[Details] - Kim & Ron's history & relationship throughout 4 Season

[Details] - Kim & Ron's history & relationship throughout 4 Season

This is the recap content off all 4 Kim Possible Seasons, done by me after watching almost all of 'em There are playlists for each SS's episode linked to my YouTube channel - if you want to check each SS's episodes, click the Season title

Season 1: Making new Friends

First year joining Middleton HighSchool, Kimberly Ann "Possible"appears as a good pupil and excellent CheerLeader girl. Along with her is her Steadiness friend Ronald Brain "Stoppable", who is always treated as a Loser (Poor guy!) Beside some of the regular troubles at school and family time, Kim also receives Mission Objectives frequently from her supporter Wade Load, a Genius of Programmer and Inventor. Time to time, she managed to solve most of her day-life's trouble, but still committed some faults that her fellows may never accept - like liars!Fortunately, she is a good girl listening to everyone, so nothing big happens... As they are just 15 years old, there aren't much time looking for someone to hang out with both Kim and Ron; therefore they usually spend time playing together in most activities. Also, Kim gets to meet with her new close friend Monique during this year, and it's the greatest present for Ron, as nobody wants to talk with him. At least his life is brighter with his two friends eh?

Season 2: Growing up

Well, 1st HighSchool year is always the nicest and happiest time with every pupil - with Kim, it is even more special as well as her fellows Ron and Monique. Many many fun things to explore, and so as the troubles up ahead - but say, nothing is impossible with Kim Possible right ? This time she and Ron also reached the first time of "Dating someone" - why not, they're 16 already, and there are so many romantic events to invite someone to hang out! Of course as honest friends, Ron is always eager to help Kim out even it's just encouragement,support... or something like Kim did to him. Since time is still flying, tests and examinations can't be forgotten, just don't ignore any advises and you will be fine! Mission is always the normal task with Kim, however the difficulty and hard situation may force her to change her own character... Who know ?

Season 3: Love Birds

For the new School Year at Middleton HS, Kim and her fellows also reached their first change in relationship with other people. More troubles and accidents threw both Kim & Ron into hard and dedicated situation, which force them try their best to get pass it. Luckily,they won't face much problems on learning, as their Teacher now all considered them grown up. This time, a new relationship between Kimmie and Ronnie is started to grow, very softly and silently! As every 17teenagers words, I called them "Love Birds" this year - more emotions Kim expressed out just for Ron, and more sacrifices she accepted to give just for Ron! Also don't forget, we will meet back some old friends like Felix and Yori - so another Kim's emotion can be added here: Envy. Of course, that's all their fellow's feeling, otherwise everything is still normal with Kim & Ron - they might crush on each other, but it's not the right time to tell it out now..

Season 4: When the emotions exposed

Here we go mates - the Final HighSchool year! It will be a big change with Kimmie this time as she is now Ron's girlfriend - yes, after along time playing with him both in lifetime and mission duty, at last Kim can say, Ron is an important guy in her life! The ballroom dance together after So the Drama mission, along with a nice kiss is enough for Kim's emotion - now she is officially dating with Ron!!! Also,other new things will welcome her this year - new fellows, new competitions, new styles... MANY THINGS! Yep, because it's hard to see that Kim & Ron are couple - come on, they're friends for so long,and it's very nicely!!! Aye, whatever it's, she will just continue her Crime Stopper Career with Ron's aid - who care if he is her friend - or boyfriend right?