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Legendary of Kim Possible: Lost in Audition World - Exclusive Ver

Legendary of Kim Possible: Lost in Audition World - Exclusive Ver

This is the Exclusive Version of my fiction - all the other choice that Kim & Ron had to made will be uncovered in this series! Let's see how the story changed once they decided the opposite way eh?


If you managed to pass all the single missions in Full Story, and decided to do the Warpzone Mission, this series will open up, showing how the story changed once Kim or Ron decided the other way in all special missions (10, 20, 30, 40, 50). Let's uncover it!

New Characters:

ThienThanh: Main leader of [HG] city, also a nice brother to everyone in Audition World. He is high-ranked experiencing on many section and always dream to build a big warm house for Audition Dancers. His role will be covered deeper in the Bonus Scene

™No_1™ Kibita: One of the best 4k dancers in Virtual Teenagers Community "VTC", city - usually he makes many big scandals due to his un-believable dancing result Drawback: Loudmouth and trashy even he already coupled with HLL

™No_1™ Crazy: Good friend and big competition with Kibita on 4k / crazy dance - he really deserved with his nickname "Crazy" as he usually runs out of control, making freak tricks and plans Despite the good friends fact, Crazy is also jealous with Kil's talents, therefore he sometimes brings to Kil hard-to-beat challenge

Harris "Lovely" Lizard: People in Audition world usually call her HLL as her artist name. Liz is Kibita's girlfriend, also the best Audition Artist with massive and famous production all around the world. She is very kindly and always helps her fellas if possible - but, she is a bit touchy and does have unique attack skill to punish her boyfriend whenever he causes trouble  

AOLA: Full name is au_oi_la_au, she is the leader of LoveMode guild and also the head of Anti-Cheat Union in Audition. With strong skill in 4k / 8k Choreography, she and the crew helped many newbie and low-skill Dancers win Battle Parties against Professional, to rack up their incomes

Exclusive Story List
  • Warpzone: The Hidden Story
  • Chapter 11: Night Dance
  • Chapter 12: The Dark-Side World
  • Chapter 13: Stopping the Course
  • Chapter 14: Angel Helen
  • Chapter 15: Save Ronnie
  • Chapter 16: Emotion Exposed
  • Chapter 17: Defeat Almasy
  • Chapter 18: A new Skyline
  • Chapter 19: We won't vote!
  • Chapter 20: Perfidious Plan
  • Chapter 21: There is no Happy Ending
  • Chapter 22: Home coming
  • Chapter 23: Decoy evidence
  • Chapter 24: What am I suppose to do
  • Chapter 25: That's what I must do
  • Chapter 26: Escape from [GT]
  • Chapter 27: Run!
  • Chapter 28: Kibita and ™No_1™ clan
  • Chapter 29: The Big Game
  • Chapter 30: Learning to... speak
  • Chapter 31: Where the clash began
  • Chapter 32: sexitarus the Snowman
  • Chapter 33: Life-Debt
  • Chapter 34: Challenge to CLubber
  • Chapter 35: Meeting back Ronnie
  • Chapter 36: Ending the Pains
  • Chapter 37: I'm useless
  • Chapter 38: Upcoming Chance
  • Chapter 39: The Ballroom Party
  • Chapter 40: Blow your Cover
  • Chapter 41: Competition
  • Chapter 42: Death to the Traitor
  • Chapter 43: The rejected girl
  • Chapter 44: Show 'n' Feel
  • Chapter 45: Dream comes true
  • Chapter 46: A Fallen Angel
  • Chapter 47: Rescue Ranger
  • Chapter 48: The fight for Beater
  • Chapter 49: God blessed me
  • Chapter 50: No More Argument
  • Chapter 51: Defeat Samurai
  • Chapter 52: Opening Career
  • Chapter 53: Ronnie the Moderator
  • Chapter 54: I'm the only one
  • Chapter 55: Don't give up
  • Chapter 56: Since the time has changed...
  • Chapter 57: The indomitable Little Tiger
  • Chapter 58: Leaving ™No_1™
  • Chapter 59: Goodbye Jenny...
  • Chapter 60: Death of the Indulging Flame - New Trouble!
  • Chapter 61: It's a funny old world
  • Chapter 62: Ronald's Sorrow
  • Chapter 63: One Last Word...
  • Chapter 64: Surprise! Surprise!
  • Chapter 65: Everything'll be alright
  • Chapter 66: Back to [VTC] city
  • Chapter 67: Suspected Cheating
  • Chapter 68: An old promise
  • Chapter 69: Crazy's Tour
  • Chapter 70: Richard the Backdancer
  • Chapter 71: Pathway to the Freedom
  • Chapter 72: The Million Target
  • Chapter 73: Record Appointed!
  • Chapter 74: Angel's Angry
  • Chapter 75: The VEC tournament
  • Chapter 76: Sorry I don't know
  • Chapter 77: Debt returned
  • Chapter 78: The Club Dance Tournament
  • Chapter 79: Out of Danger
  • Chapter 80: My will
  • Chapter 81: Fly, fly & Away!
  • Chapter 82: Smartboycr and Angelos
  • Chapter 83: What's love
  • Chapter 84: The way it's right now
  • Chapter 85: Jimmy's crew
  • Chapter 86: Fight at will
  • Chapter 87: Julie's hideout
  • Chapter 88: Ruby Obtained
  • Chapter 89: This is the end of our Adventure
  • Chapter 90: And the legendary will last forever!
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Legendary Warpzone: The Hidden Story

Two months later...

For now no Middleton pupil doesn't know about Kim & Ron's appearance - they not only are couple, but also own many great dance moves. Well, Middleton Highschool girls may now suffer the proverb "He who laughs last laughs longest;  laugh today and cry tomorrow" - if they laughed and teased Ron all over the time before, now he is way so popular on Dancing Section Kim has become the lucky girl at New School Year's Ballroom Dance, and of course many girls were jealous with her! Aside from the other gentle girls who accepted failure, some bad girls, include Bonnie, always try to overthrow Kim - there will be a Club-Dance Event next week, so they quickly planned to drive Kim away. Took Bonnie some arranging, but she made it at last...

Middleton HS's lobby, present day...

-...Ah men, I'm losing it Kimmie! Why it always happens these days?
- So what else could I do? Not including house works, Monique needs help holding Banana Club's position. How dare can I deny?
- I know that... just, darn Bonnie, causing trouble right at the time...
- What is done is done Ron... Please, forgive me...
-() Am I facing a very bad day again?...

Life is just so unfair - Monique just dropped by the gym a few minutes and she got the whole Drinks Basket splashed on her, thanks to Bonnie And in the early Winter Days like this, how can a girl like Bonnie stand the cold and wet? - She must rest in bed one week and Kim must help holding her work at Banana Club...

Middleton Mall, Saturday Night, Club-Dance Event...

As expected, the Club-Dance event started on without Kim's arrival. Ron, on the other hand, is forced to join as he is a rock dancer - and while he came alone, many girls can try flirting him. However, he seems to not concentrate on the main dance, only play normally and never gift Flowers to anyone! Highest Score won't let Ron become winner - this mode counts on Heart Points, not Score Points.

The Club-Dance's Video, recorded by Middleton Mall

The game still continued till mid-night - Ron still played alone and didn't pay attention to any girls' words. Nobody understands what this guy thinks...

The next day...

Back to School Locker - again, Wade can tease Kim hardly - her boyfriend is real nice for not letting any girls touch him. It's not surprised, Kim knew how Ron is already... Then somehow Wade switched topic:

- Eh Kim, I've got something you may interested in!
- Requests again? Let me see...
- Wrong guess, Princess. A letter, from your folks!
- ()... What the? Tieuchau6789's letter ???
- Sure, it just arrived your website this morning. I have decrypted the reply address, seems this letter is sent via Quantum Communication, from a Parallel World - maybe it is the Audition World, where you and Ron lost in.
Though Kim doesn't get what Wade meant, the letter does explain something she can understand. As Tchau's word, she asked Scotch to send her letter to Kim's website using
Teleporation Magic - this guys had many weird magics didn't he? Tchau wrote a lot about Kim & Ron's memories in Audition World - she really remembered everything her sis and bro had to pass right. But, the last sentence somehow made Kim thinking, seriously...

"...I'm so glad that you got back home safety. Everyone also felt sorry for all the time sis and bro need to decide - but, it's all the past now... Have a nice day sis, and please send my word to Ron too.



Wade also wondered about this - and then, Kim & Ron remembered, they used to suffer many hard situation when one decision can change everything... She started asking herself, what would happen at this day if somehow she said "no"...

Mission: The hidden Story

A-Night Dance

Song: Paran - First Love (112 BPM)
Mode: Dance Competition Advanced
Stage: Ngoš€i trời
  • Get Finish Move + under 3 miss
  • Get 10 perfect and two 2 perfect x3
  • Get 0 miss at Level 6
  • Get 0 miss
  • Get 1 lần perfect x5
  • Get bad at last dance move

B-Against the Law...

Song: Freestyle - Playboy (99 BPM)
Mode: Dance Competition 8-key
Stage: Cineplex
  • Get 5 perfects and one Perfect x1
  • Get Finish Move Cool or better
  • Get 10 perfects
  • Get one Perfect x3

Depends on which missions you chose at the first play, just pick the opposite one at the second play and the story will differ
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 11: Night Dance

[ Assuming that we followed the official Storyline, this option is left to solve now ]

...Back to 5 months ago, when Kim was still losing in Audition World... She is facing a big trouble that Ron is going to raise war against thuynt's unfair treatment, which may cause BIG chaotic within [GT] city. In the mean time however, Rich also invited Kim to compete with him in Couple Dance Tournament - while Ron just asked her assistance to sneak in Administration Place for a straight talk... It is very hard to make the right choice with Kim though she knows Rich is a busy guy, time like this may never come back again... And somehow...

- You are ready Kim? When can we start on?
- Ah, actually... Ron, must you rush? Things are just started to happen, should we wait till it colled down for safer start?
- What do you meanỉ? (Quick thinking ) - Ah, never mind, I can handle it if you had work to do.
- Eh wait - can't we just start at tomorrow???
- Ya know, extending it only makes everyone madder, who knows anything else can break. Have a nice date mate, I'll meet you back tomorrow. Bye!


-Kim sat there tonguetied... This is totally not in her expectation. Was she right, or wrong ???

ATV Tournament, present night...

The Couple Dance Tournament attracted many people today - not only Kimmie & Richard played great, they also know to combine nice and precise moves. The final match quickly ended with score SP 30 - 0, Couple Dance Cup is given to Rich and his new partner the first time - he was so excited! Contrary to him, Kim felt so anxious and unsafe, she denied continue perform exhibition match. Instead, Kim left to the Lobby, opening Dance Competition Room to play alone... It is still the first time she went out with Richard, better do something for reminder...

I wondered... what will happen tonight... I have a bad felling about this...

Everything processes properly, the song First Love 112 BPM is a little hard to handle with Expert Choreography mode, but Kim managed to catch on. At the very last step, something suddenly flew through Kim's head, causing her to lose tempo and make a BAD move. Now Kim started to worry - she knows these things won't happen regularly, unless something terrible is gonna happen...

Right then, Smart and Richard rushed in - Kim can only hear Smart's quick words - "K.P, Ron was spotted wandering in Administration Area, he is being beaten down!!! They then ran to the Administration Place - Kim quickly jumped in the crowd and beat the hell out of them! It took her 10 minutes to force the guards to retreat, but too late, Ron was still wounded terribly, thanks to the beat down.

Smart and Audition Cafe members couldn't say anything else, they just left Kim lied there, cried hardly for a while... The Ambulance finally arrived, Kim must hold her sorrow and follow them to Dancer Infirmary center, watching over Ron's stituation...

Mission: Night Dance
Song: Christina Millian - When you look at me (109 BPM)
Mode: Individual Dance
Stage: HipHop / Orion Land

  • Get 16 perfects or more
  • Get one Finish Move (3rd note line)
  • Get 0 miss (Rhythm Ball must not pass through)
  • Get 20 perfects and one Perfect x3
  • Get all 2 Finish Move at 3rd note line
  • Play all Choreography Skill at 3rd note line
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 12: The Dark Side World

[GT] Infirmary, present night, 11:08 PM

Ron's wound is even worse than his fellas imagined - not only skin scratched, his brain also got beaten terribly... All the nurses and doctors had given up, they must send help request to the Main Center, it's their last choice.There are only Richard, Kim and Smartboycr within the sick room - the two guys must both watch over Ron and keep an eye on Kim, the shock totally drained her energy... Also, Kim blamed herself for leaving Ron into this situation - it made her feel hopeless more and more.

[Screen Fade Black]

...Somewhere... Ron and Kim were still playing basketball on Hiphop stage - just, why Ron looks completely colorless like this... Despite Kim's wonder, Ron still said he is ok - why, he still plays around normally, how could he get trouble...

Someone suddenly started talking:

- Hey hey, Freedoms! Is it the time for basketball losers?
- Is it your business? - Ron angers - Do I need to invite you everytime?
- Duh, who wants to join your Amateur Club anyway! Step aside folks, we need place for HipHop Practicing.
- No way, wait till your turn! Dancing is not the only one activity here!
- Not, but most, and increasing skill is a must pal. You too, pay attention or one day you'll regret it.

- I know how to handle my skill, thanks for asking!
- Oh yeah, dare to challenge?
- Bring 'em on!

...The Deal is quickly settled, if Ron can break 20 perfects target on Normal Dance Mode, Jean will let they use HipHop Stage personally for one week. Since this is Individual Dance, the second requirement is Ron must play all 3rd note skill! Despite Jean's fellas' words, Ron kept cool and counted all dance moves perfectly, not only one misses caused. Ended with 21 Perfects result, plus one Finish x1, Ron has made Jean's fellas stopped talking - he is pro, right!

Oh yeah, you can shut up now Jean!

Anyway, Jean accepted the failure, so he threw back the Basketball to Ron and leave the stage. However, Ron forgot to watch it, so it hit him in the head, causing him to fall down in time with a loud scream!... Slowly waking up, Kim realized that she just had a nightmare... Richard just woke her up after stepping inside and saw her dropped down beside Ron's bed...

Back to present... Doctor Jessica just met Rich for a bad news... According to her, the Main Medical Center had no more supporters for them tonight, and Ron won't be able to wait till the next day - he may end up deep-sleeping forever if he won't get recovered tonight...

...I've tried everything I can, and sorry for not making it better, fellas. Anyway, my friend, Scotch said he can help, so my job here is done - I cannot get involved deeper. Good luck...

Another male dancer stepped in - Richard realized, it is Scotch the Wizard! It is said that Scotch is just average Professional Dancer, but he owns many mysterious magic spell... This also turned him into a mysterious secluded Dancer, everyone used to get help from him never know how things happened...

Scotch - The Mysterious Wizard

Sitting down beside Kim, Scotch quickly started on:

- Your friend's situation is very bad now. Jessica was right, Ron couldn't make it till next day, so if we won't start acting now, he won't get another survival chance...
- I know that, but what are we supposed to do?
- Since Modern Science is useless now... All we can count on, is the Tutelary Angel's Decision...
- What did you say?
- I used to solve some problem similar to this... Before feeling into deep-sleep permanently, Dancer's Sould has to suffer a walk to Heaven. Anyone who can intercept it, will be given a chance to rescue their friend back to life with a small challenge...
- Ah... so how can I do it?
- A Teleportation Spell can help sending normal Dancers to Dark-side World, where they can find and bring back their friend's lost soul... But since Ron was wounded, not other punishment, you must complete another Crazy Dance Challenge...
- I agree - I can do it!

In a second, Rich was surprised that Kim threw herself in - this one will surely 8k challenge, and it's hard. There is no choice for Kim, she knew it is her responsibility... The only thing Kim want to do, is find and bring back Ron by ANY means...

Mission: The Dark Side World
Song: ATC - Thinking of You (90 BPM)
Mode: Crazy 8-k
  • Get 10 perfects
  • Get full Crazy Bar
  • Get all Crazy Move + Finish Move
  • Get 15 perfects
  • Get full Crazy Bar at level 10
  • Get two perfect x4

...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 13: Stopping the Course

...In this moment, one mistake will make Kim pay - but she still got in the hard challenge Crazy 8-d even thie song is slow, 90 BPM... The matter here, "Thinking of You" is not an easy song to get perfects, while Kim must get all Finish, Crazy Move plus full Crazy Bar at all cost. It's too late, Scotch already let the game start, and all he can do, is pray for Kim's luck...

This is your only one chance Kimmie - don't mess it up!!!

Scotch's worry is true, Kim's perfect steps are way so incoherent, she even cannot get Perfect Finish ... Crazy Time started, Kim tried to count her steps and fulfill the Crazy Move. But no luck for her, the rhythm is very hard to catch on - she is going to lose it! Fortunately, one last Perfect pushed Crazy Bar to full, and the success Crazy Move has brought Kim winning.

...Scotch stood up, breathing freely - he pulled out a Magic Amulet and gave it to Kim - "This will send you to the dark side of Audition World. Check around Galaxy section, near Sibuya, Ron will probably walk across there. Remember, you have to pass every challenges obtained there in order to lead Ron back safety   - good luck, Kimmie!"

...As the Amulet is put into Kim's hand, a big wind swept through the Infirmary and disappears in a second... Scotch quickly held Kim back and put her down the chair nearby - her soul was safe at the Dark-Side World...

So, this is where I must find and bring back my friend Ronnie ?

Audition's Dark-Side World, in the mean time...

Following Scotch's instructions, Kim traveled to the Shibuya section and looked for "Heaven Way" - she knows, Ron never commits crimes at this world, so probably he is being transported to Heaven... There it is, a Dance Group is coming up slowly. Patiently, Kim does Santos Jump and lands in front of the Dance Group, blocking their way Everyone was surprised, there aren't any people can go ahead them here before ??? Then someone, look like the Leader, asked:

- Eh girl, why did you stop us?

Mission: Stopping the Course
Song: Audition - You (136 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic 4-k
  • Get all 2 Finish Move
  • Get 500000 points
  • Get 27 perfects or one Perfect x5
  • Get 850000 points
  • Get 40 perfects
  • Get perfect x at last step
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 14: Angel Helen

...Something is similar with this guys - Kim noticed, he looks like Devilwolf, one of the well-known 8-k dancer at [GT] city... She had no idea why he's here, but probably he'll get some game for her...

- ...Hurry up girl, we don't have the whole day waiting! Devilwolf angers
- Be cool pal - Kim responds, teasing voice. Did you ever read regulation for this situation?
- Uh huh, looking for someone eh? Not so fast, you also read rules already right?
- Why not, and what did you get here?
- Easy now, let me see... Ah, Kimberly Ann, Freedom Dancer. Skilled 4k Choreography and Beat-Up Mode - ha, great. I like your style!
- You are taking too long, throw out the challenge so I can finish this mess!
- OK, on your demand. You are proud of your slow-song skill, you will get it! Try to break 850000 points song You, that is!
- What, you called that "slow"?
- Want to play Lovely or No reason? Ultimate Challenge, remember!

...Looks like Kim is facing hard challenge, the song You is easy to perfect but rather long and fast (136 BPM). Normally she can only reach 600000 points without chancing, now that guy Devilwolf wants 850000 - darn! Ah well, she won't stand a chance to deny it anyway...

Oh yeah, this is even more harder than Hands Up!!! breaking!

The song started playing, so everyone on the group enthusiastically cheered for Kim - free show, wow! All the basic steps are done, Kim tried optimizing High-Level Perfect x lv and Freestyle - since she can't Chance, only Perfect Rate can rack up her points... Once again, luck smiled with Kim, two Perfect x8 + x6 and the lastPerfect x3 brought to her 860000 điểm, enough to fulfill Devilwolf's challenge...

- Bravo, Kimmie the champion! the crowd congratulated. Devilwolf had nothing to say, no one ever passed his challenge except this... He finally got to step back and find Ron while Kim was waiting at the front - she also had to deal with many "interview" from everyone here...

A few minutes later, Devilwolf came back with Ron. Along with them is another girl - everyone know who she is, the Angel Helen... A little surprise, but Kim understands, Helen will host the Ultimate Challenge before setting Ron free...

Helen the Angel

Mission: Angel Helen


Song: Buck - Masquerade (135 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6-k
  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
  • Get 250 Perfects
  • Get 0 cool
  • Chance and get 310 perfects


Song: Audition - Don't give up (84 BPM)
Mode: Dance Competition 8-k
  • Get Finish Move Great or better
  • Get 15 perfects
  • Win the 1st position in room with 2 players or more
  • Get 21 perfects
  • Chance level 3 the whole song and get 0 miss
  • Win the 1st position in room with 4 players
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 15: Save Ronnie

"Great job girl, you just beat my best assistant" - Helen continues. I can see how important Ron is with you, but he got to prove himself first, to be released back to Audition World. Ronald, winning me on this Ultimate Challenge and you will be free - don't mess up Kim's effort, remember it!

Now it's time to make yourself free - come to it Ronnie!

...Still standing idle, Ron started fearing, as Sync 8 is what he must play - the fact is, he cannot Chance! Helen will surely take this advantage to score points although Ron can still balance it with Perfect x - only, he is nervous in this important game... Kim understood it, so she decided to do a Cheering Dance Routine behind to encourage her friend. The song is simple, but B-Boy moves are great - all the dancers around LOVE it!

Weeeeeeeeeee - you rock baby!

Ron and Helen's match still goes on seriously, several perfect x help Ron go ahead, but Helen still does counter-moves and Chance to contend... Forty five seconds left after Finish Move, Ron is still low on score against Helen... Fortunately, Kim's cheering finally brought to him the last perfect x5, just enough to win Helen at last second...

-...You're so lucky Ronnie - Helen congrats. Follow me to Heaven Gate and announce this winning, then you will be sent back to Audition World. Kimberly Ann, you saved your friend's life, congratulation. See you around...

...Helen then casts spell on the Amulet, making Kim disappears... Ron had nothing to say, he knew a long trip is still lying ahead - just hope Ms. Helen won't turn on us...

[GT]'s Infirmary, present night...

Seeing Kim opened eye and woke up, Scotch understood, Helen just sent her back. Richard and Smartboycr are glad to hear that the challenge went down successful, now they just need to wait... Even that, Kim still stayed awake beside Ron's bed until he woke up late at midnight - phew, finally...

Mission: Save Ronnie
Song: MLTR - Take me to your heart (122 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic Dance
Stage: Subway
  • Get 18 perfects
  • Get Finish Move and 0 miss Level 9
  • Play Freestyle 8-key
  • Get 24 perfects + one perfect x3
  • Get all Freestyle Great or better
  • Get Finish Perfect
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 16: Emotion Exposed

[GT] city, one week later:

Ronnie is finally dispatched after one free-rest week in hospital. [9x] clan and their neighbor Magic & T1 took time and lead him to the Fashion Shop - he needs new outfit after the old one got scratched, thanks to the beat down. Actually, no one told him about a meeting, even Richard - everyone wants Ron to be surprised at Kim's effort these days. As planned, everyone slowed down near Set Box section, leaving Ron coming alone, toward Kim coming his way with sakura andKillara behind... One surprised second, then they finally started talking...

-Ronnie! What a surprise!
-Eh, what're you talking about?
-Nothing... I just felt so glad, you're safe.
-Hmm... Should I say something here K.P?
-You're welcome...
-Yes... The thing is... Thank ya so much Kimmie - I would never survive that fight without your arrival!
-No, it's I who need to apologize. It's my fault for leaving you into that alone...
-Don't mention it, I caused the whole trouble, I had to deal with it... Only you and your forgiveness could save me Kim...
-It's... I don't know what to say...
-You're very special, you know that?

Yeah, that's what happens when emotion exposed!

Well, the plan goes well as [9x] and Magic members wishes, they can now come up and congratulate Kim & Ron. To stable things up, Smartboycr and Windy took Ron out for a Dynamic Dance, while Richard and sakura escorted Kim to B-Boy Battle Arena - first time is always hard, but sweet right. For sure in this special day, Ron tends to play alone again, Dynamic Dance under song Take me to yourheart. No explanation required right.

Now that's Dynamic Dance - great job Ron!

The game continues till late afternoon - everyone are tired when coming out, but all are happy. Smart and Ron heads back to Lobby, but suddenly witnessed a fight between Kim and Almasy's friends. All the dancers nearby can just stand and watch, or the Mayor may blacklist them - so the fight kept getting bigger and bigger. As Ron knows, Kim is pretty much unstoppable in this world, only, she will have to deal with securities... So after Administration Group sent in reinforcement, everyone got involved are under investigation...

- You are crazy Almasy, how come you abuse your power too much like this? - Richard shouted
- What did you say? I'm Mayor of Audition Town, I just follow the rules to give punishment, remember?
-Oh yeah, you call our Shopping Activity "breaking the rules"?
- Ease man, you didn't read new rules! Aside from Couple Dance and Ballroom Dance Room, all
intimacy are banned from public exposing!
- Unfair, you added this rule on your own! That broke Freedom of Speech Rules!
- Nothing serious, Mayor had highest Administration Right in big and crowed town! - especially those with high ranked skill and got elected by citizens.
- Hey, you're excessive more and more Almasy! Don't call yourself brilliant, you will be paid for this one day!

...Along with Richard's words, the dancers behind him also filed against Almasy - previously that girl only followed higher admin order, but this is unacceptable! Feeling a little danger, Almasy gave in:

- You are smart, Rich! So anyone here can beat my pupils, step up! If you win, I will alter this rules as you guys' interest! Come on!

Mission: Emotion Exposed
Song: Random 130 BPM
Mode: Choreography

  • Get 15 perfects
  • Get Finish Move and one per x2
  • Win 4 other players in same room


  • Get 20 perfects
  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
  • Use HipHop / Orion Landstage

*** You are allowed to pick any 130 BPM song to do this mission
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 17: Defeat Almasy

...Sound simple, but in fact, Almasy's challenge isn't easy to beat. Everybody knows she is ranked Professional Dancer, then who can contend with her "pupil" here? Ignoring [9x] and T1's dissuade, Richard determined to accept the challenge - the three girls fought Kim moment ago will challenge him in a Choreography match, music Random 130 BPM.

3 - 2 - 1 - GO!

Look like Almasy has faced bad days, her three fellas were just beaten down by Kim recently, so they cannot dance at their best. Since Level 7, Rich has racked up his score and keep 1st position till the match end - the three girls tried Chancing and Perfect x, but cannot catch up with him. Big score for Richard, and Almasy can now keep her mouth shut!

Still, life isn't that simple as we wish...

...Things won't go down as Ron and everyone wished. Almasy kept her promise, but she couldn't do anything about continuos inspection from Administration Crew. Even worse, thuynt stayed in the shadow and remote-control everything, disallowing Audition Member to file against her...One day, two day... Audition Town became dying, no new events, all activities aborted as no one cares to join... Rich and his two friends are so sad, but they tried...

So at the time that hope is nonetheless, Ron gave up BU Tournament and just walk around street - he won't stay here forever anyway. Just about Windy DC and [9x] clan, they need a solution for this issue... Then one day...

...Hi,  Ronnie!
- () Who are you?
- I've heard a lot about you via Monster_gfv, you are the one we are looking for!
- Excuse me?
- Well this is our first meet, so you may see it's strange. But you'll get familiar with it soon. My name is ThienThanh


Keeping cool, Ron answered the stranger:

- What do you mean I am the guy you need?
- Ronnie, Audition World doesn't mean only [GT] and [GVN]. There are plenty Dancers who want to build their own City, with fair treatment and lively. I came from Heart Guardian [HG], a newly born city recently. We need help from ranked dancers, and you are one of 'em!
- One of 'em?
- Yep, it's a little bruskly, but I cannot contact your friend Kim, so I must talk to you first.
- So what do you want us to do?
- Simple, just spend your time visiting and dancing at [HG] city, that's all. I don't expect much Dancers will join [HG] these days, so you'll help heating up our city first...

Mission: Defeat Almasy
Song: Jewelry - Small Prayer (96 BPM)
Mode: Dynamic 4k
Stage: Snow Valley

  • Get 0 miss 0 bad
  • Get 13 perfects
  • Get Finish Move Great or better


  • Get 0 cool
  • Get 20 perfects
  • Get FM perfect x
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


Chapter 18: A new Skyline

...The conversation still lasts for a while, but basically Ron undestood what TT wants to mention. Just in time he thought about a new place for the dance club, could this be the solution? Then Ron finally arranged a trip to [HG] city in an end-autumn day... The city looks pretty fresh and beatiful with little population - but enough to impress people - Ron thought...

Hmm, nice and impressive scenery, I guess...

...Follow ThienThanh's invitation, Ron headed straight to Audition Town and everybody welcomed him warmly. Unlike [GT], there is no clan/guilds around here, banners and posters are still hanging on every wall. As new dancers, Ron danced a soft Dynamic Routine to self-introudce - nice and easy.

Welcome everyone, it's my first dance here!

Again, Ron was quite surprised as everyone cheered for his video, despite the delayed beat due to hard weather. It is hard to believe there's a place with nice people like this - but meh, every citizens in [HG] are kindly like this... A few days living here helped Ron consider, this will be good place for Audition Dancers, who prefer freedom and friendly than develop and rules... He then traveled back to [GT] and find Windy to discuss about it, but...

...Ron, trouble up ahead! You must get back to DC now!
- Smart, what the hell's happening here?
- Things are heating up! Another war's going to blow us out!
- What, didn't Almasy give up after the last challenge?
- No no, this time invloved Yo Yo Yasco!
- Huh? Who is this?
- How do I know? Sound like Windy's friend.
- So what's she going to do?
- What else than trying to become Audition Town's Mayor!
- Huh? Almasy doesn't do anything?
- Don't just say that, we'll be dead if both of 'em control the town! Come on!

Smartboycr quickly pulled Ron along to the Town Hall. Kim, Richard and all Windy [DC] members are here, waiting for the last two guys to start the demonstration...

Mission: A new Skyline
Song: BigBang - We belong together (140 BPM)
Mode: Beat-Up 6-k

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  • Get 300 perfects


  • Get 0 cool + 400 perfects
  • Use Cineplex stage
...Without my steadiness friend, I'm nothing... and so is her...


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