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Legendary of Kim Possible: Lost in Audition World - Exclusive Ver

Chapter 30: Learning to... speak

The conversation quickly changed to Dancing Challenge - Kim determined to show Kibita she is as good as everyone Of course, a provocation song will be more fun - Dangerous. Mode is set to Crazy 4k, Kibita's strong skill.

That girl was so DANGEROUS!

The result really made Kim pleased, she achieved Finish Perfect x8 in total of 9 Perfects chaining and ended up with 27 perfect + 2 miss - a little pity, one Crazy Move wasted. Anyhow, Kibita saw that it is acceptable, and he agreed to train Kim's skill up.

Several weeks later...

...Time has helped cure Kim's sorrow - ™No_1™, although a little loudmouth, but are honestly and kindly, they always help her happy and try to reach Clubber ASAP. Aside from joining Tournament to rack up EXP, Kim also spent time learning Perfect Predict Sense from Kibita, as well as being his Language Teacher. That guy now have to deal with detention if accidentally swearing   - of course, Kim really has good punishments that scares Kibita into trying his best to not swear again.

...As time flies, Kim is getting closer to Clubber rank, while Kibita slowly gets rid of swearing trouble. ATV starts to treat Kibita like before, a friendly and honestly Master 4k. Along with it, Kibita also attracted attention from ™No_1™ family thanks to his "gentle". Crazy, good friend and big competition of Kibita in 4k mode is one of the first realizing it, but he seems to not like it too much - Kibita is too gentle, perhaps.

™No_1™ Crazy

-...Come on Kil, you don't have to force yourself like this!
-Ease man, I'm laying low, you know.
-It's ok, but why spending all your time? Blowing up once in a while is fun, but it is boring.
-Eh, I'm not going to take 40 push-ups for breaking language rule pal.
-Who forces you to stay under Kim's tutor? She'd better call me master if I were you.
-Aye, we are one of the biggest clan in [VTC], respective language is important you know.
-Screw that, save time for training skill! You skipped too many Tournament, it is not asked here eh.
-Well... who said I have to dominating all the time - give youth dancers a chance! Moreover, I'm still pro without joining Tournament.
-Oh yeah, did you make 0 miss Can Can already?
-Hello, I even got 0 bad, men.
-Sound pro huh - show us at the Halloween stage today! I have booked the place, so don't even think to skip this, alright. (Disappeared)


In a moment, Kibita suddenly realized he just bragged too far. Although being Master Normal Dance, his Beat-Up skill is just above average, and Can Can, hist best result is 5 misses with Chance On. Now how the hell can he deal with this challenge? Kim quickly noticed Kibita's trouble at the afternoon's training - she suggested a cheating way around this. It is too risky, but Kibita has to accept, to save his reputation...

Mission: Learning to... speak
Song: Audition - Can Can (150 BPM)
Mode: Player's choice
Stage: Halloween

  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
  • Get 550000 points


  • Get 620000 điểm
  • Choose Beat-Up mode
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


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