All Kim and Ron can do is thanking Jacky and everybody for helping them so much   they are on their own from now on...

Let's go Ron, no time for playing around anymore

Smart also notice, Julie's castle is located somewhere in this wood, maybe hidden behind the West Mountains. He hadn't meet Julie for a long time - the latest NPC show had her arrival is half year ago...  No other tips for Kim now, she and Ron must continue searching this place manually.

Half Hour Later...

-Wandering around, Ron suddenly found a Brock Castle - looks so overcast and no life-air... Anyway, he read many books about Ancient Wizard and understood, this is not strangely with them - maybe so as Julie? Therefore, Ron decided to notify Kim, and she also thought as he thought... Carefully crossing the Brock Bridge, they then saw the big Castle, but built with Modern architecture instead of ancient way. Well, whatever

This is the place! I wondered if it's Julie's home or not ?

(Knock Knock)

-Who's that? - Whoa, it's been a long time and I've had visitor again! - a woman opened the door
-Good afternoon miss. Are you Julie ? Kim replies
-That's it, I understand. Girl, take your friend inside, we need to talk now.

15 minutes later...

-You know everything about us already ?
-Kim, I'm the most Powerful Wizard of this Audition World! And I do know everything about all the dancers in this world without meeting them first!
-But... We're just...
-Right, you two came from the other world, "Earth". But the time living here has promoted you two with specified rank - Ron is Clubber, and you, are Freedom Dancer!
-It means...
-Of course, Dancers's rank, I know it like my hands! Now, let's talk about your trouble!
-Yes, please check this for us...
-Wait a minute! Teleportation Spell required fully strength, and it seems, your friend has wounded already!
-Now Kim also noticed Ron's hardly walk recently. It turned out that his try on fighting off the battle before made him wounded a little, but he still kept it until now. And in this case, Julie can't afford to cast Teleportation Spell on Ron - It's too risky!

-Still thinking on a solution, Kim then saw an Energy Converter at theroom's corner - Ms. Julie also used it to cure small hurt, no? Kim then asked to make a Crazy Dance, earning some Evergreen Chemical for Ron - Great idea! Still slow song, but with Kim, the title I will see only you is more important! She can easily cleared the song with 2 Finish Moves and Crazy Move,bringing out powerful Evergreen Adrenalin to cure Ron's wound...


Mission: Let the Music cure your wound

Song: Audition - Happy Ending (128 BPM)
Stage: Audition Resort


Mode: Dynamic Dance
  • Get 15 Perfects
  • Get one Finish Move
  • Get 0 miss FreeStyle
  • Get 23 perfects
  • Get all 2 Finish Moves
  • Play Dynamic 8-D


Mode: Beat-Up 6-K
  • Get 550 Perfects
  • Red Chance and get 0 miss
  • Get 625 perfects
  • Blue Chance and get less than 3 bads


Q: So, this dance means that Kim has paid back her honor debt to Ron?
A: Absolutely, although they never want to discuss about who saving who...

Q: Audition - "Happy Ending" - what a title! Hey, the story is coming to an end?
A: Great guess, only 2 chapters remaining now! Keep waiting...
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...