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Kim Possible Season 6: Lifetime in College

111-Do your best

Well, Ron and his sister Zoe committed many clashes these days, but so far they are still sister &n* brother 每 Zoe also did many things good for Ron. Say, today she made a nice Huge Bueno Nachos stock for his lunch, and Ron may thank Zoe so much. However, he had nothing to do this morning, so his energy wasn*t consume much# As the chain result, Ron couldn*t eat all the huge stock like normally 每 boy, only if he was very hungry! Sadly, Zoe thought that Ron didn*t try his best and he played her# Oh my god, even Ron tried to explain; Zoe still stopped her word with another ※moral lesson§ 每 don*t discount everybody, try your best to make them pleased! Ah well, never mind#

Ok, it*s finished and Ron won*t stand a chance to revert it# So when Kim came to pick him up, he was fully prepared for ※trying his best§. During the way to school, Kim also asked Ron to do something, and she has detected that her friend is ※changing§ again 每 simple task but Ron made it real seriously??? Hey wait a minute, what are you hiding here Ron 每 Kim said 每 but suddenly Killigan appeared and chased their car! Kim then left Ron drive and came out to defend position. Because of Ron*s much effort, she faced many troubles while fighting off Killigan*s men 每 Ron seems to drive too carelessly, and he may want to drop Killigan*s trial rather than let Kim fight! They finally escaped 每 and Kim must ask Wade for help again. Her friend was in trouble and this must be stopped!

Anyway, Ron*s try was useful at school afterward 每 he can now help everybody with no complex 每 and it worked very well! Kim also felt happily when her friend took care of her more often than before, and she may be proud of it, at least Bonnie and the Cheerleader squad will have no reason to laugh at Ron again# Wade also said; Ron only needs a little change to soften his actions 每 so nothing will be happened! And in this case, he had a perfect Adrenaline Pill for Ron. Before Kim can give it to her friend, Killigan*s men suddenly knocked her off and stole it from her# Uh oh, now it will be a big trouble if Killigan can find the Pill*s formula 每 he may use it to charge his men and turn them into Unstoppable Soldier! Ah men#

Kim and Ron then went off to stop Killigan*s plan 每 and today they will have to fight to the death 每 right, his men were armed with Explosive Golf Ball, and one wrong move will make them pay! Ron is now thinking of an effective plan; he won*t be able to distract today 每 something big must be done! So after a short time running around, he finally got a great idea! As soon as Kim rolled back beside, Ron then took her Kimmunicator and fired a laser shot into the Golf Ball Storage 每 it blew up and destroyed all Killigan*s Laboratory! Of course the Adrenaline Pill is eliminated as well, but that*s what Ron needs: If he can*t use it, so as Killigan!

Say, mission completed and Ron also made a great result today! Even Wade can*t help here, he is also cooled and returned normally without the aid of that Adrenaline 每 it is still funny for being a loser in Middleton College! Lolz, Kim should be surprised, but she knew exactly how Ron is, and better let him be himself right dude? Tada, welcome back Ron Stoppable!
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112-Valentine Hurts

(Flashback Episode)

***Since Disney never reveals why and how Zita ended up her relationship with Ron, I wrote this episode to tell my thinking***

One of the shamed memories with Ron in the Valentine day 每 he always know becoming Kim*s boyfriend is a big dream came true with him, but what could Ron do if she weren*t a sinless girl? To answer this question, we should travel back to the last year*s Valentine day 每 when Kim and Ron were normal friends#

For more information, you can remember that Ron has successfully dated with Zita Flores this time, and she also forgave his liar after Everlord Battle went down# Now it*s time to the big date, but seems Ron still had no idea with these new things# Kim and Monique then agreed to help him out 每 as they are his best friend so far 每 but beware, don*t think that Zita wasn*t envy! Ok, but Ron can still keep her mood under control; besides everybody know the relationship between him and Kim already, so go on, forget about it girl! Ah well#

The preparing process is completing perfectly with Ron, he was ready for everything! Kim may be happy for him, but she also felt a little sad. Because you know, no one wants to date with her this year; her final chance with Josh Mankey is over after ※Blush§ mission right?# So as Monique, and although they can keep it secret, some people can still discover it. Say, what can be better with Bonnie to trick Kim like this chance? Dating with Bricks is still better than nothing eh? Kim got mad because of her opponent*s words, but she couldn*t negative the truth# Poor girl#

Wade then reported in another robbery made by Dementor 每 so it may help Kim forget her trouble for a while. Sadly, even this villain can have a date 每 with DNAmy, and that is the worst new Kim received# Ok, but we should finish this mission first, so at least the world is saved for now# Kim then returned home with a big upset in her head 每 she didn*t notice that DNAmy has detected her mood, and Dementor may use it for his new plan#

Right before the 14th February day, Kim and Ron went to the Bueno Nachos Restaurant for the final discuss 每 I know Ron is ready, but he still needs some encourages eh? The meeting went down with no trouble; however something has affected Kim after she finished her stock# Very little change, she could feel it, but she couldn*t figure out what it is# Only Monique realizes, her friend Kimmie is getting envy more and more, for each romantic scenes she saw# Opps, it may result in a big destruction if Kim doesn*t notice 每 Monique thought while calling Wade for help#

And she was right: As soon as the Valentine day started, Kim has turned herself into a Crazy Love Killer, running around Middleton and screws up everybody*s date! Oh my god, Wade knew that Kim was poisoned with a new Envy Chemist Type, and if she can*t get antidote soon, it will finish her life! There is nothing worth for Monique to do than keeping Kim away from everybody 每 you know, romantic scene is filled everywhere! But she was late; Kim has already split Ron from Zita, beating him for being such a bad boy! The situation forced Ron to survive on his own 每 so he tried to remind Kim every nice memory they had before# It seems worked effective to slow Kim down 每 at least she could listen to him for a while# More confidences and now Kim was pushed out of control: The Chemist and Ron*s words are fighting in her head!!! Luckily, Wade has completed his antidote, so after Monique shot it to Kim, her mind was restored#

Kim is saved, but it*s sad to say, she has finished Ron*s relationship with Zita 每 actually Zy won*t angry with Ron but she still decided to leave, as he is more important with Kim than her# Say, the Valentine is also arrived, so don*t be nervous mates# As you can see, Kim finally agreed to hang out with Ron that night 每 of course they could think it*s just temporary, but who know what the future is eh? Just be happy with each other tonight 每 that*s all Kim and Ron need# So sweet!
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Like other schools, Middleton College also needs new Leader for their Student Clan this year, so a candidate is set to find suitable person. For the failure 2 years ago, Kim decided to introduce Ron before he can play on her - but pity, the poll on MC's forum still had her name after all. We also had Monique, Tara and the new competition Ron Wesley, Bonnie's cousin. The sequence sets off: Kimberly Ann, Ron Stoppable, Ron Wesley, Tara and Monique! To be honest, everybody wants Kim win this time, but she persuaded them vote for Ron - because you know, Kim is Captain in too many activities and now she wants to share chance for her friend. Monique and Kim will support Ron anyway, so it won't be a big trouble eh? As Kim's request turns out, many members have voted for Ron; he was way ahead and totally got advantage against Wesley! Well, it made Bonnie very unpleased: She never accepts the fact that Ron may win this candidate, especial against her cousin! So Bonnie made a secret plan, and Brick, MC Forum's Administrator will help her change the situation...

At the end of the first day, Kim received mission from Wade - stopping Junior's robbery is simple task and she wants to solve it alone so Ron can spend time dealing with the candidate. However, the perfect result made Ron felt safety; he can go with Kim for a while without trouble... But when Ron came back and checked on the forum, he was really shocked: Wesley now got the votes he got just a few hours ago! On the other hands, someone has edited the poll and replaced Ron's name with Wesley - you all know their name only different a little right? Men, it's totally unfair! Sadly, Ron can't prove anything, as he didn't keep back-up image for the poll... Will it end his chance?

No way, Ron is now a real guy, so he decided to solve this trouble real clear! Kim is very surprised when seeing her friend running around the school, persuades his fellows to re-vote for him. Well, actually Kim is Super Moderator of MC's forum, and she may correct the vote - but something made her keep silent and watching... Ah men, Wade called in again, but this time Kim decided to go alone and let Ron freely resolve his trouble. Even Junior's squad is armed with laser guns today; Kim can still get rid of them with the help of her mirror. She only had to watch out for Junior's new Bug Killer, which can eat her alive in 10 seconds. No matter, just flooding the place and none of them can survive - lol, did Junior forget that Bugs can't swim? Tada!

For saving White House today, Kim was rewarded with a high-demand - and she just wants a vote from The President for Ron. So when Kim returned her school, the candidate is over with the win for Ron Stoppable - whoots, vote result is even 120 - 120 till the final vote in the last minutes! Well, Ron said that he really owned the last guy voted for him, but Kim knew that he has made a perfect work today - so the vote result can be evened right? I'm so proud of you, Ron!
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114-Waiting for you

Mission now became a usual mean with both Kim and Ron; they often got objectives to solve several time each months. Normally Kim can go home with Ron after completing mission but sometimes she was invited to stay back for more funs - say, chit-chat with Britna is greater than baby-sitting Jim & Tim right? Well, Ron may have no complains for going home late anyway, but... what else can he do until Kim's party time runs out?

In fact, you should know that Kim and Ron's hobbies are very different - beside not much people welcomed Ron so usually he was forgotten on these places. Say, Ron isn't sad about it but he wondered when and how can he get rid of this delicate situation? It is waste of time wandering around and wait for Kim - Ron may do many things in these times! And today, after get bored too much, Ron decided to take and solve the new Infiltrate mission from Wade instead of notifying Kim - he wants to check how long this "Party time" can remain here. With the clues Wade provided, Ron has tracked down Dr. Darken and found out the new weapon he is researching: Instant Freeze Water. Following Wade's guide, Ron has successfully sneaked in and stole the Weapon's Blueprint - this will help him detect the weapon's weakness.

And can you believe that when Ron returned to Britna's mansion, Kim still stayed inside for chit chat even it's late at night already? That's it, Ron can't keep silent longer; he must warn Kim before everything got worse. Sadly, K.P misunderstood Ron again - men, jealous, old and annoying reason! That's what Kim thought but Ron won't mind arguing with her anymore - he doesn*t want to touch his girlfriend just because of a small mess like this. All Ron can hope is time will tell Kim the truth - better as soon as possible.

And Ron won't have to wait long... The next day, he faced another party time again - and like before, Ron stood up and went outside early - why not, no one wanna talk with him there right? Suddenly a strange rain flew in, and Ron discovered that this thing freezes every objective it hit! Gratz, Draken is off for his plan! Pity, the rain had frozen Ron before he can hide and call K.P! Wade then figured out the situation, he quickly alerted Kim 每 yup, now she can know what Ron's up to yesterday! It's too late, all Kim can do now is take Ron to their car and run away from this rain! It's a long run, and luckily Wade can find the way to eliminate this rain before Kim*s car runs out of fuel. Kim then loaded up Ron's BN to the car's engine and after got boosting up, it shot out a huge fire BN, destroyed the IFW source under the rain. Phew!

Mission completed, and the last thing Kim can do is unfreeze Ron - as the special effect turned out, she gave Ronnie a nice deep-kiss, and it immediately brought him back to life! Again, Kim may sorry Ron for treating him bad - but the costly thing she found is - Ron is always waiting for her no matter what she does. Say, that's why they always go home together after school time right?
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115-Trial Chef

Actually, no one said that Kim should be good at Housework 每 without these skills, she will still be useful in this world. But as the age changes day to day, she soon realizes that Ron, her boyfriend won*t be happy if she can*t master at least one skill 每 yep, very hard to accept that a girl can*t even cook a simple meal! That*s why Kim spent time for learning Cooking with her mom 每 she already got tutored by Ron before, and time for practicing is now. However, Ms. Possible is hi-ranked Chef and# pity; she isn*t a Teacher and doesn*t know how to instruct her daughter thoroughly#

The first trouble came out with Kim right in the first Lunch time: She followed her mom*s order and opened up the pot ※a little§ 每 but since this is the first time, Kim seems to be very perplexed on how to put the lid in the proper place. In fact, Kim can understand what her mom said; but it still took her a lot of tries, thus making Ms. Possible lost her patience. Another moral lesson was given to Kim 每 and as Ron*s trouble before, this may mess up KP*s ability for a while#

Ron then came to pick Kim out for their date 每 but instead of going to Bueno Nachos Pub, Kim suggested another Barbecue Party near Middleton Plaza. Ah well, this place also serviced BN anyway, so Ron won*t have any more comments. Arriving at the Party soon, Ron and Rufus walked out for their favorites show like before; while Kim stayed back for more practicing time 每 she is planning to make her own BN present for Ron today! However, Killigan has suspended her process by showing himself up and ※scanning§ the place with his new Bulldozer. Ron then ran back to help Kim dispatch Killigan*s guard and get into his Bulldozer 每 here she must fight against Killigan on her own to stop this Destruction Machine. Hard try; and it finally stopped before destroying the Plaza nearby#

So it seems Kim and Ron can*t stay back in this place anymore 每 Ron must find another place for their date, it isn*t too late to give up now. Somehow Felix also walked across; so how about Middleton Resort guys! Uh oh, but in this place is full of people, how can Kim hide her trouble? Ah men, she is finished!!! Ok, maybe that is what Kim thought - but beware; someone is coming! Killigan again, and he has mixed his Bulldozer with a giant Blender!!! Ron can easily realize this one is made for creating Buenos Nachos Shape 每 so everything will be burned to hell if getting caught by this trap! He and Felix then stayed away and asked Kim to leave 每 she won*t be able to fight off this monster by any means!!! Men, check out my name duh 每 Kim said then got to work before Killigan can notice. Using the same ※changing a little§ lesson, Kim can quickly figure out the Blender*s secret - she knew the best way to get rid of it is terminating its function 每 and what can be greater than using Buenos Nachos materials to ※attract§ it? She was right, the Blender won*t follow Killigan*s command anymore and starts making BN after it found out the materials from the air-drop Wade provides! And as the Huge BN was completed, the Blender also got jammed and exploded 每 well what do you think you can do here Killigan? Good luck!

Yeah, another great tactics saved the day; I don*t think Kim can have any better strategy than this! It also ended her date with Ron and don*t worry, he will take care of the Huge BN for clearing out the Resort. Whoa, this is the nicest gift he received from Kim so far; she ain*t completely made it but it*s still delicious! Who care if Kim is good or bad on Cooking or not? Ron is still proud of his pupil anyway! Cheers dude!
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116-Not my fault!!!

Quarter examination is coming, but before that Kim & Ron will have to protect their second Computing Project first. Since the first one went down normally with only-Ron 每 because his partners won*t do anything for help 每 he probably did the second Project on his own again. Kim and Monique can only help him a little; they also have their job to finish# Unfortunately, this time Mr. Barkin won*t come along with our friends 每 instead a new Teacher named Ocean will take the lead until the end of this Quarter. And this created all Ron*s trouble up ahead#

As I said, Ron had to complete the Second Project on his own 每 but since this new Fundamentals of Programming is harder than Office Applications; he can*t make it down perfectly, still many bugs are undetected. To make thing even worse, Mr. Ocean didn*t tell him these mistakes, and in the Protection day, they were revealed and destroyed Ron*s produce# His Personal Mark can*t hold up the Workgroup mark, thus forcing him to re-do the project again. Well, not a big problem, but how can Ron say to his parents? Of course, he was barked and accused again 每 while this time it*s not entirely his fault# Before coming to Ron*s house, Kim only thought this mess is tiny 每 she never expected that Ron*s dad could accused him hardly like this time#

Mission is coming in again, and the things Kim worried now came true: Her friend was ※changed§ once again : Ron now became very FAST on expressing his skill 每 but he won*t care to support Kim on her process 每 seems she had to resolve it all without messing his tactics. The in-accurate cooperative between them opened up an escape way for Junior and his dad 每 Ron can hold up one of them but since he won*t allow Kim to help; Senior Senior Senior can easily rescue his son and fly away before he can be stopped. Ah men, failure 每 but not important with Kim, because she must stop this mess before everything got worse#

But it*s easier said than done 每 Kim won*t stand a chance to persuade Ron*s dad! As his girlfriend, sort of, Kim can understand all Ron has done, and besides, their course isn*t too heavy to concentrate all time. Mr. Stoppable only use his ※classic§ evidence to accuse Ron on not learning 每 so Kim can*t resolve it now. She must suspend this and come back to the battlefield again 每 Wade said that the Senior family is down to attack Middleton Mall with their new Desert Eagle! Along with his Sand Strom attack skill is Flare Ball acquired from Sun light 每 Junior has mixed up this weapon to enhance his Destruction Eagle# Again, Ron came in handy to stop and distract the Eagle 每 but Kim can*t let him fight alone last long; he won*t be able to survive one Fire Shot; she sure! So Wade suggested that Kim should sneak in the Eagle*s mouth and dynamite him from inside 每 this will neutralize the Eagle without harming nearby building. Very hard for Kim to get to the destination point; but she managed to do it in time before Ron was cornered. One C4 Plasma bomb is enough to get rid of this monster 每 lol; Junior will never know how he can fail this time!

Again, Ron owned Kim his life today, so he can sit back and think thoroughly for what he must do# With some more encouragements Kimmie gives out, Ron*s angry finally went away; he was cooled down and agreed that 每 no matter mates, just a tiny mess and he*d better forget it now 每 we still have many chances to prove our skill. And moreover, Kim will stay with Ron for this night-date, so he can throw away all the messes and enjoy the night eh? Sweetie!
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117-Women Day

After survived from the storming Valentine day, Ron now faced with another Girl*s day in the year: Women Day! Unlike the previous years, he is now grown-up as K.P, so gifting Girls is one of his duties, as every guy must do in this day# Luckily for him, his Computing Class doesn*t have many girls, so aside from Kim's "special gift", all Ron must prepare is two Presents 每 for his Counselors# But since day is not simple for everyone, another trouble pushed Ron into a crazy Adventure that he never expected before#

Right at this morning, Kim came to pick Ron to their School 每 of course she doesn*t notice the two Present he hidden in his Vest. Middleton College is very crowd today, not only for the Project Protection Day Ron and Kim*s class will take 每 but there are also two more Counselors arrived! It means Ron can*t give the two Present to his old Counselors 每 he will be asked for Present by the others and# where can he find another 2 Presents for them? Ah well, all Ron can hope now is a solution from Wade or mission 每 everything but give him something for this dedicated situation!

Phew, it seems the destiny didn*t leave Ron alone: He suddenly discovered Drakken*s arrival before Kim can notice# So Ron immediately went out to track this Doctorate; he must be up to something again. Because Protection time didn*t kick in with Ron*s Group, nobody expected his missing# except Kim! Her group finished their Project first, so she quickly bailed out to find Ron, seeing what he*s planning to do# Gratz, she caught up to the battlefield right after Drakken threw Ron into# a Jewelry Store? What on earth did he want to do here? Ah well, never mind 每 Kim just had to stop and kick Drakken out 每 that*s all!

Back to the Computing Class, but seems Kim can*t figure out Ron*s secret plan, he denied to answer all her question 每 even her threaten won*t work here! Ron*s turn is coming, and# you can easily guess the terrible result he must take (see the last episode for answer). Ron then left the Class after suffered Mr. Ocean*s moral, and Kim won*t waste her chance to tail him now. As Ron came to the street*s corner, something blew up the ground and surrounded him 每 a giant Dragon! Up there is Shego, she controlled this monster to revenge Kim*s arrival this morning! Ok, bring &em on 每 I won*t scare your army Shego! Kim went off to battle against the dragon and kick out Shego 每 while Ron must beat down Drakken before he can drain out the Jewelry Store. This is a Stand-alone Objective for both Kim and Ron, and they all made it down successful 每 whoa, unbelievable that Ron can fight-off Drakken on his own today mates!

For the glorious winning today, Kim was rewarded with a nice day-off in Middleton Resort 每 guess who will go with her eh? And Ron can have a little gift for all 4 Counselors in his class today since he has just saved Mr. Breen*s Jewelry Store. So all the mess was solved perfectly guys, and our hero can have time for a Romantic Date again right eh Kimmie & Ronnie? Enjoy!
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118-All you can eat!

Class time only remains half day with Kim & Ron, but as Middleton College still has many interesting activities; our friends usually stay back after morning time for more funs. Here Kim & Ron can have lunch at the Canteen; however its service may not be good as they think... Kim may accept to use cheap and fast food anyway, but her friend now faced big trouble: this Canteen doesn't sell Buenos Nachos! Ah well, Ms. Kathy said that she won't allow this stupid food to be sold here by any mean! Oh no, so how can Ron survive here?

To be honest, Kim and Monique already know that Ron won't be able to do anything without one BN stock everyday! In order to keep Ron healthy, Kim has sneaked out to buy him one Deluxe BN meal - here Wade also suggested that why can't Ron bring his favorite food along to school? Great idea, Kim thought. She then gave the BN stock to Ron while telling out this story... Well, he may consider it this way but no time for answering - Drakken and Shego suddenly broke in and surround our friend! Never mind, Kim may fight against them without comments like normally - but Eddie really made her surprised: He's trying to steal Ron's BN stock! I don't know what they are up to, but Ron won't give his "gift" to anyone, for sure! The battle ended when Ron managed to secure the BN stock - he then ate it immediately so Eddie can never steal it again. All the villains retreated after leaving Challenge Message - at least for now...

The next several days, Ron followed Wade's idea and brought along all BN stock he can use for lunch. As Kim said, it came in very handy for filling up Ron's energy - but also messed some of his works as well. Beware of Ms. Kathy by the way, she may never allow normal meal or cheap meal on her table by any means! Ron had to avoid being detected at all cost; or his meal will be taken away! Uh oh, but he suddenly felt something strange is happening: Seems protecting BN really made him lose control! Kim also noticed it as soon as Ms. Kathy discovered Ron's secret: He turned back to Berserk style and battled her real hard - while no one can reach Kathy normally. Before she can answer this question, Eddie has rushed his squad into the Canteen - he came alone to prove that Drakken was wrong!!! Ah men, Kim may kick him out no time, but she will have to protect Ron from the Microchip Magnet Eddie brought along: It turns out that her friend has eaten this thing last time! After a few minutes defending position, Wade finally advised Kim new tactic to get rid of Eddie: She can let the MM gun took this chip out of Ron, then one Laser shot from the Kimmunicator will destroy all of them! Perfect!

I must say Kim has saved the day again but this time she also did Ron a favor by showing Ms. Kathy the truth 每 she shouldn*t block any meal even it isn*t much favorite. Say, Buenos is still useful around here right? Yup, now Ms. Kathy can realize how danger it is if she still block this BN from the Canteen - or as Kim said, better service it to control it right? So finally one new Fast food now available at Middleton College's Canteen, and Ron's bad day is finished from now on - thanks to Kimmie! You're so great!

Spoiler's note: This is the very last episode in Season 6 and also the last time Kim and Ron appears as Couple. In the next movie, a long adventure will actually make them re-correct their mind and turn back to what they were in the first 3 season: Great-Friends! Why, just see the Movie!
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