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Kim Possible Season 6: Lifetime in College

Kim Possible Season 6: Lifetime in College

This is my Fan Fiction Kim Possible season, continuing from the ending of SS 4. I made it for fun, so please don't be so hasty Thanks for reading this

Kim Possible Fiction series
Season 6: Lifetime in College

Starting time: September 5th, when new School Year comes in Middleton Town
Content: Now it's time to grow up with Kim & Ron - and as they decides to join College instead of University at the first time, there will be many new things to make use with. It should be noticed that Middleton College has many brands and subjects, and Kim & Ron has chosen to learn IT career, starting with Basic Mastermind Course in the first 3 Quarters. Also, there are plenty of school activities, so our friends won't feel bored that easily eh?

101-Talents & Powers

Seems the destiny won't leave Kim & Ron easily, they finally met up their old fellows in Middleton College again. As you can expect, Kim will continue her Cheering role here beside Bonnie, Tara, Liz, Amelia... with the aid of Mascot Ron Stoppable (Yeah that's right, Bonnie also entered this school even she didn't past the final examination ) While student time is more interesting than pupil time, they also have the choice to join another activity to prove their ability! Here, we have a new Guild "Talent Mates", where everyone can join with their unique talents. Of course Kim was invited soon, and Ron also wanted to join her.  However, the leader Brick Flaggs, our old friend - knew exactly how Ron is, so he rejected his apply without checking...

We all understand that Ron has changed a lot, and he wasn't useless as before. Kim and Monique can ensure it, while Ron manually proved himself and got the respective from Tara and Penny (They are all Senior Member in Talent Mates ). No matter what they do, Brick still kept his decision and Kim couldn't do anything until she is still normal member!

Beware; the mission today won't come in easily for Kim to solve! Oh Boyz are now being chased by Gemini; he wanted to celebrate his own Birthday Party real rock! Ok, they are old friends of Kim & Ron, so she can find a suitable way to rescue them without much trouble. Because of this, Oh Boyz decided to thank Kim by giving her a free show at her School in the next Friday night. So now they arrived and stayed at Middleton Town, to prepare for their performance!

Well, another Mob war between Ron and Brick was started since Oh Boyz wants one of them to be the MC that night. The whole Talent Mates members still supporting Brick due to his talents - men, it's so annoying! Ron only got his buddies on his side, so it seems there's no chance for him to win Brick, but Kim still comforted and encouraged her friend, no matter happen! Until that important night

Before the show started, Gemini broke in the main stage to re-capture Oh Boyz. Kim, Ron, Brick and the whole Talent Mates member are here as well, so he brought in a Laser Defensive to keep our friends down. Great, now what can Ron and Brick do? Our "talent" leader couldn't bypass this challenge, so time for Ron is now: Just an old dance in "Hello Hello Hello" soundtrack and he easily sneaked pass the beam! Cool, now that the Laser Defensive is off-line, Kim can back on Ron's side as a rock Crime Stopper again - no need to worry about Gemini anymore.

As you can see gentlemen, it is the perfect performance Oh Boyz made in Middleton College, especial with MC Ronald! The mission also helped him and Kim gain respective from Talent Mates members, so finally Kim has become their new Leader, while Ron was chosen to be her main Assistant! What do you expect here? Ron is no longer be discounted anymore, he totally proved himself as a rock Dancer, no matter how he is previously. Although it is just temporary, Ron can still proud of it, and Kim can be pleased with this happy ending eh? Cheers dude!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


102-Steadiness Friends

(Flashback episode)

*** If you've ever wondered WHEN and HOW Kim & Ron become Stead赤ness Friend, check this episode! The idea came to me by a werid way that I saw most of the content in my DREAM... ***

Now Kim & Ron is a perfect couple in Middleton, and everybody knew their love has been raised from their Steadiness friendship before. If you wondered what made them became un-split-able friends in the past, listen to Kimmie! Well, in the Memorize Party event, Kim also has a secret to share, on how she and Ron become Steadiness friends previously.

Since Kim was a little girl, she was already clever and intelligent - however, Ron is the boy made her perfectly; thanks to his weird character! The important turn happened when they were 6 - Kim's family had a nice trip to McDonald restaurant in California. Ron also came here with his parents as well, and Kim could think of a warm night playing with her friend? Wrong! The delicious foods totally attracted Ron, thus making Kim be ignored! Well, she felt a little sad, but still many things to do here, so forget about it...

After a short time going around, Kim suddenly found a strange Crystal Cube under a table. She decided to take and show it to Ron; however she was chased down during the way back! Men, even Kim was trying to survive, asking Ron for help - he still didn't notice it due to Buenos Nachos! It took Kim a lot tries and she hardly escaped from the thief. Now she was very angry with Ron, he made her very disappointed. Everything has just got worse when Ron won't admit his fault; he even discounted Kim and called her "curiously". Whoops, it pushed Kim out of her patient, so a big quarrel was started. Men, seems Kim would never forgive Ron this time...

Don't think that Ron can just remain silence, he also dislikes Kim's emotions - but fighting isn't a boy's choice. Instead, he sneaked in Kim's hotel Room right that night and took away the Crystal Cube for revenge! Yep, that's what he thought, but Gemini also tracking down this power source from the restaurant. Because of it, Ron is now the marked target to be eliminated!

So, when Kim was cool down and went to Ron's hotel room at the next morning, she has found out that her friend was taken away! Now, only two choices for Kim: go and rescue Ron or ignore him and continue the trip with her family. Well, she finally decided to stay back and save Ron, as he is still important with her. I must notice, Kim is just 6, so fighting is impossible. She knew that only stealth can be used here, so better sneak in Gemini's casino, free Ron then get out quietly. Say, Kim managed to get in undetected but when Ron is free, the alarm went off! Now it is his duty to lead Kim out and secure the Crystal Cube - thank god Ron's great tactic worked effective this time! Just running around to distract, and Kim can have time to finish remain objectives and escape with her friend!

I believe it's the first unofficial mission Kim solved with Ron's help. Their clash was cleared as well: Ron owned K.P and she couldn't survive without him. So as the trip ended, Kimmie and Ronald finally went to their important decision: Become Steadiness friends! From now on, Kim and Ron will belong together no matter what happens! Congratulation mates!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...



Since Kim & Ron were friends, Ron already bothered Kimmie so much because of his careless: He always forgets to tell Kim many things; even it contains very important events (Test, meeting, calls, etc...) Say, it not only gave troubles to Kimmie, but also made her miss up much great news; which was supposed to be told out earlier... Now as his girlfriend, Kim swears that she will NEVER forgive Ron if he dares to "forget" again! Ok, we aren't kids anymore and it is time to change dude. Thankfully, Ron now understood what he needs to do, so he will try any worth way to avoid this bad thing happens.

We now process through another ancient mission: Kim's duty, to prevent Monkey Fist from acquiring the new Mystical Monkey Power restored from the Stone Age! Here she also noticed that Ron had a long "to-do" list which he used to memorize important events for now. Fine sort of - Kim has secured one of the Head statue, so Ron will remind her when to return it to Cambodia Mausoleum.

Everything seems perfectly with Ron, the to-do list is very useful for remember things as long as he still continues writing it. Normally Ron did it immediately after receiving new events - however just one careless time and he had to pay! It's a normal call for Kim; her friend Britna said that she will call back later. Ron didn't note her name yet, as he thought Kim will be back soon. Trouble came in when Ron picked up the next call: Britna again, and this time she just left a message; telling Kim to call her when she arrives. Uh oh, Ron even forgot who on-phone is now - game time had cleared his memories! Damn, now how can he say "someone" called Kim? Only Wade can help Ron now - he may track down the call log and locate the place of the last caller. Traveling to San Francisco, Ron finally found out "the hidden girl" Britna - yep, she is famous and it's not so hard for Ron to realize her mansion. However, the thing Ron never expected is MF*s arrival: He came to take Britna away! And so as Ron!

In Middleton ... After found out Ron's to-do list in his locker, Kim was known the fault he has made and what he's up to now. But it also means MF could play on him: Wade said that the Head Statue Kim kept can be replaced with two Sacrifice Portals! Who else can be used except Ron and Britna? Because of it, Kim immediately went to the ancient temple just as MF arrived. She quickly threw out the Head statue to release Ron and Britna as well as activate Mystical Monkey Power. Since Ron was rigged with this old spell previously, MF had no chance to steal it again - Ron can now easily beaten MF down without any troubles.

So ... Ron is saved again and he is with Britna now, so Kim can forgive his fault one time - so far she is still a good girl remember? By the way, Britna also said about her new Liveshow in San Francisco and invited Kim to join - so she can have a great night-date with Ron under Golden Gate Bridge - this time it will be real romantic right dude? Cheers!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


104-Opera Theatre

(Flashback episode)

One of Kim's best shows was revealed from the Talent day last year, and that's why Ron, Monique and Tara wanted her to make another one in the next Saturday night. Because this one is a Classical show (With soft Tango, Jive, Samba... song), Kim also had a little memory to tell before stepping on the stage.

Well, we all know that after the first successful rescue mission, Kim is well-known as a cute and deadly Crime Stopper, all around the world. This time she was invited to join many free shows, as the thanks her contractors gave to her. When Kim was 14 years-old, she and Ron received an invitation to the Opera Show hosted in Verona, Italia. It is a warm night with our friends, staying and watching the show together. After the main show ended, Mr. Flash, the director, asked Kim to "perform" show as she likes - it is time to express your style dude! Well, even Kim hadn't learned it previously; she still tried her best and made a great show! Everybody is happy, except the main singer Brenda - she thought Kim may want to overthrow her. Ah men.

Another robbery was set up afterward, and Kim must stop her old competition Dementor, preventing him from demolishing this Theater. With Ron's effort, she managed to kick Dementor out early although he still took away a strange Chemical. But no matter, Mr. Flash said that he only used it for increase voice volume and buying another one is not a problem. For the duty Kim had done today, she and Ron were allowed to stay here for free another week. Great!

Dementor is now changing his plan, and he has made a Destruction Chemical to take out Flash's theater. In order to do so, he gave the new Chemical to Brenda, and instructed her to "poison" Kim, so she won't be able to perform in the main show. And right at the next test show, Kim's hi-voice has gone, thus killing her chance to sing! Yup, now Flash can only count on Brenda, and he must make her the main singer again. Kim was so sad, but she isn't Italian anyway so better get over it eh? However, she still discovered that Brenda's voice was so strange: Seems it's louder than normal. She then recorded and transfers it to Wade, seeing if he can figure out the secret.

The main show has come, and Kim is still waiting the answer. To make her happy, Ron signed up a classic Ballroom Dance before Brenda's show. Uh oh, Wade suddenly called in and warned them: Don't let Brenda sing or she will destroy the building. Antidote is being made, but Kim & Ron must buy Wade more times. Ah well, our friends then played a real long dance, about 30 minutes even Brenda*s turn is right afterward 每 they had no choice than extending Performance time as long as possible. Luckily, it's enough to complete the antidote, so Dementor's plan is finished!

Well, as the report Wade gave out to Kim, Mr. Flash immediately fired Brenda for being such a bad singer! Kim will handle the final show, and it's the greatest one she has made; thanks Wade for recovering her voice! Relaxing time is over, so Kim & Ron can say good bye to Mr. Flash now... Yep, that's a great memory Kim still kept for now - nicely! Oh, and by the way, she also re-appeared again on stage with a nice Tango song, followed by the Ballroom dance together with her boy Ron here# Sweetie right!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


105-Things that go ahead!

It is very surprise for Kim when she has found out, Ron was on mission again right at his day off! Actually, she also received request this morning, but this one isn't so big, so she won't bother her boyfriend, as he needs a rest after the last survival mission. To find out what on earth happened here, we must pay Ron another visit, to his house...

Now, it's the most serious problem with Ron so far - even Kim may never imagine it: His mom made an emergency call, COMMANDED him to print out an important document for his dad. He won't stand a chance to deny, of course - but Ron must do it immediately, as he can easily forget it (Well, remember the trouble from the last mission? ). Everything has just got worse when his sister Zoe detected that Ron has woken up: She had works for him again! Maybe Zoe didn't notice Ron had emergency task to do, and she kept complaining Ron for not-arriving-on time! And after taking Sean up to his room, she hardly barked Ron and accused him of being such a merciless boy! Oh men, Kim can understand why Ron left his sister handling Sean alone to solve his problem: He is grown, so better let him do things for himself manually - like going upstairs. Just pray dude, Zoe used to be "princess" so she won't forgive anyone doesn't help her. Ouch, Ron was pushed too far again...

Wait a minute, Wade said Ron was on mission, but which one? Kim has solved the easy duty today perfectly, so where can he get mission? Uh oh, while Kim was away, Drakken has set up his real plan: Stealing a new Weather Machine. That must be his decoy! Damn, Kim must come to support Ron quick; he won't be able to suffer this mission alone! But she was late: even Ron can drop off Drakken's guys, Shego still managed to defend position, buying Draken times to fire up the Weather MG. When Kim jumped in the battlefield, she was surrounded with a huge Firewall and must bring Ron out through its crack. So close, but they survived.

I know, Ron may never get pass his trouble, as the clash in their minds now. Kim tried any suitable ways, but seems nothing worked! So, again, mission came in to cool them down... Drakken has expected Kim's arrival, so he easily put her out of commission with a sleeping-gas. Ron then went fighting alone, and Berserk helped him again. However, the Weather MG is rigged with explosives, and it is going to blow! Ron must decide now: Defuse it to save Europe, or just take Kim out of here to save them-selves. He finally took Kim and the bomb into their car and drove out to North Pole, dropped the bomb and stayed clear before it exploded without damaging anyone! Perfect choice!

Yup, Kim is saved, thanks to Ron again, and she is so appreciate that Ron also realizes what things are more important to be solved first 每 also don*t forget to teach someone that he must do things for himself manually if he can! With this formula, Sean is always the second, as he is grown enough to take care of himself 每 ha-ha, I'm sure that Zoe will never take it, but Ron was right, so good luck sister! What a great ending!
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106-More than this

Besides main class time in Middleton College, Kim and Ron also have external class times, joining or not is up to them. In order to go with Kim together, Ron accepted to join Latin class, half-time before computing class time kicks in. Normally his dad drives him here early at 7:00 AM, but today Kim noticed that Ron hasn*t come yet. She could think he was cold, oversleep, etc# until Ron went in the main class at 9:30 AM with strange mood# Well, after a short chat, Kim was known that an accident happened this morning made Ron missed the first class time: His dad forgot to pick him up at 7:00 AM, and he was oversleep afterward# So at 9:10, Ron finally woke up and got barked by his dad, for not waking up earlier! Yup, that*s what he must take, but trouble isn*t gone yet: The counselor kept them in class after class time for a meeting, and it*s REAL LONG!!! After waiting nearly one hour, Ron*s dad got mad and commanded him to get home, skipped the remaining information by any means. Again, Ron was barked even this time it isn*t his fault#

I know; it*s a dedicated situation with Ron, and he also received another lesson: Never stay at external Meeting last long, you can restore missing information later. And it made Kim real shamed when going with him to Middleton*s buffet 每 even the Welcome time hasn*t completed, he still decided to leave and start ※important things§ first. Ouch! But Kim had no time to complain, Senior is destroying her day-off again! Because Ron has left too soon, he couldn*t help Kim contending with SSS*s squad 每 she failed to prevent him from capturing the famous Scientist Jenny 每 also her old partner before.

Ron, I don*t know how you can be so hurry! Kim said. Again, she must do anything worth to change back her friend, as his training always resulted bad ending! It still not worked, Ron now kept skipping Meeting time more and more, thus missing many important notices Kim must remind him afterward. She will run out of energy sooner or later if Ron doesn*t realize his wrong way now! No matter what it*s, Kim still had to rescue Jenny to continue the Meeting. She and Ron then sneaked inside Senior*s mansion and heard a Radio Announcement. Ron can*t hide in the shadow last long to hear it all, he jumped in the battlefield and does his old objective: Distracting. However, Kim suddenly found out that the place where Jenny is being held is prepared to be taken away 每 so she must stop it at all cost. Unfortunately, Ron*s work couldn*t help, as the location is very far from here! Because of it, Kim has been disarmed and imprisoned with Jenny!

Wade called in and redirects the phone line to Senior*s speaker, telling Ron the whole situation. Damn, it*s all his fault; and he must fix it quick! No matter, Ron can use this trick to lure Junior away 每 just a nice Announcement to attract him is enough. Fighting against Senior isn*t a big problem since Jenny can support Ron with her Power-Up Remote control. What a great job yo!

Ha, I think the trouble is cleared and it*s so costly with Kim, as her friends had realized what he needs to do and what he needs to avoid. So, meeting is always important with Ron, he won*t leave it early again. And finally, Kim decided to drive Ron to school from now on, so he won*t get trouble with his dad again! She is a great girl dude, you*re so lucky Ron!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


107-Brave Wholeheartedly Loser

*** Since making myself a nick name Ron"BWL", I've never thought that similar trouble could happen to me this day, and according to it, I've written this episode to mark out the time Ron received "BWL" prefix ***

Kim always considers Ron as her true partner, but he is still sad because of his low-skill. Even on simple mission, Ron's effort couldn't help much, and he also got saved by K.A many times. Well, maybe it's his own idea, and Kim said that nothing to worry - you're still useful Ron. However, one accident has eliminated his confident; thanks to his sister.

It's another day-off with Kim & Ron; they just stay at home, chatting together. Suddenly, Ron's sister Zoe yelled for help - the kitchen is burning! Emergency situation and Ron must solve it as a true man? Wrong again - she just asked Ron to call his neighbors although he can put out the fire easily - actually his fellows also did it this way. Damn it, but everything is over, so Ron can go back to his room. Now, Zoe has hardly discounted Ron by accusing him - on leaving and not helping her! What the hell is that - if she needs to call the neighbor, then why bother Ron? Damn, he won't stay here to be a clown for her - she won't need him for emergency situation, so why he has to be here for tiny mess?

Kim then left offline message, mission is waiting them. Monkey Fist is now finding a Magic Banana to activate an ancient MK spell, so Kim must ensure that won't happen. However, she discovered that Ron was so strange: He couldn't even handle simple task - like dodging Monkey Fist's ninja or distracting him - he prefers calling for support instead! Wade may help him for a while, but this can't remain last long... Again, Kim has to find out what's going on with Ron now - Monkey Fist may escape this time, she will beat him later.

Uh oh, now everything won't be normal to ignore with Kim - she always knows if Ron's confident is taken out, he may never restore his weird-powerful skill! Trying to persuade Zoe is waste of time - her "Princess" character won't allow her to realize right things... So sad

Now that Wade has found MF*s new hideout, Kim must finish this once and for all. To protect Ron, all she can count on now is Wade*s remote assistant - he must be the main supporter on the battlefield today. It's real tough fight, and Kim can only take out the Magic Banana - then MF choked her and Ron into unfeeling and exploded his place before getting away. Ron then woke up and found K.P tied down nearby, while the whole Dojo is collapsing! For her friend's life, Kim asked Ron to get out of here and call reinforcements quick - no time to waste! But Ron understood that he will never save Kimmie via this way. Time to return your style - immediately Ronald lifted Kim onto his shoulder and used her gadgets to get out - as the building is ruined, he and Kimmie also landed at the grass nearby - phew, so close!

And nothing much to say about the happy ending, as Ron kept thanked Kim for waking him up when she still smiled softly - no need to imagine dude, Ron saved her again! For this successful mission, we can welcome back our Brave Wholeheartedly Loser Ronnie - or Ron "BWL" as Kim called. Just remember, he ain't kid anymore, and Zoe, you may need your brother more than you expect for now - just respect him honestly and everything will be ok. Right Zoe!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...



Peace time has come back with Kim and Ron, their first quarter is nearly completed with no troubles 每 actually the only one Project before New Year holiday is over so Ron won*t have to worry about Homework anymore. However, he never expected that his sister Zoe may hold it against him just due to some silly stories in his Diary (What the#?)

For a long time ago, both Kim and Ron have been writing a shared Diary, telling each other*s confidences on the papers. Yep, beside the Digital Blog, they still kept this classic Diary way to reminisce many nice memories since they have met each other# Here, Ron also had some stories tricking his sister as well, but all with funny mood and he won*t blame or hate Zoe after all. Sometimes, Kim and Ron also wrote Latin entries for learning Foreign Language 每 I think it*s not a bad idea! One day, Ron*s turn came in, and he brought the Diary book to his house after school time# However, Zoe asked Ron to take care of Shawny Sean again, and he may handle it like normally. Uh oh, but the Diary is still on the table 每 how careless are you Ron!!! Zoe then opened and read a few pages (She is curiously, I guess ) and found the Latin entry Ron wrote 每 seems he filed complain against her so bad in this page# That*s why she holds it against Ron again when he returns 每 This seems to be the fault that Zoe may never forgive Ron#

Well, even Ron still didn*t understand anything, he may easily guess that his sister is misunderstanding him 每 this entry is written in Latin, and Zoe isn*t good on this language anyway, so she may not read the whole content of it. Think again, Zoe is very seriously this time; her words are harder than ever! Men, Ron isn*t a stone, he still had his own emotions! Then how can Zoe say it to her brother while she can*t even understand what he writes???

The next entry spooked Kim that Ron went into a big trouble again 每 she knew each time Ron uses Latin for writing, he probably got another mess that*s hard to be solved# Anyway, mission can help Ron cool down for while, and this time is not exception# Kim then went to Los Angeles along with Ron; her cousin Larry needs his help here. Game Walkthrough again, but by the time Kim went out for fresh air, something flashed on the T.V and captured Ron and Larry*s mind 每 they now felt into the Virtual World of Final Fantasy XI, newest PS2 game Larry has just bought#

Wade then called in to warn Kim about the dangerous game Larry has bought ago, which may cause him stuck inside Virtual World forever! She immediately came back his house, but too late 每 her fellows has gone! It is impossible to get them out by normal way, so Kim and Wade must once again turn themselves into FF characters, to ensure that Ron and Larry can finish the game! It was the long fight, but no problem with Ron*s skill 每 he knew exactly how to play this series with the most useful effective! They finally faced the final boss, but instead of a fight, Ron, Kim, Larry and Wade must complete a Latin Text game! Opps, even Ron can speak this language, he still faced many troubles when guessing the Question and finding the correct answer 每 if one false, they are finished! Wade must then try to translate all the Texts to English and hope that Ron won*t make a wrong choice. So stressful, but Ron was lucky today. He didn*t commit any fault, and as all 100 Question is solved, they were sent back to Larry*s house, with ※Victory§ sign printed on their shirt#

For the winning today, Ron may have to thank Wade a lot, but after all he is still great at Latin, at least to write Diary entry correctly 每 Kim could verify it, so don*t worry. Zoe, you*d better learn more Latin before accusing anybody on discounting you 每 they may write not well but nobody wants to make you down! Kim also said, Ron*s entry only had the tiny complains about Zoe, everything else are so grateful! Anyway, she will always trust Ron*s honest, no matter how he wrote about her 每 because only Kim know, Ron never mean anything directly as he writes! You are a great girl Kimmie!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


109-A new Possible year!

Time flies so fast dude, New Year day is nearly coming! Because Ron was invited to Kim's Christmas party last year, he decided to give Kim grateful thanks at his house this New Year day. However, life isn't simple for everybody even in this important day...

Kim has arrived to Ron's house early this morning, but the thing she never expected is he had SO MUCH works to do. Unlike the last year, Ron's parents can't stay at home for help, so it's all up to his sister Zoe. And as a "nice princess", she gave Ron so many tasks to do without a suitable schedule! Kim even had to take care of Hana for Ron while he kept wandering around, following Zoe's instruction. Ah men, she thought that a warm Night is a dream will never come true...

Again, Dr. Drakken screwed up Kim's day-off - however she knew that Ron won't be able to go with her this time, so... Kim asked Ron to take Hana out for air then Wade can fly her to Dr. Deez's hideout. Never mind, Ron is too busy to realize what Kim is up to now... Sort of, Drakken is creating his Gift magnet Rocket to steal everyone's happiness away. Kim doesn't have time to guess, she must stop this plan at all cost. Ron wasn't here to hold Shego down for her, but Hana can do it with her own way. Kim then went fighting Draken to stop the Rocket - say, this guy really learned some new moves to defend himself eh? Too bad, one fault step pushed both Kim and Draken in to the Rocket after Countdown timer reached Zero. They were sent to the space with the Rocket afterward...

Ron's house# The random works are still waving around; draining him much energy like Cold weather now. Anyway, Ron still decided to be good boy as long as he's thinking for his parents... So as Kim, that's why she kept fighting Drakken on the rocket now. The game is still tied; both of them are good and can't beat the other. So it's the first time Kim talked to Drakken - she then knew that Dr. D had a very lonely childhood: Nobody wants to gift him anything; even his mom - they just gave him money, that's all! Poor guy; Kim always knows a little present is costly than Million dollars ever! She then made a nice Paper-Crane for Draken, and it really moved him so much! So finally Kim and Drakken can hand shake for peaceful - thanks to New Year spirit! They now decided to drive the Rocket back and return the taken gifts to everybody - great plan!

It's 21:00 pm at Middleton town. After a long working time, Ron can rest for a while now - he also noticed that Kim hadn't returned with Hana yet. Wade then rang the doorbell, and Hana was backed home. Wait, but how about Kim? Where is she? What happened here? Wade then answered that Ron should prepare for welcoming her, time is also perfect now. As soon as Ron looked up, a big present flew down and landed in front of him. Inside... it's Kim; she gifted herself to Ron this New Year! Oh men, Ron couldn't say how happily he felt now. And that's it: A romantic night with our friend; nice and unforgettable memory eh?
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


110-You are the only one

Ron now had a lot of works to share with his sister; as he needs to help his parents get pass these hard days. However, the weather also became hastier, which affected him so much... Cold, snowy, wind... finally knocked Ron off - he won't be able to leave his bed until this sick goes out... Kim then accepted to take care of Ron in the weekend day while his family went off - but mission won't allow her to stay here last long. Of course Ron can suffer this sick for a while, but Kim still doesn't expect one thing...

As the day is over, Kim also completed her objective and kicked out Drakken from his plan. She then returned home and didn't notice: Ron still hadn't eaten anything beside Nachos! Sadly, his family is too busy taking care of Zoe and Sean, so Ron was temporary left behind. More danger, he even didn't pay attention of eating and just tried sleeping - so his sick can't be out easily! A few days later, Kim must ask Wade to check Ron's status, he was sick for too long and Kim was so worry! The result made Kim very surprised - she never expected that Ron can survive with just Bueno Nachos? Ok, but it won't help him get rid of his sick; Kim must do something to finish this mess quick! Uh oh, but Ron has lost much energy, and he refused to do anything but sleeping! My god, he was so crazy now!

Men, Drakken came back, so Kim must go and stop him again. This time Ron also joined her even he was weakened - never mind, Wade may power up and help him for a while. Kim will have to fight off Shego and get Motor Ed before he started his Monster truck - ouch, it's easier said than done. Anyway, Ron still bought her a few minutes to screw up Ed's process - but one wrong-push resulted in a big trouble: Instead of starting a truck, Motor Ed accidentally woke up its soul - now it became a Truck Monster! Damn, this seems to be the first Ghost Robot Kim faced up - and all her normal solution won't work here! What now?

Meanwhile Ron is still distracting Drakken's armies, but he soon got tired and couldn't move fast anymore... Beware, the Truck Monster is still behind but somehow Kim detected that it won't dare attacking Ron... She finally found out that this Monster is afraid of Cold Viruses - great! Because Ron is too weak to fight, K.P decided to sacrifice and took all Ron's viruses - which will allow her to sneak inside the Truck Monster without being hurt. It's not so hard to turn it off with Kim, and Motor Ed may retreat with his bro now...

The cost for this mission is so big: Kim was downed afterward and there's no fast way to recover her. She will have to rest for a long time - and Ron, his duty here, to keep an eye on his girlfriend since her sacrifice saved him. Ah well, never mind, Ron will do it anyway, as he owned Kim today. He knows, Kimmie is the only one treasure in his life, so don*t worries, Ron will do whatever it takes to help Kim get well soon. Just watch for yourself and don't make trouble again eh Ron?
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


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