Legendary of Kim Possible: Lost in Audition World - Exclusive Ver

Chapter 19: We Won't Vote!

...The place quickly blew out, everyone rushed up and tried to get inside the Town Hall. Almasy's defense seems useless, Kim and Richard finally leaded everyone to the hall, just in time Yo Yo Yasco arrived and about to get her new position...

Yo Yo Yasco

...Guys, trying to ruin the peace again? - Almasy. Any complains came to Administration Place, not here!
- No, we must question you THIS! - Rich responsed. How dare you promoted Yo Yo to Mayor without public voting?
- So what else can I do? I'm too tired with my work recently, someone gotta replace me sooner or later. Now I can still support, so I let she work together, that's all.
- Consider it, but it is unfair for making new Mayor without voting. You know it already!

- Yep, but an old rules said if we got approval from High-Ranked Citizen, this is legal. In this case, that person is Windy.
- What? Why Windy?
- Sure, according to his work on creating and managing Windy [DC], the Administration Group has agreed to let Windy represent Audition Citizens for approving all sort of things like this. If you want more information, ask him, ok?
So Richard couldn't say anything else - he never thought Almasy could play it that way. Something's not right here too, how come Windy accepted Yo Yo that easily?
Anyhow, that's all he knows - better listen to her now...

Outside the Town Hall, 15 minutes later...

Receiving the news, Smartboycr became worry - Windy is just too soft and easily to moved, so that Yo Yo must be playing on him! Spending the whole night questioning Windy, Smart uncovered that his leadẻ used to own Yo Yo since they worked at Software Industry, and Windy think he must help Yo Yo "fullfil her will" ??? Windy even persuaded Smart to get everybody vote for Yo Yo - ok, this is out of control pal! Smart barked at Windy loudly and blackmail him, if Yo Yo ever becomes the Mayor, Windy [DC] will leave [GT] for good! The conversation quickly turned into a big argue - ended with Smart's Beat-Up match for Windy before leaving - "We Belong Together"!!!

You heard my word! We won't vote for Yo Yo!

At midnight, an emergency meeting is called by Ron and his couple sakura to explain about Smart's conversation with Windy - everyone agreed, [GT] is no longer home for them...So at the next morning when Windy returned to Audition Cafe, all Windy [DC] members had already left on a tour to [HG] city, where Ron found to be their new home...

Ok fine! You won't need us, then we won't need you!

Mission: We won't Vote!
Song: Audition - You (136 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic Dance
Stage: HipHop / Orion Land

  • Get 30 perfects and one perfect x3
  • Get all 2 Finish Move
  • Get all FreeStyle Move


  • Get 45 perfects
  • Get one Finish Perfect x
  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 20: Perfidious Scheme

*** At this point the story returned to its opposite line (Light-blue chapter name) ***

[HG] city, present day:

...In the mean time, Smart and Windy [DC] members just finished signing up at Audition Town - just kidding, they still had a small place for hanging out and chit-chatting. Time to make use with the new place - just as Ron expected, [HG] city quickly attracted his fellas' liking, thanks to their open-operating and kindly. All resident dancers played friendly with their new fellas, no treatment difference. In the line of that happy day, Ron's fellas once again laughed out loud as he made an incredible Dynamic Dance result with sakura - could it be mind effect too?

Wee - first time I reached ~900k points without chance!!!

...Peaceful time has come back with Windy [DC]'s members. [HG] city with Freedom and Work for members criterion now became a great house with them right at the first joining days! The Administrator's warmly welcome, freedom discussion without approving... all are so perfectly! In additional, Kim is already Moderator of [Audition Online] Industrial Zone, so everyone can feedback, suggest and ask for more contents - which they has never been allowed before! Day to day, skilled members finally got treated well and became Moderator of other important place - uniting effort to build up powerful [HG] town!

This is it pal - we may be not the best, but we are good Leader

Windy was left with no choice then, he must travel to [HG] to continue fulfill his dream of building up Dance Club - he understood, Windy [DC] will vanish soon without senior dancers...
Yep, [HG] was now thesecond house with our Young fervor Dancers - nothing can be greater than living here with them!

One month later...

...Peaceful days with Windy [DC] soon disappeared when [GT]'s Administrator Group got to work. That's-right, after the last Punishment, most of Audition Citizens have left this place and went to [HG], thus making the chain effect and now nobody wanna go to Audition Cafe anymore. Of course, Administrator Group must have a solution to re-attract their citizens - or this Zone will be demolished sooner or later! The Mayor Almasy soon thought of a great idea: Inviting old members from[9x], [Magic], [T1] and even Windy [DC] back - she now prepared a Public Area for Audition Clan with Post Point Enabled here. So what? Ah well, nothing worth to pay attention - most Windy [DC]'s members ignored this new and didn't care what Alm did - why not, they kicked us out before right? Unfortunately, Windy the leader had different think - anyway he had a close-knit with [GT] already. Ron and the other members can understand and sympathize with him, but they soon got angry when Windy called upon to return to [GT] - men, how can he be so gullible? Richard also had a bad feeling about this; if they give up now, the chance to for Windy [DC] to grow is finished! So Kim spent time to go and have light meal with her friend, while discussing about this new situations...

-Now guys - Kim started. Everything seems to happen very difficult now. Although I'm the Moderator, but you know, my experiences weren't enough to handle these messes like this. Can you help me out?
-I also had no idea what to do now - Richard continued. [GT] really made a perfidious Rival Move - and with Windy, it appears like an invitation I guess... Seems he forgot that Windy [DC] was forced to leave [GT], nobody wants to do it anyway...
-Yep, and it's hard to make Windy realize this trick! Ron replied. I tried my best to persuade Windy with all the bright evidences, but nothing happens! It won't be easy to solve this mess overnight...

All of our friends just sit tight and look each other, worrying deep-sigh... Then how can everything go on now...

Mission: Perfidious Scheme
Song: Cool - Already Now (100 BPM)
Mode: Dance Competition Advanced

    * Get Finish Move and 0 bad
    * Get 15 Perfects and one Combo x2
    * Get less than 5 misses or 0 cool


    * Use Outside Stage
    * Get 20 perfects and one Combo x4
    * Get 0 miss 0 cool
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 21: There is no happy ending...

...Still no given out solution is approved, as they are impossible to use... Day to day, our friends kept worrying about Windy [DC]'s destiny more and more - a little wrong decision can mess it up immediately! Of course Ron is not the only one Confidential Member - besides him, Smart and Little Tiger are always ready for help.

Little Tiger. "__Jenny__"

...Once again, Kim must try to solve this mess for her friends and Windy [DC] - after all [HG] city had brought to her and Ron. Two days later, Kim returned to Audition Area with a great news: Windy [DC] now had a Private Headquarter! Yeah, so great with all Windy [DC]'s members, this is the first time they was trusted to have their own place in Audition Area although they haven't helped [HG] that much! This will cleared all the Windy's call upon words out of his member's brain - and to finish this trouble, Kim also had a small message to Windy through Already Now song! Yep, there's nothing to suspect, all Windy Members wish to stay here, they already got used with this place now!

We're already home Windy...

...So finally Windy may give up comparing [GT] with [HG] - he also paid attention to management works at [HG] instead of leaving Winter Star handle it like before. Phew, it seems everything is over? Not yet, Ron and Smart always know Windy - he won't give up too soon like this. That's why they decided to pay their Leader a Private Meeting to completely finish this trouble! Due to Local Work's Secret, Kim and Richard won't be allowed to join, but somehow, Kimmie felt that she MUST track down the meeting - so she quietly sneaked into Windy's Apartment through the Airduct

WinterStar - [DC]'s Vice Leader

[HG] town, Present day, 15:32 PM. Windy's Apartment. Somewhere in the Ariduct...

...Twenty minutes passed. Kim is still listening to everybody's word...It seems Smart and Ron has successfully changed Windy's mind - but at the time 3:45, Windy requested his friend to leave, as he had another secret meeting afterward. Hmm, something isn't right here, nothing in this place is strange with everybody, so why Windy had to hide this meeting against his own friends? Kim thought and kept listening although she was tired already. Here they come - two women! A short discussion "about Windy [DC] in [GT]" is set up, and Kim got started at Windy's decision: He accepted one terrible condition that the other women gave out! My God, she knew that it's Windy's biggest wish in his life, but in this situation, it may destroy his Dance Club in a few seconds!

I knew something ISN'T right here!

Mission: There is no happy ending...
Song: Akon 'ft Eminem - Smack That (119 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic Dance Or One-Two Party

    * Get 10 perfects / 40 per (12)
    * Get combo x2 / under 5 bads (12)
    * Get 300000 / 175000 points (12)


    * Get 350000 / 20000 points (12)
    * Get 15 pers / 50 pers (12)
    * Use Chinese | X-mas (12)
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 22: Home Coming

...Right at this night, Kim came to find Ron at Mobile Game Place - he must know these news immediately. However, he has gone out for playing Beat-Up - only Smartboycr and Jenny are chit-chatting at Audition Area. Kim really doesn't want to bother them because of this messes... Realizing Kim's anxious, Rich then asked her what's going on - and they continued discussing in a corner of Audition Cafe...

-So everything has gone bad like this right Kim?
-I just told everything I've heard this afternoon...
-How can it keep happening badly ? [GT] Leaders think they can easily promoted Windy to Moderator even he had no Management Skills ???
-Everyone can wish for a hi-rank position like this right Richard ? Windy also said, his biggest wish is becoming Moderator one day...
-I know, but won't he realize that the new work in [GT] will drain all his time? So who will manage and take care of Windy [DC]'s activities?
-Of course if Windy has joined [GT]'s Leader group, he must find a way to bring his [DC] back to this place. It's impossible to keep running between two towns for managing his work, for sure!
-And in case his members file against him ???
-So they will be expelled [DC] - or the Club will be disbanded. There are too many mainstay Members Windy recruited from [GT] - they already moved here! That, and Windy will have to recruit members again if he expels allSmart, LT, Tchau, sakura, babybis... but where can he get time to dothis?

From distance, a guy ran out of Audition cafe and talked to himself: "It's enough. Out of limit line!"

How shame are you Windy!

[HG] town, The next day...

-One new topic opened up by Ron, seeing everybody in Windy [DC]'s opinion: Stay or leave [HG]! He also told out the news that Windy has worked for [GT] and alerting for bad situations - this make everybody kept discussing ardent and ardent! Sadly, the Leader had no acceptable explanation and he evenleft the meeting, thus making everybody real angry! Once again, Ron tried to wake Windy up, but he doesn't seem to listen any words! That, and Smartboycr must use the very last solution -barking Windy with a hard One-Two Song Smack that! Whatever it's...


And so, their try may had some effects - at least temporary for several days... But, Windy keeps drowning into Working and Reputation at [GT] and doesn't care about his DC's destiny anymore...

-The worst thing has happened after Windy's big mistake: To assist [CT] clan. As a special guy with much attention from [GT] Leaders, Windy has requested Headquarter Area for [CT], represented by Yo Yo Yasco - a girl that Windy "owned". Of course, thuynt quickly approved it, and from that day on, [CT] clanhas taken the lead in Audition Area, pushing Windy [DC] to weaken place! Although it's very first Headquarter of Windy [DC], most members still headed for [CT] clan, as their work are way more professional!

Yo Yo Yasco - [CT] mastermind

...Disappointed and tired, Ron really gave up attached on this Audition World as his first day lost into... So as Kim, she is still Middleton's Citizen, and this place is not for staying last long with her... Little Tiger and tieuchau6789 can understand their confidence, so they decided to prepare an escape way for Kim & Ron - to get out of this Audition World and find their way back on Earth...

Mission: Home coming
Song: Cool - Aloha (101 BPM)
Mode: Dance competition - advanced

    * Get 18 Perfects and one Perfect x2
    * Get 0 miss Step 7 and 0 bad Step 9
    * Get Finish move COOL or better
    * Get less than 5 misses and 5 cools


    * Get 25 perfects
    * Get perfect x5 and 0 miss
    * Get 50000 points
    * Use Sibuya Stage
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 23: Decoy Evidence

...It's planned for Kim & Ron, to leave [HG] and Audition world. They just need to backtrack to [GT] and access to [SA] town, where Richard and Kim met each other. Then, Kim & Ron can leave Audition Gate and find their way back on earth - that's all. For Windy [DC]'s destiny, Jenny accepted to represent Ron and take an important duty: Set up and manage a new P2 [HG] clan. Windy[DC] Rules also allow members to join extended Groups, so at least everybody still had suitable place for activities if the worst thing happens. The works at [HG] is another matter, as Kim & Ron are all Manager of some places in this city. Ron may retire easier than Kim since his place is not that popular - otherwise, Kim is facing trouble as [Audition Area] is growing strongly! Everybody really count on Kim now, it's hard for her to retire - and luckily, Smartboycr and quabuoi1234 could persuade the Assembly to let Kim go

[HG] city - 5 days later...

Time to say goodbye everyone in [HG] with Kim & Ron. Their time here is not that long, but Kim & Ron still got a warmly See-out Party. As every ending-game, Ron also performed a soft Cool songs for saying bye to everyone. Well, hope that one day we'll meet back each other eh fellows?


Still one thing made Kim wonder - that the Assembly still kept her Manager position although they already allowed her to retire. She knows, they still wish she will get back to work one day, but it's way raising difficult for Kim by some means...

[GT] city, 3 days later...

Silently, Richard, Ron, Kim came back [GT] without notifying anybody. To not blowing up cover, they decided to stop at [GTA] place and temporary stay here, waiting the chance to access to [SA] town. It's boring for just sit still, so Kim and Richard take time joining in the newly Ballroom Competition at Audition Area Contrary to Kims thought, Ron decided to farm Points for his Profiles- or as he said, if hes nothing in here, his Profiles must have higher rank, so nobody will forget it

So when Ron became a No1 Gamers, Kim and Richard also success on defeating Beat-Up NPC, bringing enough DENs for some advantages... Pity,trouble still exist when Ron's old competition appeared:samurai06.Manager of [Software Area], well-known with his picky and dogmatic really made Ron mad with his irresponsible work!

samurai06 - owned most RP, but also be hated very much in [GT]

The conflict again started to fire when BamBoo lawsuits samurai for subtracting his contribute post! But instead of admitting the fault, samurai even took an old post to accuse BamBoo on pirating, while the two posts are very different! Right then, Ron started arguing with Samurai, and their quarrel is getting tougher and tougher: One doesn't admit his fault, the other tries to prove it! Everything has just got worse when Almasy suddenly shown up and discovered Ron's arrival - therefore, Kim was unwilling to open talk here...
-Ah, old friends eh? - Almasy said... I thought you two has vanished, so why are you here?
-Of course we had the reason, duh! - Kim fought back... You? Don't manage Audition town and playing around?
-No need to worry, Windy and Yo Yo will take care of this for me!
-Ha, the two people you enticed back here huh?
-So what ? Just like you!
-No way, we just had work to do here!
-Oh yeah, then what makes you leave [HG] and return here? Don't tell me that you have been fired eh?
-Never, I asked to retire by myself!
-Oh, you're so pro! Appearing here for no reason - what do you say?
-Don't slander me! - Kim suddenly puzzled, she hadn't expect this situation...
-Who dares? Just show me why and WHY make you come here - that's all.

-Stop talking stupidly Almasy - someone's voice. Kim is here only because she has beaten me!

That's Jean, another well-known Professional Dancer in this city. Kim doesn't know what he's up to - but it seems Jean planned to make a decoy evidence to help her get rid of Almasy. That, and Jean also threw the Replay CD to her for checking back the match...

Mission: Decoy Evidence
Song: DJ Doc - Run To You (132 BPM)
Mode: Choreography

    * Get less than 5 misses and 0 bad
    * Get Finish Movie
    * Get 12 perfects


    * Get 0 miss and less than 5 cools
    * Get 16 perfects and one Perfect x2
    * Use Snow Valley Stage
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


*Chapter 24: What am I suppose to do ?*

[HG] city, one month ago...

...At the time Windy [DC] still working prosperously at [HG], Windy also had invitation for Kim, to join his DC - but she cleverly denied it, once because of her work, once that she doesn't like be put under compulsion of Uniform. Even though, Kim still arrived for exchanging with [DC] members like smart, windy, GL... but none of the time she goes together with Ron...It's way difficult to understand, but simply say, both Kim & Ron already had their "partner" in this world, they can't afford to appear together often like before... However, Jean guessed that "must be another reason between two of them" - so he challenged Kim to get the answer. Because the latest sickness still affected Kim, she easily lost the Choreography match - her strong point! Of course, Kim won't take this failure last long, she quickly went training again with Richard, ignored all Ron's tease as well as and his friends in Beat-Up group

Practicing Choreography...

Then about one week later, our old friends faced off again in another Choreo Battle - but the stage is now Snow Valley instead of Sibuya like before. As his own deal, Jean must play with his basic outfit, and he totally danced worse than his effort due to cold and winds! Like him, Kim can only dance with her average effort, acceptable Perfect / Great rate. The hard training progress helped Kim regain the win with 19 perfect / 2 misses - not bad right?


As promised, Jean stopped questioning about Kim & Ron's arrival. He also asked for having the Replay CD to bury this bad memory from his friend - and now, it appeared again in [GT] after one month passed! Maybe no need to explain Almasy anymore - unless she was very low on IQ to understand this!

So Almasy can shut up and leave the field, letting samurai and Ron continue their quarrel...With Schilly's support and clearly evidences, Ron then cornered samurai and forced him to play the hard way - asking thuynt to destroy all the evidences! Gratz, it's unfair!

While the situations is becoming seriously, Kim suddenly got message from [HG] city - babydethuong said that quabuoi1234 and Smartboycr cannot manage and keep Audition Area under control longer! Due to emergency situation, Kim was invited to come back [HG] for finding solution, otherwise, babydethuong will get framed sooner or later! It's very awkward with Kim, she knows coming back may never leave her chance to get out of here again! To make things even worse, Ron also phoned Kim at the last second - and it seems Kim never wanted this thing now...

<...On-phone line...>
-Ron, where the hell have you been these days ??? I and Rich had finding you everywhere!
-You two go dancing all days, so how do you know the situations here? It's becoming a war, don't think that I'm in peaceful now!
-Oh please, I'm begging you! When can you stop involving with those conflicts Ron?
-So what can I do? It exists right in front of my eyes, I know it's wrong but I don't talk? Leaving people get framed?
-Get it off now - I'm having big trouble than you!
-baby's message, I always know it! Everybody wanted you to come back [HG] right?
-Oh yeah - so what do you purpose me to do? Re-write the retire application?
-The simplest way for you: Keep silent and get out of here! Or ask Richard to send your word to baby, it's ok too!
-Forget about it, I had a few more works to deal with samurai - no time for chat chit now. If you managed to solve your mess, come and help me out ok? Bye!

Along with the phone ended note is Kim's dispirited sigh... What can she do now? Do as Ron's suggestion to have time helping him is ok too, but coming back and explain everything is better for everybody in [HG] right? Now... Kim had only one choice to follow...

That, and what am I suppose to do now?

Mission: What am I suppose to do ?

A-Please let things go down

Song: Cool - Ten Commandments (145 BPM)
Mode: Choreography

    * Get 15 perfects
    * Get 1 Finish Move
    * Get 300000 points


    * Use Snow Valley Stage
    * Get 18 perfects and one Perfect x3
    * Get all 2 Finish Move COOL or better

B-Why is this happened to me ? (FINISHED)!

Song: Rain - Why (105 BPM)
Mode: Crazy Dance

    * Get Crazy Move and 3/5 Crazy Bar
    * Get 14 perfects and one Perfect x2
    * Get less than 5 misses and 0 bad
    * Get 400000 points


    * Use Snow Valley Stage
    * Use Crazy Dance 8-Direction
    * Get  19 perfects and one Perfect x4
    * Get 500000 points
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 25: That's what I must do!

[ Time to decide again with Kimmie - as she suffered the last pain, chance that she won't let it happen one more time...]

Kim doesn't have much time thinking, only half-day for her to decide, helping Ron or not...Richard also reveals, the situation is getting heated because sam has misused his power and no one agrees with him. This, and the last incident told Kim, she couldn't let Ron go alone by any means... Therefore, Kim got back to ATV and sent a messenger to 3bi - the music will say it for her...

[HG] city, present day...

At that afternoon, babydethuong received a video messenger from [GT] It is short and recap, but mainly she understood, Kim will not go back - why, no need more explaination...

Dear, sjs 3bi

I'm so sorry for dropping sjs in such important time like this. Just please understand, I and Ronnie are not belong to Audition World, we cannot stay her last long. Sooner or later, I still need to find my way home, no matter how danger it is - we still have family, friends, folks... I know, maintaining Audition Town at [HG] is quite hard right now, but sjs should believe Smart and Quabuoi - they used to live and work long time at [GT] and now [HG], they will know what they must do. I believe they will develop Audition Town stronger and stronger.


Kimberly Ann

My last dance here...

Back to [GT]... Somewhere in Sport Town, 20:43 PM

...Finally Kim has arrived at Sport Town's entrance - took her hard time to persuade Ron to lead her to visit this place. Since they both never entered Gambling section, maybe this visit can lighten Ron and Sam's conflict... Hmm, looks like adventurous athletes have built a big Casino - Kim was surprised that this place also hold many other Gamble Contents. No doubt why the folks are flipped like that...

...Eh, what are you doing here?
No strangers allowed, know that? - Sam suddenly asked
-() Where the hell is that rule, I've never heard that? - Kim
-No no, I'm just worry about you guys.
-Trying to hint?
-Calm down, be nice as newbie! Only Rich Wagers are allowed - beware of their welcome!
-Cut it off, what are you trying to turn RP into? No relax, no fun, just RP racking up!
-Watch your tone kid - people win, but also lose a lot!
-Pathetic excuse! They still keep Total Reward Points with low Reward Time, ain't that fair?
-So who care, except you guys?
-I don't have time for it - are you going to change or not?
-Wanna fight? I never scare of anyone!
-Oh yeah, then try me!
-Woa woa, fighting and sporting is totally different kid! You are a dancer, so prove your skill
- then you can talk whatever you like!

Right, you wanna fight, I don't mind!

Mission: That's what I must do!
Song: Free choice
Mode: Freestyle
Stage: Studio 81
  • Get 750000 points
  • Get 20 perfects
  • Get 2 Finish Move
  • Get 1.000.000 points
  • Get 30 perfects or one perfect x10
  • Get all 3 Finish Move
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 27: Run!

...The situation is more serious than Kim thought - Almasy didn't tell her something about Ron and Richard. Due to the hit, Sam was angered and put Ron on wanted list as he thought Ron played on him. As such, all [9x] members must block the town to buy Ron and Richard a few seconds to get away - but how can they make it out of [GT] city? It is 22:00, all transportation has stopped working. With nothing to loose, Richard risked the chance and ask a Bus Driver happened to stop near Audition Stadium...

This is it - our last Transportation to get out of here!

...Since no exception can be made aside from Emergency, Rich lied that he and Ron must get to [VTC] city for the Professional Tournament. Too bad, the driver Trend is also a ranked dancer - He requested proven skill from Richard before serving the tour. Normally it wasn't big problem, just Richard didn't practice for a few days due to recent incident - all he can make is 20 perfects requirement...

Don't mess this up Taylor, you can't afford to fail this time!

...Also, something Kim figured out only when she got to [VTC] city - her friends will have to saty at Professional Section. Their rank won't allow them to get down to Freedom Section, where Almasy drove Kim to. That also means, until Kim reaches Professional ranking, she will not be seeing Ron and Richard again...

[VTC] square, two days later...

...Kim tiredly walk around the square - she never had to try ranking up too hard like this. The new place is quite peaceful, but without Ron & Richard, Kim felt very lonely - she has no friends here, while all other dancers only pay attention to tournament and ranking up. If [GT] is too severe, [VTC] staffs are way terrible - they won't bother chit-chat, and often mistaken punishing violated dancers, resulting in endless complains - it is totally messed up!

...14:00... Finally reached the square, Kim took time wandering around before the Beat-Up Tournament... Strangely, nobody's around except a guy sleeping deeply on the bench. This attracted Kim's attention - looks like he is waiting for something...

Hmm... It seems this guy is waiting for something?

Thinking so, Kim gets closer and asks:
-...Excuse me guy, may I ask...
-()...Whoa, ghost, ghost, help!
-() Eh, calm down pal, what happened?
-() Woops, nightmare. I thought it was...
-...Hey, everyone gets one girl! Uhm... you new?
-Yes, I just arrived two days ago, nice to meet you.
-Heheh, congratulation, you are chatting with The Dynamic Dancer of VTC! Call me Kibita.
-Yep - Kimberly Ann. My pleasure.
-Don't be surprised princess, only true dancers are marked with Ranking like that. I'm also challenging with the Beat-Up tournament - that is harder.
-Beat-UP tournament?
-What else? The game is set at 14:00 everyday.  
-() It is 14:30 already.
-() Gratz, skipped another one! Bad luck again!
-Uh, what happened to you recently?
-Something like that... You also look sad - having problem too?
-Ah yeah... just...
-Speak it out - I'll help if I can.
-Nothing big... I and my two friends are split into 2 sections and I have to level up to meet them...
-Oh that is... You play Beat-Up too? Best way to level up is Tournament eh.
-How'd you guess?
-You are here, at the Beat-Up Square, that's why! Show me your skill, will ya?

Mission: Run!
Song: Audition - You (136 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6-key

  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
  • Get 600 perfects
  • Blue chance NOT activated


  • Get 0 cool
  • Get 700 perfects
  • Use HipHop stage
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 28: Kibita and  ™No_1™ clan

Kim seems to confuse with the unexpected offer, because she is just average at Beat-Up mode. Looks like Kibita is way pro dancer, it's so shame if she dances bad. Anyway, they headed to the HipHop street for starting - Kibita picked up the regular lvl 3 song You, on-beat and nice lyrics...

Anyway, this song is simple enough for you Kim

...Perhaps the leveling up time also racked Kim's BU skill a little, at least with 2-4 beat song. Got caught with 5 cools, but she can't believe she made 700 perfects with this 4-minutes song - big luck, isn't it?
-Hey hey hey, you are great Kimmie! Congratulation!
-Thanks. Just my luck.

-No need to modest, not much female dancer can reach 700 perfects like you. You should join ™No_1™ clan long time ago!
-™No_1™ ? Never heard of that?
-Oh I forgot you just arrived. Simply say, this clan gathers all dancers favoring rhythm   - Beater, 1-2 Player, even normal dance if you can maintain 80% perfects rate.
-Ah men, I just hope to keep 10 perfects each Dynamic.
-It's alright Kimberly Ann, I know you're great at Beat-Up. Drop by and exchange with us eh?
-You need leveling up do you? Trust me, ™No_1™ will help you more than you imagine!

...Kibita quickly finishes the conversation and drags Kim to the bus stop, heading back to ™No_1™ HQ. She couldn't do anything else...

™No_1™ Headquarter - Present day, 16:31

Stepping inside the building's lobby, Kim felt a little unsafety. Most ™No1™ dancers are guy and her arrival of course got their attention - Kibita also revealed, an unusual rules of ™No_1™ clan, the more pro a guy is, the more "sick" he is! Goodness, what does he think and lead her into a dangerous place like this? Deep into the Canteen, some people finally greeted Kim - she doesn't know should she laugh, or cry here...

-...That's the three popular ™No1™ dancers Kim - You can meet them frequently at ATV as well as BU Tournament. If you have any question, just ask the Secretary Hiroko.

...Kaka suddenly interrupts:

-Too much introduction time Kibita, we ain't kids no more. And, what's your name girlỉ?
-Stop flirting sickness bro, Kim is scared already!
-Ah hah, Kim - nice name. Doesn't look attractive, but Kibita lead back, probably she had some good skill eh. How about some exchange baby?
It is not a question - Kim thought. Dance Stage is quickly set up, and she's going to deal with another Beat-Up challenge. Even that, ™No_1™'s "friendly" makes Kim worrier - maybe she needs more time to make use with those jokes!

Mission: Kibita and ™No_1™ clan
Song: Audition - Hands Up!!! (135 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6-key
Stage: Studio 81

  • Get 400 perfects
  • Get yellow UP and under 40 misses
  • Get 415000 points


  • Get Blue UP
  • Get 475000 points
  • Get 500 perfects
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 29: The Big Game

...There is something Kim and all ™No_1™guys don't know - in such Welcoming Dance, all modes will have Big Game, even Special Mode. Because nobody ever plays Beat-Up in Welcoming Dance, Big Game Icon displays really made everyone surprised   - but it's great, so people still cheer for Kim.

Big-Beat-Game - Woo!

Kim suddenly realized starting notes are unusual - they are supposed to be mandatory, but why this time... No time to think through, 7th and 15th beats arrived, totally chaotic and random!!! Kim's dance steps became hurry, all the notes just constantly spamming, making her couldn't figure which one to follow first... Passing the first hard part, Kim was totally tired - this should be the Big Game Effect, she thought ... No choice for Kim now, she can just dance and keep watching the notes since memorizing is useless now... The song keeps playing, random 7th and 15th beat really drove Kim crazy till the end... Well, at least it helped her achieved BLUE UP the first time, as well as 500 perfects...

-...Ye ye ye, nice result baby!!! Why didn't we meet each other before? - Kaka continues
-Men, that's what you treat newbie? Kim just arrived VTC a few days ago!
-You think I don't know, huh? I'm talking about K.A's reputation!
-Hic, my dancing skill is still bad - I even lose against Ron many times... - K.A
-Don't be hesitate Kim - Kibita interrupts. Don't you know that you just cleared 2/3 ™No_1™ Test Master?
-What? But I...
-Be cool, princess, no need to scare! I didn't mean to, just Kaka selected the song, that is.
-Screw you Kibita. I know you want it, don't lie boy...
-F*ck you, no family respect like that huh!!!

... Now, Kibita suddenly closed mouth, as Kim is blushing thanks to his swear...

-Sorry Kim, I didn't mean to...
-Forget it. You seems to catch seriously Swearing Problem.
-Yep, it is my worst habit since I joined ™No_1™...
-So, you should get rid of it fast. Or, it will affect your socialite badly...
-I can help, alright?

-Ah... ok! In return, I may help building up your Perfect Skill - looks like you're not that good in this section.
-Eh, that hurt my pride! I can't chance, but it doesn't mean I can't Perfect?
-Oh yeah? Show me!

Mission: The Big Game
Song: Akon - Dangerous (117 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 4-k
Stage: Sibuya

  • Get one Finish Move and Crazy Move
  • Get 22 perfects and one Perfect x5
  • Get 575000 points


  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
  • Get all two FM and Crazy Move
  • Get one Perfect x9
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...